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October 2015
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Fall is quickly approaching and we are totally booked with projects until the end of December. Hopefully, the weather cooperates! We were just awarded a project at Earle Naval base, which should begin in November. Have a safe and Happy Halloween this October.
All the best,
Shelly Hewson
President, Hewson Landscape Inc.

Time to Plant your garlic...              
Garlic is one of the easiest crops you can grow. Another upside, garlic is planted in the fall for harvest the following summer. Remember that the space where you plant garlic won't be available for another type of crop until late next summer.

One way to gauge when to plant is to check the tree foliage in the area. If they are full of the fall oranges, yellows and reds, it's a good time to plant your cloves. Planting should occur about 4 to 6 weeks before the ground freezes.
In most parts of the country, late fall is the best time of year to plant. The cloves establish roots before the ground freezes, and when spring comes, the plants are ready to charge out of the ground. Bulbs usually mature by late July. If you're replanting garlic from your own stock, choose the biggest and best heads from last summer's harvest.
Besides a few minutes of weeding when needed, and cutting off the flower heads when they appear in early July, garlic is a low maintenance crop. It needs no more attention until harvest time in late July.
Determining when garlic is ready to harvest is one of the trickiest parts about growing it. If you harvest too soon, the cloves will be small and underdeveloped (usable, but not as big and plump as possible). If you wait too long, as the heads dry, the cloves will begin to separate and the head won't be tight and firm (also not a disaster, but the cloves will be more vulnerable to decay and drying out so they won't store as long).

Garlic has health benefits, recognized from several scientific studies. Some therapeutic benefits include reducing the risk of lung and brain cancer, fewer signs of hip osteoarthritis, acts as a powerful antibiotic, provides heart protection, helps reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol, decreases risk of prostate cancer and may help protect against alcohol induced liver injury. Hippocrates promoted the use of garlic for respiratory problems, parasites, poor digestion, and fatigue. Mangia! Nothing tastes better than fresh garlic!

How to clean stains from pavers or other hardscapes
Nothing is worse than having a beautiful hardscape installed, only to see it stained brown with the outlines of fallen leaves.
The reason why leaves stain substances such as concrete, is because while they are decaying, they release a dye known as tannins, which reacts with the alkaline in concrete.
Wash up
Pressure wash the surface to clear it of debris and then use a detergent designed to remove organic stains. Granular detergents are more effective with the added friction they provide. Allow the detergent to soak in a few minutes and then scrub vigorously. Rinse off the surface and repeat until the stains are gone.
Seal it up
Another preventive option is to seal the pavers with a siloxane/silane sealant. This type of sealer is able to penetrate into the capillaries of the pavers, and is also "breathable" so that water does not get trapped inside the brick or concrete. Some sealants only create a film over the paver, but a water-based sealant with a siloxane/silane blend protects against freeze-thaw damage and can withstand high-traffic areas without being worn off.
But, the best way to avoid staining to your hardscape is to simply sweep up or blow the leaves before they can stain your pool decking or patio. The amount of labor needed to clean the stains may deter any thoughts of not sweeping as soon as possible. Keep your patio and walkways debris free. It will save so much labor and maintenance in the long run.

Yellow jackets-Friend or Foe?
It's that time of year again when yellowjackets seem to increase in numbers and over run our gardens. The reason for this increase is due to the colonies beginning to produce more males for mating purposes. The upside is the numbers will decrease after mating season, because the males die after mating with the female.
But the better news is, even though they are annoying pests, they are very good for your garden.  It has been estimated that more than two pounds of insects may be removed from a two thousand square foot garden by yellow jackets. Their daily diet consists mostly of caterpillars, aphids, flies, and spiders. Late summer, they start looking for flower nectar and other sugar sources, which are necessary for next season's queens.
When their nest is threatened, they can become dangerously aggressive. Their nests are easy to locate on warm summer mornings or evenings, by carefully scanning the ground for them shooting up and out. To neutralize a nest without using pesticides, cover the entry hole with a large translucent bowl, held in place with a brick or rock. Yellow jackets typically build new nests each year. New nests may also appear mid summer if a nest has been  damaged by foxes or other predators.
Why do leaves change color in the fall?
The beautiful bright fall colors that appear on the trees this time of year seem like a magical change. But it is actually more like sleight of hand than magic.
Actually these colors have been there throughout the year, we just weren't able to see them. The deep green color of the chlorophyll (which helps plants absorb sunlight) hides the other colors. However in the fall when the connection from the leaves to the tree begins to be blocked, the chlorophyll does not get replenished and begins to fade, allowing the other colors to show. Then we can sit back and enjoy the new yellows, oranges, reds and browns that create that beautiful autumn background to our landscapes.


When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
'tis near Halloween.
~Author Unknown 
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