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April  2015


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Last month we participated in NJ LICA's mid winter conference, held in Clinton, NJ, which was well attended and a terrific event. A lot of OSHA training, networking and awards were given out. Spring has arrived!  The crocuses are blooming and we are back to work, full steam ahead. It's still too early to plant any annuals, so hold off for now. It's best to wait until after Mother's Day, just in case we experience another frost. We'll talk again in May.
All the best,
Shelly Hewson
President, Hewson Landscape Inc.

Turf Aromatherapy 

Australian researchers have discovered that when grass is cut it releases chemicals that make people feel happy and relaxed.  The scent literally goes directly to your brain, and affects the regions responsible for emotion and memory, which also happen to be the same regions responsible for our fight or flight response and the endocrine system which controls releasing stress hormones.  

Breathing in the smell of fresh cut grass helps regulate those areas of the brain and triggers a happy relaxed feeling.  No wonder landscapers are so happy!  

So go ahead take a moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath and breathe it in!  Relaaaaaaaaxxxxxxxxxxx...  

Happy Spring!

earth day

This year, Earth Day falls on Wednesday April 22, 2015. 

While we should dedicate everyday to this magnificent place we call Earth, she is often taken for granted.  Earth Day is one day dedicated to everyone taking notice at what the planet does for us and is capable of and honoring it by doing one thing to help prolong its existence.   

One of the simplest gestures is to recycle.  If it is not mandatory in your town, or by your trash pick up company, do yourself a favor and start pitching empty glass and plastic bottles into a separate container.   

Another more aggressive route, go solar. Look into having solar panels installed on the roof of your home.  There are so many options out there now to help offset the cost of the installation, and even to lease your roof and be paid to have them there...  Win win?? 

Already a habitual recycler?  Then just get outside and enjoy the day.  Being outside after the winter we had is a well deserved honor.  Take in the scenes and the sounds all around you as you walk the Earth.
Help the Honey Bees! Have you heard about the decline in Honey Bee populations throughout the US?  Bees face a number of stresses including mites, diseases, land development, changes in bee keeping practices and exposure to pesticides.  

While some fear bees and their potentially deadly stingers, humans are extremely dependent on honey bees since they are a pollinating insect.  In fact, much of the United States orchard and garden crops will not even produce fruit without first being pollinated by honey bees, specifically.  Some of these crops include apples, cantaloupes, almonds, cherries, soybeans and blueberries.  Every year, the honey bee population has been declining, and if it drops anymore, there will be bigger price increases for produce.  
Everyone can do their part to prevent future declines of the honey bee.  Here are a few examples:
  • Plant pollinator friendly plants.  Anything with a lot of nectar and pollen to attract the bees and provide a good food source.  Herb gardens are great for this.
  • Plant one square yard of the same plant.
  • Do not use pesticides during mid-day hours.  
  • Control flowering weeds with herbicides before pesticide applications.  
  • Delay grub treatments until after peak bloom of spring flowering weeds.
  • Go for granular applications and mow off any flowering weeds before watering them in.  

"Spring is nature's way of saying lets party!"
- Robin Williams 
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