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February 2015


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We are getting ready to attend the National LICA conference in Tampa, Florida. Great choice for a winter conference! We are still plugging away in the shop, repairing, painting, always maintaining and going over every piece of equipment, before the spring season hits. So, according to Punxsutawney Phil, we have six more weeks of this winter weather. Question-how did he see his shadow in this overcast weather with it snowing? Looking forward to spring!
All the best,
Shelly Hewson
President, Hewson Landscape Inc.   

Defined as "A system of perennial agriculture emphasizing on the use of renewable natural resources and the enrichment of local ecosystems."  The word "Permaculture" was created by Bill Mollison, an Australian Ecologist and originator of the Permaculture design system and one of his students.  

While not a particularly new spin on landscaping, it is food for thought.    The Permaculture concept emphasizes restoring properties to a more natural and sustainable state by incorporating native plants, eye catching ornamentals and edible plants as well.  This practice helps improve the health and productivity of the soil and provides fresh fruit and vegetables, while thinking outside of the typical garden setting.  This design process takes all aspects of the land and nature and their working relationship into consideration, including the integration of animals.  

Permaculture design allows the integration of agriculture, horticulture and architecture to create environmentally friendly outdoor living spaces.  Every aspect of gardening is calculated and designed for the least amount of human intrusion, and even pest protection - all while aesthetically pleasing and without disturbing natural contours. 

Really a win-win idea.  A lovely landscape that produces fresh food that you know where it came from and how it was grown.  All in the comfort of your own front and/or back yard.   
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 Mosquitoes on a mission.


Since it is Valentine's month we decided to do an article on attraction. 
 Mosquito's and who they are attracted to that is!

Only female mosquitoes are to blame for the itchy bumps they leave behind.  They suck our blood to develop their eggs.  There are hundreds of mosquito species, but the way they choose their host is the same.  

It starts with our breath, namely the carbon dioxide that we exhale triggers their radar and then it is the smell of our skin.  They are not attracted to the scents we apply, which is why repellents are usually effective at keeping them away.  They go for the natural aroma we give off in our sweat thanks to lactic acid and the microscopic bacteria laying on our skin.  

It has been found in studies that people with Type O blood are a more likely target, along with pregnant women, and beer drinkers, and those with stinky feet!  So those lucky enough to experience mosquito bites on their feet, they helped that mosquito hit the mother load! One of the most famous studies conducted on biting habits found that the mosquitoes responsible for the spread of Malaria are attracted to Limburger cheese, which ironically gives the same aroma as the germs living between our toes.  

The human body produces hundreds of chemical compounds on the skins surface, and in the warmer months, when we are the warmest and least covered, it only makes sense that we would be at our most attractive to these future momma mosquitoes.  

An easy and effective way to keep them away, try keeping an unused dryer sheet in your pocket, you will be pleasantly surprised if you are a usual target.

Waste Oil Wanted 
If you or anyone you know has any WASTE OIL that needs to be collected, please let us know.  We will put it to good use in our waste oil furnace to heat our shop.  

We can come to collect it and pump it. Call (908) 222-3616 to arrange for a pick up. 

Feeling Blue about Blue Spruce Burnout
A beautiful specimen is on the decline.  The Blue Spruce has been a landscape design staple for many years.  But unfortunately it is beginning to feel the effects of being over used.  First documented way back in 1933, over the last 7 years or so these conifers are declining at an accelerating rate due to environmental factors including insects and disease.

Everyone should begin considering alternatives in place of the Blue Spruce for future projects.  There are many alternatives considering the wide variety of Fir that exist, but also take a look at Cypress and Pine varieties as well.   

EPSON SureColor T5000
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(908) 222-3616.

A Little History on Valentine's Day

St. Valentine - the official unofficial Saint.  
Apparently, Valentine was a common moniker among Saints way back around 270 A.D. 
Apparently 2 men were martyred, more than likely beheaded - on February 14, 270 A.D.  

Legend has it that THE St. Valentine that is now celebrated still on that very day was put to death for secretly marrying soldiers.  The Roman Emperor at the time thought single men made better soldiers and forbade them from marrying.  So, St. Valentine would marry them in secret.  When he was found out, he was put to death.  Some tales tell that he was in love with the Emperors  daughter and before his head was cut off, he wrote her a note and closed it with the phrase "From, your Valentine".  A gesture that has been immortalized, and used as one of the most common associations with romance for how many centuries now?  

Since the church could not decipher which of 2 men St. Valentine really was, they discontinued literature mentioning (him/them) in 1969, making him officially unofficial.  

If you are not into roses and chocolates and refer to Valentine's Day as a Hallmark Holiday - here is a fun tid-bit!  Hallmark was founded in 1915 by Nebraska teenager Joyce Hall.  She began selling greeting cards and post cards out of 2 shoe boxes.  Today Hallmark cards are available in 30 languages in 100 countries.  Clever business girl!  She built her own empire. 
A wildly misunderstood, although highly desirable, 
malfunction of the heart,
 which weakens the brain, 
causes eyes to sparkle, 
cheeks to glow, 
blood pressure to rise and the lips to pucker.
~Author Unknown~

Anyone can catch your eye, 
but it takes someone special to catch your heart.
~Author Unknown~
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