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January 2015


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Happy New Year! Can you believe the price of gas? That's a great help towards our operating expenses. Winter has arrived, and  is a great season for planning. We are taking a huge plunge this year and we are going paperless out in the field. Tablets are purchased, new field  software that integrates with QuickBooks is installed, now comes the learning curve, and it always hurts! We will be training all crew chiefs and office staff on how to utilize the new software-no more hard to read work reports, in addition to capturing other important data . Technology at its best. Now is the time to start thinking of any projects you would like to tackle this season. Has anything been on hold that you would like to accomplish  in 2015? Put it on your "To Do" list and give me a call to discuss.
All the best,
Shelly Hewson
President, Hewson Landscape Inc.   

What does the Farmer's Almanac Predict...  In a nutshell... 

Who doesn't love predictions?  I personally love the farmers almanac and all that it represents.  Another resource that relies on the calendar and astrological events.  A quick reference to what lies ahead weather wise and it is chock full of tips, from gardening to cleaning house to best days to quit smoking!

So here we are mid-way through January and we have had a couple small doses of snow.  The farmers almanac has a secret formula for their weather predictions that will not be revealed, and yet it is trusted by many.  Their predictions have been on the money in recent years leading up to events such as Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy.  

For winter 2015, they are suggesting we stock up on firewood, sweaters and hot chocolate.  Predictions thus far are not calling for as much snow as last year, but they did mention an El Nino, which would affect the weather world wide by shaking up climates.  For now, we are to expect wet, cold weather and wind to go along with it.  And if you ask me, seems pretty accurate.  So here is a test, they have predicted a 4-8" snow storm for February 4-7.  Let's see what we get.
I will keep checking their predictions year round and share anything interesting.  
Until next time, keep warm and dry! 

 Ice Melt Decisions!

There are anti-icing agents and de-icing products.  These are applied to roadways, driveways, parking lots and other hard surfaces to lower the freezing temperatures of water to prevent ice and snow from forming a bond with the surface.
Anti icing products are applied before the precipitation to reduce the build up of accumulations and to prevent them bonding to the surface for easier clean up.
Deicing agents are applied to the accumulations and assist in melting the ice or snow.  
There is also a pre-wetting product that can be mixed into sand which helps the sand stick to the snow and or ice, so it does not get blown off the surface and will be effective.  
Liquid deicers have several advantages.  They can be applied before the snow event starts.  Saves $$ since it does not have to be reapplied.  Makes shoveling/snow blowing easier, but it does not eliminate the need for it!   
 Snowy Owl watchers wreaking Havoc on Dunes 

The Snowy Owl has again returned to New Jersey beaches this winter, as predicted. Bird watching enthusiasts are braving the winter temperatures as they sit in wait on our beaches for their opportunity to snap a photo of this beautiful creature. 
Apparently not every bird watcher has brought their telescopic lens though and people are destroying sand dunes in their quest for the perfect photo op.  Everyone in Jersey has seen the signs - KEEP OFF THE DUNES!  
Sand dunes are natures way of protecting beaches and inland areas. They take years to be formed and be stable enough to do their job, as nature intended.  They are by no means stable enough to stand on top of or walk on.  One single foot print can destroy a dune beyond repair.  
Last year, discarded Christmas trees were recycled as dune starters if you will. Towns collected the live trees from residents and they were placed along the beaches to help jump start the natural process of forming sand dunes to replace the ones that were destroyed by Sandy.  The trees were placed with the tops facing the ocean, so that when the wind blows the sand it catches in the needles of the trees and anchors the trees in place to start the natural formation of the dunes, that are usually anchored by native vegetation.  Sand dunes are by no means permanent. They are constantly changing, literally as the wind blows.  

If you do head out to catch a glimpse of the snowy owl, dress warm and watch where you step!  Unless you are participating in the Polar Plunge!  And in that case, good luck and more power to ya! 

hewson logo plain
Prepping the truck for a new paint job. Not bad for a 1999!

Waste Oil Wanted 
If you or anyone you know has any WASTE OIL that needs to be collected, please let us know.  We will put it to good use in our waste oil furnace to heat our shop.  

We can come to collect it and pump it. Call (908) 222-3616 to arrange for a pick up. 

A New Year is Here!
Let the Resolutions Begin!
  New Years Resolutions...  Some of us try, some of us don't even bother!  We can start over any day of the year if we want to!  Thanks to the Gregorian calendar, new years resolutions are a tradition that is over 4,000 years old.  

While now a days, most people resolve to lose weight, save money, quit smoking or stop swearing, 4,000 years ago in ancient Babylon, the new year marked a massive religious festival called Akitu, that spanned 12 days.   Babylonians made promises to the Gods, in hopes to gain good favors in the coming year and also to get out of debt!  Some things never change it looks like! 

Civilizations around the world developed more and more sophisticated calendars basing the first day of the "new year" around agricultural or astronomical events.  Egypt's new year began with the annual flooding of the Nile.  China's new year begins with the second new moon after the winter solstice.  New Years day was given its final and official date of January 1, way back in 1582, by Pope Gregory. 

No matter if you made a resolution on New Year's Day, or not, we wish you the best of luck for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year.  

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