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 March 2014


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We are just back from the National Winter Conference for LICA and the ConExpo-ConAg show that took place in Las Vegas. Wow! What a global event. Anything that has to do with concrete, asphalt, and earth moving was on display in a huge way. The show of equipment was daunting-over 41 miles of carpet ran between the inside booths, and the entire show had to be on over 200 acres. Demo's of equipment were everywhere. The technology and improvements to all machines were just incredible. You could actually test equipment on a simulated machine, giving you the actual feel for the piece. Of course, the entertainment was fun at night, with a chance to network and meet a lot of fellow contractors. At the end of this month, we plan on attending the Pennsylvania LICA winter conference, that's happening in Gettysburg. Think Spring!  I'll be in touch next month. 
All the best,
Shelly Hewson
President, Hewson Landscape Inc. 
Las Vegas Photos

Ghost Bar,Catapillar Event-Rick, Mike, Shelly, Rich
LICA/Petrocon Booth
Outdoor Crane Displays
Opening Ceremonies at ConExpo
Outdoor display area
Vehicle Protection from Corrosion
Salt and de-icing chemicals have been critical in improving traction and have helped illiminate the snow on our roadways. But what about the damage it does to our vehicles? Here are a few practical maintenance tips to help protect your car against corrosion:


  1. Regular Car Washes, including the undercarriage. Salt deposits left over from the winter, will continue to corrode year round.
  2. Use a Low ph detergent-they are helpful in neutralizing and breaking up corrosive deposits.
  3. Body scratches and chips should be repaired sooner rather than later to prevent rust and corrosion from creeping in and spreading. Regular vehicle waxing adds an effective layer of protection.
  4. Professional rustproofing, including asphalt undercoating and waxing body cavity sprays are helpful, but only if applied when the vehicle is new.
  5. Routine vehicle maintenance checks-these should include checking under the car at your brake and fuel lines. Failure of these components could result in a crash or possible fire.

Newer cars today are far more corrosion resistant than earlier models. Following these simple maintenance steps can contribute to a safer and more trouble free driving.

   A Message From Matt
What to do when all of this white stuff melts?

  It is still early, so don't go crazy.  You want to rake, broom, blow off any grit build up along the road.  This can mat down the grass and cause the dormant grass to die as it comes out of dormancy.  You will probably notice mole or vole damage from them hanging out under the snow for protection.  These yellow lines will not fill in so they should be hard raked and seeded.  Try to replace your divots and turf chunks pushed over by snow removal equipment.  It's kind of like a jigsaw puzzle so have fun.  This should be done during a nice thaw.  Place the damaged turf back in place and tamp it down.  The roots will take over again in the spring.  If there are any deep holes, fill them in to avoid someone stepping in them.  When the snow totally melts, try to lightly rake all turf areas to fluff them up.  Don't put a mower on your turf until it firms up, or you will do more damage than good.  I hope this information is helpful.  Bring on Spring !


Matt Higgins


Landscapes And Laughter


Q: Why are men like a good paving stone.

A:  If you lay them right you can walk all over them forever.


    Flame Resistant Clothing
One of the biggest risks industrial and manufacturing employees face is working in conditions where there's a high chance of arc flash or flash fire. Nearly 2000 workers suffer severe burns every year. When working in these environments, it's important to use the proper PPE (personal protective equipment). Flame resistant (FR) clothing is a critical part of protection. What is the difference between traditional fabrics and flame resistant fabrics? Traditional fabrics, such as cotton and nylon are highly flammable, and will ignite and continue to burn, as long as they are exposed to the ignition source. Flame resistant fabrics are designed to self extinguish when the source of the flame no longer exists. The durability of FR fabrics depends upon the usage and how they're laundered. If cared for properly and laundered correctly, treated fabrics will remain flame resistant for the life of the garment. All FR clothing may lose some or all of its flame resistance due to chemical exposure or improper laundering, repair or maintenance. Always follow the manufacturer's care instructions to ensure the highest level of performance.

Introducing Nicole and Sofia

Welcome aboard to Nicole Flynn! She is joining us as our new office administrator.  She has worked in the landscape industry for over ten years, and brings her expertise and a fresh, organized outlook to Hewson Landscape. Sofia, is our new mascot. We adopted a four year old German Shepherd, and she is so people friendly, and sweet. What a pleasure! She looks like Geege, doesn't she? That was my previous dog. Thanks to Nancy S. for recommending the Garden State German Shepherd rescue!



Quote of the Month
May you always have
a sunbeam to warm you,
good luck to charm you,
and a sheltering angel,
so nothing can harm you.
Irish Quote
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