Ikeda Center Newsletter

July 2016

Living As Learning 
Panel Explores Humanistic Education in the  
Age of Globalization 

On June 17 the Ikeda Center hosted a panel discussion featuring education scholars Jim Garrison, Ann Diller, Jason Goulah, and Larry Hickman exploring the modes of teaching and learning that are best-suited to the demands of global citizenship. The speakers drew inspiration from two publications celebrating anniversaries this year: John Dewey's classic of 1916, Democracy and Education; and Daisaku Ikeda's 1996 lecture at Columbia University, "Thoughts on Education for Global Citizenship." One quote in particular from Dewey provided a focus for the event:

"Since growth is the characteristic of life, education is all one with growing; it has no end beyond itself."

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New Features

Thought leaders from our network explore  
current issues in peace, learning, and dialogue

Matt Meyer
Matt Meyer 
Matt Meyer Podcast  
Matt Meyer is a veteran teacher and political organizer -- and equally inspirational in each field. In this podcast, recorded earlier this year, he explains: "If you go [into the classroom] with respect, with the truth, with your own honest self, no matter what you teach, you will most likely get it back from at least the vast majority of students you're teaching. And to me that says a lot, not just about how to become a good teacher, but how to become a good organizer and a good person." Listen to the podcast. 
Yokota Interviews 
Previously unpublished in the US, these interviews with Harvey Cox and Victor Kazanjian, conducted by Center advisor Masao Yokota, investigate timely themes in religious pluralism and educational philosophy.                  
Harvey Cox
Harvey Cox 
  • This 2010 interview with esteemed Harvard theologian Harvey Cox is on "the future of faith." During their conversation Cox and Yokota discuss how faith is the opposite of fear, why the "age of spirit" is non-hierarchical, and why transformative creativity thrives at the margins of society. Read the interview.
Victor Kazanjian
Victor Kazanjian
  • Victor Kazanjian is Executive Director of the United Religions Initiative, based in San Francisco. In this 2012 discussion, Kazanjian talks about "Education and the Middle Way," with many thoughts on the role of process in learning and peace building - and music, too. Read the interview.

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