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Connect in Cornerstones
The BACnet International community benefits from Cornerstones, the organization's electronic month publication. This publication is disseminated to members of the BACnet community, connecting corporate, integrator, site, student and individual end users.

Cornerstones is a unique publication because it speaks not only to the engineer and contractor communities, but also to facility professionals, building managers and owners, and other personnel.

This is where you come in. We need you to connect! If there is a best practice, company news, product news or BACnet Success Stories you want to share, please send them to us. And don't leave out the photos! 

All submissions should be sent to Erin Hall, BACnet International's communications and community manager.

Success1Connect With Success
City of Port St. Lucie
Port St. Lucie, Fla., United States

Honeywell and city officials in Port St. Lucie, Fla. have kicked off a $7.1 million project to improve facilities and infrastructure to enhance the city's sustainability.

The upgrades are not only expected to trim the city's energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, but should generate enough utility and operating savings to pay for the work and related financing costs. Honeywell guarantees those savings through a 15-year energy savings performance contract and will reimburse the city if the actual returns fall short of the estimates. In addition, Port St. Lucie expects the project to deliver nearly $3 million in savings beyond those guaranteed.

"It's nice to say you're going green, but it's nicer to get green back," said Port St. Lucie City Manager Greg Oravec. "We're in the same position as other municipalities across the state and country, trying to do more with fewer resources each year. Anytime we can cut millions in unnecessary expenses, make critical improvements and return cash to the budget, it's an absolute victory for the city and taxpayers."


Click here discover the solution and read the full Success Story!

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Call for Content: Foundations and BACnet International Journal

BACnet International is now accepting article proposals and submissions for both the July 2015 issue of Foundations, as well as issue 10 of the BACnet International Journal, coming out this fall. 
Foundations is an educational member resource produced by BACnet International. BACnet International is the cornerstone to your success, and Foundations builds from that cornerstone by providing the ground-level knowledge needed to connect the dots in building automation. All articles will be due by June 26, 2015 and should be between 1,200 and 3,600 words
BACnet International Journal is a global magazine for building automation based on BACnet technology. Experts, practitioners and professionals show the way in applying and developing the BACnet standard, from building automation trends to devices and application projects; from qualification and training to testing and certification; from who's who in the BACnet community to useful information on events and publications. Special attention is given to members and activities of BACnet International. Article lengths in the BACnet International Journal can vary, and all editorial content for issue 10 will be due to BACnet International by July 8, 2015
For more information or to submit an article for consideration, contact Erin Hall as soon as possible. Please also feel free to pass this information on to parties who may be interested in contributing to one of these great publications.


PlugFest 2015 
October 5-8, 2015 
The University of New Hampshire 
Durham, NH

The BACnet International BACnet Testing Laboratories Working Group (BTL WG) invites manufacturers of BACnet products to attend the 16th annual Interoperability Workshop at The University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH. This event permits vendors to test their BACnet products with BACnet devices from other vendors in a neutral and friendly environment. Last year, nearly 90 BACnet engineers representing 30 companies attended the workshop and improved their BACnet implementation and testing methods.

Stay tuned for more regarding agenda, hotel and registration details. Check the BACnet International website often!


We would like to invite you to take part in our Global Roadshow. Spanning from 2014 through 2015, the Global Roadshow celebrates the 10th DIN EN ISO anniversary and the 20th ANSI anniversary of the BACnet standard. The event focuses on the benefits of BACnet for sustainable buildings in terms of construction, retrofitting and the integration in smart grids. It includes a state-of-the-art exhibition and provides the latest information about: 
  • Open communication in building automation
  • Development of standardization
  • Interoperability of BACnet devices
  • BTL Listing and European Certification
  • BACnet vendors and suppliers

The Roadshow is a decisive meeting point for BACnet users in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. One Road Show goal is to increase the global awareness for BACnet. During Road Show events, the newest capabilities of building management systems will be introduced and the benefits of BACnet applications will be demonstrated.

We are looking forward to meeting you at one of the Roadshow locations. Click here for more information about the BACnet Global Roadshow.


Upcoming Stops   


Europe - Middle East - Africa
June 16th, 2015 Berlin Germany

Asia Pacific
Nov 5th, 2015 Pune India
Nov 12th, 2015 Singapore
Nov 19th, 2015 Beijing China
Nov 26th, 2015 Tokyo Japan 
Connect With Education
CABA "Intelligent Buildings and Big Data" Report Discount for BACnet International Members

There is a consensus in the industry, that the proliferation of intelligent devices and internet technologies has created an exponential increase in the volume, velocity, and variety of data. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as 'Big Data'. Current data management systems are not capable of processing this new influx of data, and as a result companies are forced to ignore the majority of the data available. The goal of Continental Automated Buildings Association's (CABA) Intelligent Buildings and Big Data research was to examine new tools and resources that can help companies filter, analyze, and use Big Data collected from intelligent and integrated buildings.

Leveraging Big Data will enable a better understanding of customer behaviors, competition, and market trends. Research on utilizing Big Data from building systems is crucial to staying competitive in this dynamic connected marketplace.

Thanks in part to BACnet International's sponsorship and support of CABA's Intelligent Buildings and Big Data Research Study, members of BACnet International are being given access to the full report at a 25% discount of the full price of $4,900. To order a copy of the full report, contact Erin Hall at BACnet International.


Educational Resources

From publications to presentations, BACnet International has a variety of educational resources for your use. Click here to catch up on presentations you missed, read a recent publication or review a white paper.

Save 25%
Receive a BACnet International membership discount on the CABA "Intelligent Buildings and Big Data" Report. Contact Erin Hall to place an order and take advantage of this membership benefit.

Connect With BACnet Community News

AHR Expo 2015 - Trends and Products

Part Two - Products

By Steven R. Calabrese,
Control Engineering Corp.

Last month I shared some things that I saw and overheard at this year's AHR Expo, held in Chicago this past January. Industry buzzwords, if you will. This month I'd like to discuss some actual products that I saw, mostly relating to the trends that I discussed last month. As we as an industry continue to grow and progress, we as individuals must stay up on the technologies and stay current with the trends and products of the day. Nowhere can this be better done than at the AHR Expo, held every year in January.

The following products consist of both new and already established trends and technologies. My interest in each of these stems from my personal experiences and my overall industry knowledge (or lack thereof!). It's exciting to watch the new (and maybe not so new) technologies take hold on our industry, and afford us the ability to do things we've never before been able to accomplish.

Wi-Fi Products

Last month I alluded to the term and the technology behind it, without going too far into how the HVAC controls industry is applying this concept. The two products that I encountered at the Expo were a temperature sensor and a relay. First the sensor.

Picture, if you will, a typical BAS space temperature sensor. Got it? Good. Now picture it with no wires. So far so good...? Finally, give it Wi-Fi. Done!

Benefits to this are as follows: the technology is widespread and dependable. The installation is low cost (no wires!). Battery life is expected to be up to three years (better check it annually). The particular sensor that I saw had a built-in data logger. Communication from the sensor via Wi-Fi can be through a router to the cloud, or better yet, through a Wi-Fi gateway to a wired BACnet control system!

The relay was just as cool as the sensor. Again, no wires, just a battery. Install the relay to control some two-state device or piece of equipment (valve/damper actuator, fan/pump starter). Set it up so that it can receive its command via the Wi-Fi wireless network. All kinds of possibilities abound...just don't forget to check that battery!

BACnet Sensors and Thermostats

BACnet has been with us a relatively short time, but has come a long way since its inception. For those who are familiar with the term but don't necessarily know the origin, BACnet stands for Building Automation and Control network, and is a standard developed by ASHRAE, and adopted by the HVAC industry as the de facto standard for the digital communication between products of differing manufacture.

Read full column here.




BACnet Celebrates 20 Years


Celebrating BACnet's success is nothing new for true "BACneteers"-- but 2015 is special. This year, BACnet committee members, developers, implementers, installers, building owners, operators, and everyone else who has benefited from the protocol, will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of BACnet's adoption as ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135. It has also been a bit more than 10 years since BACnet was embraced internationally as ISO Standard 16484-5 and then as a national standard in Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world.


The question is "How has BACnet done it?" How has BACnet managed to survive and thrive while many other protocols have come and gone? This article will look at some of BACnet's success factors and present brief descriptions of some of BACnet's features that have evolved over the last 20 years.


Read full article here


Have some company news to share with the BACnet International Community? Contact BACnet International Communications and Community Manager Erin Hall today.  


Connect With BACnet Community Products

ECLYPSE Connected System Controller Named 2015 Money-Saving Product Winner
Distech Controls' IP-based solution awarded by BUILDINGS Magazine
[Brossard, QC, June 9, 2015] - Distech Controls, an innovation leader in energy management solutions, today announced that the company's ECLYPSE™ Connected System Controller, with embedded ENVYSION, has been selected by BUILDINGS Magazine as a 2015 Money-Saving Product winner. This annual competition highlights budget-friendly solutions that make life easier for facilities managers and building owners.

Distech Controls' ECLYPSE Connected System Controller, part of the Connected IP and Wi-Fi Product Series, is an HVAC controller providing BACnet/IP, wired and wireless IP connectivity. Embedded with ENVYSION, it also delivers the art and science of actionable visual knowledge and a powerful user experience.

Released in December 2014, the ECLYPSE Connected System Controller was recognized by BUILDINGS Magazine based on its ability to support commercial buildings and offer cost savings to facility managers. By converging a building's IT infrastructure with its building automation system, they are able to reduce operational costs as they are no longer required to manage multiple networks.

Read full release here.



Sierra Monitor Corporation Simplifies Field Device Integration for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) With New EZ Gateway Product Line

MILPITAS, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 05/28/15 -- Sierra Monitor Corporation (OTCQB: SRMC), provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions that connect and protect high-value infrastructure assets, today announced the availability of the FieldServer EZ Gateway Modbus to BACnet (FS-EZX-MOD-BAC) -- an easy-to-use, high-performance gateway to interface Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP devices such as power meters and flow meters to BACnet MS/TP or BACnet/IP systems in commercial and industrial facilities. The product is the first in a new product line of "EZ Gateways" that will greatly simplify the challenge of connecting different types of field devices to the IIoT.


"The promise of 50 billion devices participating in the IoT by 2025 assumes that it is simple and cheap to connect devices to the network. It is true that raw wired and wireless connectivity are becoming increasingly inexpensive. However, the costs and complexity of device integration are driven by the need to translate between different protocols," said Varun Nagaraj, CEO of Sierra Monitor Corporation. "The FieldServer EZ Gateway product line offers significant new capabilities that make it much easier and more cost-effective to integrate stand-alone commercial and industrial devices into automation networks relative to traditional gateways. The FieldServer EZ Gateway Modbus to BACnet significantly lowers configuration and installation time, reduces ongoing management and maintenance costs, and offers a new price point per connected Modbus device."






Now Available: Water Source Heat Pumps with Factory-integrated i-Vu® Controllers

Carrier Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHPs) are now available with factory integrated i-Vu controllers on all Aquazone™ 50 series commercial WSHPs.  


These native BACnet® i-Vu controllers feature a sophisticated, factory-engineered control program that continuously monitors and regulates heat pump operation with reliability and precision. They also support plug-and-play connectivity to the powerful i-Vu® web-based Building Automation System, making it easy to monitor and control the WSHPs from anywhere in the world and around the clock. Or, if local monitoring and control is desired, the i-Vu Touch local user interfaces can also be utilized.

These i-Vu controllers are also capable of stand-alone operation, or they can be integrated with any other Building Automation System using the BACnet®, Modbus®, LonWorks®*, or N2 protocols.


Water-to-Air WSHP Open Controller

This integrated i-Vu controller provides up to three speeds of independent fan speed control, a waterside economizer, and reheat capabilities to help ensure occupant comfort.


Water-to-Water WSHP Open Controller

This integrated i-Vu controller provides 4 stages of capacity control (up to 3 compressor stages), to maintain entering or leaving water temperature. For larger installations, a total of up to 8 stages may be controlled as a single heating or cooling source. One controller will operate as the master, coordinating others in the system.


For more information on these WSHP offerings, contact a local Carrier office.


All trademarks are properties of their respective companies and are hereby acknowledged. 

Have some product news to share with the BACnet International Community? Contact BACnet International Communications and Community Manager Erin Hall today.

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