March 2015

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BACnet International followers benefit from this electronic monthly publication, Cornerstones.  This publication is disseminated to members of the BACnet community, connecting corporate, integrator, site, student and individual end users.

Cornerstones is a unique publication because it speaks not only to the engineer and contractor communities, but also to facility professionals, building managers and owners, and other personnel.

This is where you come in. We need you to connect! If there is a best practice, company news, product news or BACnet Success Stories you want to share, please send them to us. And don't leave out the photos! 

All submissions should be sent to Erin Hall, BACnet International's communications and community manager.

Success1Connect With Success
Intel IDC 9 
Haifa, Israel

Intel IDC 9 in Haifa, Israel
Computer hardware giant, Intel Corporation, has received LEED Gold certification for its latest design/data center in Haifa, Israel. The facility boasts the most advanced engineering infrastructure and is Intel's first LEED-certified green facility, as well as the first building in Israel to receive LEED Gold certification. The 259,000-square-foot facility is noted for housing a 6,500-square-foot, high-performance data center.

The energy needed to power and cool today's high-tech design/data centers has radically increased in recent years. Factor in the reality of rapidly rising energy costs, and it's easy to understand the heavy impact these types of facilities can have on an organization's operational costs. With this in mind, Intel saw the design and construction of their new IDC 9 facility as not only an excellent opportunity to progress their "next generation" initiative of corporate citizenship and sustainability, but also as a potential target for significant costs savings.

Certification became possible by leveraging an integrated design approach and mobilizing a "Green Building" team in the early stages of the building's design. A very important player on that green team was Tempmaster Israel, a local energy management firm and a KMC Controls authorized representative. Understanding that a high-efficiency HVAC and building automation system would play the largest role towards, not only energy conservation, but also indoor air quality and occupant comfort, the team came to rely heavily on Tempmaster. "Their expertise, knowledge, and professional presence were exceptional. Our systems at IDC 9 are highly complex and Tempmaster succeeded in keeping things simple. We are fully operational with a very reliable system," commented Tzach Namer, the Mechanical/Electrical Project Manager at Intel.

 Click here to read the full Success Story!
BACnet Manufacturers: Click here to view all BACnet Success Stories or to submit your company's for publication.   

Connect With Opportunity

We would like to invite you to take part in our Global Roadshow. Spanning from 2014 through 2015, the Global Roadshow celebrates the 10th DIN EN ISO anniversary and the 20th ANSI anniversary of the BACnet standard. The event focuses on the benefits of BACnet for sustainable buildings in terms of construction, retrofitting and the integration in smart grids. It includes a state-of-the-art exhibition and provides the latest information about: 
  • Open communication in building automation
  • Development of standardization
  • Interoperability of BACnet devices
  • BTL Listing and European Certification
  • BACnet vendors and suppliers

The Roadshow will be a decisive meeting point for BACnet users in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. It is also a fantastic networking platform for planners, integrators, specifiers, facility managers, owners, investors and manufacturers of building automation devices and systems.

Our goal is to increase the global awareness for BACnet. We will introduce the newest capabilities of building management systems and demonstrate the benefits of BACnet applications. We will give an update on the standard and develop new fruitful partnerships with planners, specifiers, operators and investors in industry, services and public administration. And we will encourage the establishment and nurturing of local interest groups of users, developers, providers of smart grids and IT infrastructure and local distributors.

Seize the day, and confirm your participation in the international market. The Global Roadshow is the first worldwide event which is commonly hosted by BACnet International and the BACnet Interest Group Europe.

We are looking forward to meeting you in one of the Roadshow locations. Click here for more information about the BACnet Global Roadshow. 

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From publications to presentations, BACnet International has a variety of educational resources for your use. Click here to catch up on presentations you missed, read a recent publication or review a white paper.

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News Releases

Distech Controls™ to Join Acuity Brands

Distech Controls Inc., an innovation leader in building automation and energy management solutions based out of Quebec, Canada, today announced it has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE: AYI), a leading provider of intelligent lighting solutions. Distech Controls' building automation and energy management solutions combined with Acuity Brands' broad, industry-leading solid-state lighting portfolio, innovative control technologies and integrated digital solutions will create the opportunity to offer solutions that can provide true end-to-end optimization of all aspects of the building for enhanced occupant experience, quality visual environment, seamless operation, energy efficiency, operational cost reductions, and increased digital functionality.

Distech Controls will continue to employ its 190 team members worldwide, led by current executives, including Founder, President and CEO Etienne Veilleux. The company will maintain its head office in Quebec, Canada, as well as its European office in Lyon, France, and continue to execute its global growth strategy. It will become part of the Acuity Brands portfolio of businesses, continuing to operate as a separate entity, with management teams jointly developing future growth strategies.


The manner in which buildings are utilized and operated is evolving.  The deployment of intelligent digital networks provides the opportunity to create an indoor environment that increases productivity, improves operational efficiency and enhances safety.  The technologies resident in lighting, temperature, ventilation, access control and fire safety systems are converging into a single digital ecosystem.  This convergence provides a singular opportunity to couple the building management portfolio of Distech Controls with the smart lighting and control systems of Acuity Brands to deliver fully integrated digital solutions that are unmatched in their ability to efficiently deliver both lighting and a quality indoor environment.   


 Click here to read the entire release.
Have some company news to share with the BACnet International Community? Contact BACnet International Communications and Community Manager Erin Hall today.  
Connect With BACnet Community News

Product Releases

Johnson Controls introduces Quantech Air-Cooled Chillers

Johnson Controls introduces Quantech Air-Cooled Chillers, now available exclusively through an independent sales network. Quantech chillers ship virtually immediately from inventory, making replacement available in as little as two days to minimize downtime and restore comfort quickly. Quantech chillers offer up to 50 percent annual energy cost savings compared with the replaced chillers, have a low lifecycle cost, meet or exceed ASHRAE standards, and help earn LEED credit with a low refrigerant charge.

"When an HVAC system goes down, occupants want relief and mechanical contractors want to provide a solution as quickly as possible," said Harvey Elder, vice president and general manager, North America Applied Systems, Johnson Controls. "We can deliver these chillers in days, not weeks or months, with the added benefits of high efficiency and a low lifecycle cost."

Read full release here.


Have some product news to share with the BACnet International Community? Contact BACnet International Communications and Community Manager Erin Hall today.
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