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Success1Connect With BACnet International


Introduction to BACnet
For Building Owners and Engineers


The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of  BACnet history, terminology and philosophy for building owners, managers and others involved with BACnet projects. The document provides an introduction to the topic of BACnet but it is not a comprehensive description of BACnet and it is not a product or system implementation guide.


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The BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU) invites you to join the 8th BIG-EU BACnet Interoperability Workshop!

The BIG-EU Plugfest 2014 will take place from May 21st - 23rd 2014 and is open to developers and product managers. This year's host will be Siemens Switzerland AG, Building Technologies Division in Zug, Switzerland.

Information and registration:
Prior to the Plugfest, the 2014 spring BIG-EU Meetings will be held also in Zug on Monday and Tuesday, May 19 - May 20, 2014.
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News Releases

For more information about the BACnet Interest Group Europe, please click here.

BACnet and EEBus Organizations Harmonize
Their Data Models

BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU) and the EEBus Initiative have agreed to a common road map to harmonize their data models. Data should flow easier between building automation and intelligent electricity networks. At the decisive meeting held in Krefeld, it was agreed to an intensive dialogue in a collective work group.
Connected to EEBus networks, BACnet systems offer an enormous potential for load transference in the energy industry. To develop this, both associations are working closely together in the modeling of an energy management system sector. A comprehensive approach will be followed to enable a continuous communication between all Smart-Energy components. The EEBus Initiative wants to take building automation more into account in their standardization tasks. The BIG-EU will provide typical application profiles.
Building automation and intelligent electricity networks are growing together - this is a business chance for BACnet and EEBus. Talks resume in July. For more information please visit
For more information about Neptronic, please click here.

Winner - 2014 AHR Expo Innovation Award

Neptronic is the 2014 recipient of the prestigious AHR Expo Innovation Award in the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) category for the new SKD Direct Steam Injection Humidifier featuring X-StreamTM technology.

Neptronic was honoured at the AHR Innovation Award ceremony on January 22, 2014, during the world's largest HVACR exposition and conference in New York City. Selected by a panel of ASHRAE judges, Neptronic was selected as a winner in the IAQ category and represents the most innovative new product among the thousands that were displayed at the 2014 AHR Expo based on innovation, application, value to the user and market impact.

By integrating high-efficiency components with patent pending condensate recuperation design and an advanced controller featuring factory-developed application specific software, the SKD reduces wasted energy by 85%, provides drain-free operation, and prevents condensate ejection while offering time-saving installation and troubleshooting features.

"We live in an era where energy consumption, clean air and time have become priority. I'm very proud of this award as it is a reflection of the dedication of our R&D team to combine multiple innovative solutions to make the only automated and most efficient direct steam injection humidifier in the world" says Zev Kopel, President of Neptronic.

The SKD humidifier system includes a factory configured electronic steam controller for managing operating sequences, a re-evaporator, and features X-StreamTM technology which combines double wall stainless steel steam distributor system with encapsulated Armacell UT/SolaflexTM foam insulation and patent-pending engineered eyelets. For more information visit the Neptronic website at
Connect With BACnet Community News

roduct Releases

Please click here for more information about Automated Logic.


New Product Released: Eco-Screen® Sustainability Kiosk

Automated Logic Corporation (ALC), a leading provider of innovative building automation systems that maximize energy efficiency while ensuring occupant comfort, announced the release of Eco-Screen®.

Automated Logic's Eco-Screen® sustainability kiosk is a powerful tool that enables building owners to showcase their properties' energy conservation and sustainability measures. By hosting Eco-Screen on a large touch screen kiosk in your facility's lobby or common area, you'll introduce visitors to your building's sophisticated operating systems, providing the public with an interactive and dynamic presentation of your building's most innovative green building features.

With a simple touch of the interactive screen, visitors gain immediate access to the building systems and the energy-efficient operations you'll want to showcase. The Eco-Screen® sustainability kiosk can be easily customized to communicate the unique story of the green technologies employed in your facility.

Your sustainability and renewable energy message is conveyed throughout with images and interactive , animated graphics that educate the viewer on activities such as solar power generation, rainwater and daylight harvesting plus other initiatives taken to ensure a positive impact on nature and the environment.

You've made an investment by building or retrofitting a more energy-efficient facility. Now is your opportunity to educate visitors about the integrated systems in your building and the effects they have on the environment and your community.

Click here for more information on Eco-Screen®
Click here for more information about Automated Logic

For more information about Carrier, please click here.

Coming Soon - i-Vu® Equipment Touch!

Carrier's new i-Vu® Equipment Touch is a zone sensor, local user interface, and technician tool all in one. It features an illuminated, 4.3" color pixel touchscreen display and connects to a single Open (BACnet®) equipment controller to show the comfort and operating conditions for the connected equipment. Designed for wall mounting, it includes a built-in temperature and humidity sensor and is ideal for single-zone rooftop applications such as office spaces and warehouses.

The i-Vu Equipment Touch includes multi-level password protection for security and provides building occupants, facility managers, and technicians a powerful user interface for managing the connected equipment. Building occupants can easily adjust setpoints and initiate timed local overrides, while facility managers can monitor detailed operating conditions and also configure equipment schedules, trends, and alarms. Technicians have the added benefit of using the i-Vu Touch as a technician tool, enabling them to start-up, commission, and troubleshoot the connected equipment.

The i-Vu Equipment Touch is slated for release in late Q1 2014.
 For more information about The S4 Group, please click here.

The S4 Group, Inc. Announces New Release 1.18 of the S4 Open BACnet-N2 Router

The S4 Group, Inc. a leader in BAS integration services, announced the latest release 1.18 of the S4 Open BACnet-N2 Gateway product.  Steve Jones, Managing Partner said "I am pleased to introduce this new firmware update to the industry, as it offers several enhancements."    
System operations, monitoring, and maintenance enhancements:
  • BACnet Instance numbers are now statically assigned through device type templates instead of being calculated. Integrator partners still have the ability to edit the instance number to meet their needs but with this enhancement the instance numbers will never change once assigned, significantly lowers labor costs associated with maintenance.
  • The Watchdog timer accuracy and granularity has been enhanced to detect more failure situations and bring the system back to normal operation. False firings of the watchdog have been eliminated.
  • Performance probes have been added to monitor BACnet traffic and are available as a new set of statistics on the Ethernet properties page giving the operator more insight into the performance of the system.

Enhancements needed for much larger integration projects and also using the BACnet-N2 Router in non-traditional applications:  

  • The system's ability to perform under extremely heavy BACnet loads. This condition can be simply an unusually large, complex, BACnet installation with aggressive polling rates.  It could also be triggered by N2 field devices being not available (powered off or failed for some reason) resulting in cascading retries of BACnet transactions generating high traffic volumes.
  • The BACnet transaction queue in the BACnet-N2 Router is now more aggressively monitored and BACnet transactions will be rejected according to the BACnet standard if the queue becomes too full.
  • The BACnet-N2 Router more aggressively handles BACnet client transaction abort requests to keep the BACnet client and the BACnet N2 Router better synchronized.

For more information about The S4 Group's new product release please go to


Connect With the Building Automation Community

Please click here for more information about the
BACnet Interest Group Europe

Latest BACnet Facts Highlighted in Paris

The BACnet standard is fit for smart buildings in smart grids. At the BACnet Forum Paris held on 11th February, CEN/TC247 chairman Roland Ullmann announced an EN ISO 16484 upgrade - with expanded building automation functions for smart buildings. Seven years after the first French BACnet Forum, 130 building automation experts discussed the latest facts about BACnet in Paris again.

Jean Daniel Napar, the president of the French BACnet association, highlighted the sustainability of investments in the BACnet standard. Due to increasing demand, the worldwide number of vendor-IDs has practically doubled since the Forum in 2007.

Twice as many BACnet devices were certified last year alone, compared to the previous year. Assisted by a program for information, communication and training also the BACnet France Group gained strength. Thirteen top-class members have joined in total. They inform the French market via the BACnet France Journal, at exhibitions and in the AGILiCom training seminars about the practical uses of BACnet. To read entire release, please click here.
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