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Connect With Success
Neutec Pharmaceuticals
Sakarya, Turkey


Neutec Pharmaceuticals is a rapidly expanding Turkish manufacturer of leading-edge, prescription pharmaceutical products. In 2005, Neutec began operations in an 80,000 square foot facility. Today, the Neutec plant has expanded to over 400,000 square feet in the primary operations area and the Neutec management team has initiated two additional 200,000 square foot expansion projects. Upon completion, these projects will bring the total floor area of the state-of-the-art facility to 800,000 square feet. The second phase of the expansion project was commissioned in 2011 and the third phase was completed in late 2012.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are subject to stringent storage and reporting requirements with regard to environmental data within the plant. All critical production and storage areas must have temperature and humidity recorded every 15 minutes in order to maintain compliance with the standard. To ensure the success of the project and adherence to all applicable requirements, Neutec management selected Prokontrol Otomasyon Sistemleri, an innovative and long-term contracting partner of KMC Controls based in Istanbul, Turkey.


Click here to read the full Success Story

BACnet Manufacturers: KMC Controls

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Connect With Opportunity

June 2013 Foundations Calls for Proposals

BACnet International is now accepting proposals for the June 2013 Foundations. All content must be BACnet related. The target audience for this publication is integrators/installers/appliers and specifiers/consultants. Authors are not restricted to only one article. Click here, to submit your proposal.  Proposals must be submitted by Monday, April 22, 2013.


2013 NFMT Vegas Calls for Proposals

We're looking for standouts in the industry to participate in the BACnet International education track at NFMT Vegas 2013 September 17-18, 2013. If you have a presentation (or an idea for a presentation!) in which you can share your BACnet expertise, please complete the form below by Wednesday, April 24, 2013. Proposals will not be accepted after that time.  For more information click here.


Booths at NFMT Vegas Are Still Available 


Booths in the BACnet International pavilion at NFMT Vegas are still available. The deadline to register is Monday, June 17, 2013. Click here to view prospectus.
Connect With Opportunity

November 19-21, 2013
Atlanta, GA

The BACnet International BACnet Testing Laboratories Working Group invites manufacturers of BACnet products to attend the 2013 Interoperability Workshop at the Westin Atlanta Perimeter North Hotel in Atlanta, GA. This is the 14th annual BACnet Interoperability Workshop and is hosted by BACnet International.

This event permits vendors to test their BACnet products in a neutral and friendly environment with BACnet devices from other vendors. Last year more than 98 BACnet engineers representing 35 companies attended the workshop and improved their BACnet implementations and testing methods.

The event will begin on Tuesday afternoon to allow for arrival on Monday and setup Tuesday morning. The testing starts at 12:30 pm and continues through Thursday afternoon.

To register for this event, please click here.


BACnet International Success Stories

BACnet International Success Stories is a free resource that provides a place to promote your successful projects that use BACnet in order to further knowledge and understanding of the BACnet protocol - essentially, mini case studies. Posters utilize a web form to upload the content, (narratives, photos, etc...) which is then reviewed by editors from BACnet International (primarily for errors) prior to public posting.      
Once the BACnet Success Story is posted, it becomes a permanent, linkable record of the successful project.
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Connect With BACnet Community News

Click here for more information on ASHRAE

New BACnet® Standard Published

ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-2012 has been published to reflect changes made by addendum af to Standard 135-2010. Changes include improvements to alarm handling and encouragement of smart lighting controls. For more information, please click here.


WSP Lab Not Accepting Applications 


WSP Lab is currently not accepting test applications for BACnet devices, due to a reduction in staffing. 


Manufacturers interested in testing can contact:

Connect With BACnet Community News

News Releases  


Click here for more information on Carrier.

Top 11 Energy-Saving Control Strategies 

Are you looking for ways to save energy this summer? Let Carrier Controls do the work for you with these built-in energy saving control strategies!

  1. Setpoint Control - allows for optimum setpoint configuration based on area and time of day
  2. Occupancy Scheduling - heating and cooling runs based on occupancy schedules
  3. Integrated Lighting Control - control lights in conjunction with occupancy schedules
  4. Tenant Overrides - allows occupants to turn on heating or cooling temporarily after-hours
  5. Integrated Economizer Control - During occupied times, use suitable outside air to cool the building instead of mechanical cooling
  6. Night-time Free Cooling - Pre-cool space prior to occupancy by using cool outside air instead of mechanical cooling
  7. Heating & Cooling Lockouts - Disable mechanical heating when it's hot outside; disable mechanical cooling when it's cold outside
  8. Optimal Start/Stop - Intelligently calculates the proper time to start heating or cooling so the space is comfortable when occupants arrive; turns heating or cooling off prior to scheduled unoccupied time so that building can "coast" to unoccupied setpoint at end of day
  9. Static Pressure Reset - Varies fan speeds based on heating and cooling needs rather than supplying a constant amount of air in zoning systems
  10. Demand-Controlled Ventilation (DCV) - Provides the precise amount of ventilation for occupants based on CO2 levels
  11. Demand Limiting - Automatically adjusts equipment operation when power costs are at a premium by raising cooling setpoints, lowering heating setpoints, or dimming/turning off lights in stages  
  Click here for more information on Contemporary Controls

Introduction to BACnet Video Series
Contemporary Controls has created a video series to introduce BACnet to new users. The series is an overview intended for those who are encountering BACnet for the first time or those who simply wish to review basic BACnet concepts. Topics include Interoperability, Device Modeling, Network Types, Services, BIBBs and Device Profiles. To view the video series, click here.


Click here for more information on Distech Controls

Canadian Company to Pursue its Dynamic Growth Strategy

Distech Controls, an innovation leader in energy management solutions based in Quebec, Canada, announced total investments of $38-million (CAD) in the company, to be approved by regulatory authorities. The investment will expand Distech Controls' capital base and the proceeds of this financing will be used to accelerate the company's growth plan and development roadmap worldwide, including acquisitions.

The new investors include the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), Export Development Canada (EDC), EnerTech Capital, Fonds de solidarité FTQ, W2 Investments and a strategic partner. They join Distech Controls' existing group of investors and founder, President and CEO of Distech Controls Inc, Étienne Veilleux, in forming a majority Canadian ownership.


"As a company in the energy management solutions and green technology space, we feel that it is critical to bring together the right team internally as well as the right financial partners to help us best serve the needs of our customers and partners.  We have definitely accomplished this goal, bringing together both the capital required to fuel our growth strategies as well as a fantastic group of investors that support mission-driven companies" said Étienne Veilleux, President and CEO of Distech Controls Inc.  "This positions us to accelerate our development globally and our continued investment in our unique products and solutions, as well as support our strategic plan, including acquisitions of complementary businesses, to take advantage of significant opportunities for Distech Controls in the marketplace."  To read more, click here

Connect With BACnet Community News

Product Releases

Click here for more information on Belimo

Belimo Energy Valve A Solution to Combat Low Delta T  


Belimo Americas, the leading producer of electronic valves and air damper actuators, introduced the Energy Valve. The Belimo Energy Valve is a two-way pressure independent control valve that optimizes, documents and proves water coil performance. The Energy Valve uses the Belimo Delta T Manager algorithm to directly control coil performance. It also monitors the coil performance characteristic curve and resulting energy/power output. The Energy Valve has standard analog signal and feedback wiring and communicates data to the DDC system via BACnet MS/TP, BACnet IP and TCP/IP for Building Automation System (BAS) integration. Data logging and trending are integrated in the valve actuator or data can be captured using the BAS. For additional information on the Belimo Energy Valve, visit  


Click here for more information on Cimetrics

New BACnet Protocol Stack V. 6.4

Cimetrics is excited to announce a new version of BACstac 6.4. The Cimetrics BACstac saves man-years of development when your company needs to create a BACnet solution !

Our software team has created a set of BACnet libraries which greatly simplify the task of interfacing to BACnet. Even the largest companies in the HVAC industry use our code because it is a very complex and time consuming task keeping up with the ongoing changes that are taking place in the BACnet committees. For example, many hundreds of protocol modifications, requirements, and enhancements have taken place in just the past year. By purchasing the Cimetrics BACstac solution, we do the compatibility coding and testing. This typically saves man-years of software developer time EVERY YEAR !  To learn more about the new version of BACstac 6.4., click here



Click here to learn more about The S4 Group, Inc.


The S4 Group, Inc. Announces

S4 Open: BACnet-N2 Router Product Major Release

The S4 Group, Inc.'s corporate staff hosted a press conference where Steve Jones, S4's founder and managing partner announced the next major release of the S4 Open:BACnet-N2 router. It is currently available through the S4 Distributors in the field or directly through the S4 Group, Inc. During the release press conference, Steve described the updated product, "This release will continue to extend the useful life of legacy building automation systems and expand their capabilities through support of open BACnet interfaces."  For more information on the BACnet-N2 Router, visit


Click here for more information on Triatek

  Triatek Unveils New 1655 Series Fume Hood & Room Controllers




Triatek has raised industry standards yet again with its new line of controllers - the 1655 series. Similar in capabilities to the already well accepted 1650 line, the 1655 marks a significant leap forward for critical environment control in large part due to a new, patent pending technology Triatek has named SAFETY HALOTM".


Because of Triatek's new Safety Halo technology, employees are no longer required to stand directly in front of the controller in order to see the status of a fume hood or room. In other words, Triatek has managed to increase the status notification viewing angle to 180 degrees for its new line of controllers using proprietary edge lighting. This unique feature allows staff to check status both "at a glance" and "down the hall" and is fully programmable. Intensity can be set based on lighting conditions and the Safety Halo itself can be programmed to only be active during certain hours of the day.  To learn more about the 1655 Series Fume Hood and Room Controllers, click here.     




Click here for more information on WattStopper

WattStopper releases powerful driver module to Niagara AX integrators at no cost

WattStopper announced the release of a time-saving Niagara AX driver module that streamlines integration when WattStopper Digital Lighting Management (DLM) controls are combined with Niagara controllers in high performance buildings. The driver automatically discovers all the DLM lighting controls on the BACnet network, and all the data points available for integration.   



Originally developed for a WattStopper-specific JACE, the driver is compatible with other Niagara AX stations, and is now available for free download to integrators using a third party JACE. In addition to discovery, the driver adds product-specific icons to the objects tree, and gives integrators easy access to an astronomic scheduling feature. The astronomic control option facilitates schedules based on sunrise and sunset, and eliminates the need to access the data via an external source. The driver operates over both BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP networks.


Product Line Manager Jonathan Cartrette comments, "Through our long history of working with system integrators, WattStopper has developed core competencies with the technologies they employ, and adopted BACnet and the Niagara AX framework for delivering turn-key networked lighting control solutions. Learning to efficiently support device and point management prompted us to automate everything we could, and we're very excited to share this powerful capability with the Niagara community."


For more information on the Niagara AX Driver Module, visit   

Connect Globally

Click here for more information on BIG-EU Plugfest 2013

HTW University of Applied Sciences in Berlin is host of the European BACnet Plugfest 2013

The BACnet Interest Group Europe invites manufacturers of BACnet products to attend the 7th annual 2013 Interoperability Workshop in Berlin, Germany. This event permits vendors to test their BACnet products in a neutral and friendly environment with BACnet devices from other vendors.


Last year more than 45 BACnet engineers representing 23 companies from nine countries improved their BACnet implementations, interoperability and testing methods.

The event will begin on May 22, Wednesday to allow for arrival on Tuesday and setup Wednesday morning. The testing starts after lunch at 01:00 pm and continues through Friday, May 24 afternoon.


Following the Plugfest, the 2013 spring BIG-EU Meetings will be held in Berlin on Monday and Tuesday, May 27 and May 28, 2013. This provides our travelling members the opportunity to visit and experience Berlin over the weekend.  To register for BIG-EU Plugfest 2013, click here. The deadline to register is Friday, April 12, 2013


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