Upcoming HSCI Events
Harvard Medical School
Tuesday, Oct. 27
4:30 - 6:00 PM
Open to the HSCI research community - no registration required

The Skin Disease Program will formally kick-off with a day-long symposium designed to highlight skin stem cell research as it relates to regenerative medicine, cancer biology, cutaneous aging, and disease prevention. 
Harvard Medical School
Thursday, Nov. 12
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Upcoming Community Events
This retreat will bring together immunologists, cancer biologists, oncologists, computational biologists, and technologists from HMS and its hospitals, MIT, and the Broad Institute.
The event will provide a forum to present work related to tumor immunity in our research community, and identify opportunities for collaborative research initiatives. 
Harvard Medical School
Monday, Nov., 16 - 17
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

To learn about more lectures, retreats, symposia, etc. taking place in the HSCI community, please visit our event calendar here 
Job Opportunities
Postdoctoral and professional positions are available in the following HSCI and HSCI-affiliated labs:
Langenau Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital  
Karp Lab at Brigham and Women's Hospital
Merkle Lab at University of Cambridge, UK  
Rubin Lab at Harvard University 
Rubin Lab at Harvard University
Shah Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School 
Turka Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital
People News
If you would like to share your achievements, awards, or research with the HSCI community, please email hannah_robbins@harvard.edu
Making Mature Nephrons 
Joseph Bonventre, MD, PhD; Albert Lam, MD; and M. Todd Valerius, PhD make kidney structures from pluripotent stem cells. 
Using normal kidney development as a roadmap, HSCI Executive Committee member Joseph Bonventre and a team of researchers developed an efficient method to make human kidney precursor cells. The precursor cells self-assembled into organoids, which could be used to model kidney development and test for drug toxicity. Read the full story here.  
Research and Reviews
  • Rinn and Arlotta labs: Some long noncoding RNAs in the mouse brain affect the expression of several neighboring protein-coding genes. (PNAS paper)  
  • Wagers Lab: SmoM2 tumors represent an aberrant skeletal muscle state and myogenic tumors contain functionally distinct cell subsets. (Experimental Cell Research paper)
  • Zhou Lab: Hematopoietic cells stimulate proliferation, osteoblast differentiation, and inhibit senescence of mesenchymal stem cells. (Nature Scientific Reports paper)
Staff Spotlight
HSCI got to know HSCRB staff member Laverne Martinez.

This month, the Matrix interviewed Laverne Martinez, Fellowship Coordinator and Sponsored Research Associate at the Harvard Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology. She told us about what she loves most about her job, and about an important part of her life outside of work - the world of Carnival. Read more about Laverne here