Upcoming Events
Harvard Law School 
Tuesday, June 30
8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Tuesday, July 14
12:00-1:00 PM

Georgia Tech 
July 20-22
8:00 AM-5:00 PM

An opportunity for scientists, clinicians, educators and industry professionals to share new data, learn from peers, and discover global advances within the stem cell field. 
Stockholm, Sweden
June 24-27

Interdisciplinary discussions to promote cross-collaborations between experts in epigenetic topics and stem cells.
Sitges, Spain
Sept. 20-22
Funding Opportunities 
for Startups
Medisun Holdings, a Hong Kong based investment firm focused on the regenerative medicine field,  set up a $25M fund to invest in startups arising from HSCI labs.  
The Medisun Regenerative Medicine Fund will invest in new or recently formed companies founded by any HSCI faculty.  It is expected that individual investments will be on the order of $.5M - $1.5M and that 2-3 new investments per year will be made.  Investment decisions will be made by Medisun, who may seek co-investors.
For more information or to submit a business plan or presentation, email HSCI Executive Director, Brock Reeve.
People News
If you would like to share your achievements, awards, and research with the HSCI community, please email hannah_robbins@harvard.edu
Bioengineering transplantable limbs
Harald Ott, MD, engineers rat forelimbs with functioning vascular and muscle tissue.  

A team at MGH decellularized a donor rat limb and repopulated it with vascular cells and muscle progenitor cells. "We have shown that we can maintain the matrix of all these tissues in their natural relationship to each other, that we can culture the entire construct over prolonged periods of time, and that we can repopulate the vascular system and musculature," said Ott, senior researcher on the Biomaterials paper. Read the full story here.

Research updates
  • Arnaout Lab: Stem cell antigen-1 helps maintain renal epithelial cell homeostasis and promotes recovery of renal function following ischemic acute kidney injury. (PLOS ONE paper)
  • Scadden and Weissleder Labs: Rare subset of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells control white blood cell production after a myocardial infarction. (Cell Stem Cell paper) 
  • Tseng Lab: Novel sets of gene signatures in preadipocytes make it possible to predict thermogenic potential of matured cells. (Nature Medicine paper)
Stem Cell Scientist Spotlight
Matrix learned more about postdoc, Alex Poulopoulos.  

Alex Poulopoulos sat down to tell us about his work, some excellent reading he's done recently, and to weigh in on where he would fit in the world of Game of Thrones. Read about Alex and his work in Jeff Macklis's lab at Harvard University here.