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New quantity discounts and reduced rates for internal customers (Harvard and HSCI faculty) at the iPS Core!

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The HSCI Internship Program completed its 10th year this month. Thank you to all of the participating faculty members and mentors, and the application review committee.

Visit the Meet the Interns page to learn more about this year's group. Applications for 2015 become available in November.
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Introducing CellNet
Children's and Wyss collaborators generate computer algorithm that provides 'quality assurance' for lab-created cells.

A team led by George Daley, MD, PhD, and James Collins, PhD, created a computer algorithm called CellNet as a "roadmap" for cell and tissue engineering to ensure that cells engineered in the lab have the same favorable properties as cells in our own bodies. CellNet and its application to stem cell engineering are described in two back-to-back papers (Paper 1 and Paper 2) in the journal Cell. Read the rest of the story.
What drives rhabdomyosarcoma?
Yap triggers majority of tumors finds HSCRB, Children's, and University of Aberdeen researchers.

A team led by Fernando Camargo, PhD, and postdoctoral fellow Annie Tremblay, PhD, found that the Yap protein drives the growth of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. They are now searching for a small molecule or other biological agent that could inhibit Yap activity in human ERMS tumors. Their work was published in Cancer Cell. Read the full story.
Review: Stem cell aging
Amy Wagers, PhD, Juhyun Oh, and Yang Lee, MD, PhD, cover mechanisms, regulators, and therapeutic opportunities.
Stem Cell Aging

This review focuses on recent discoveries that highlight the dynamic interplay between signals that have been reported to drive the loss of stem cell functionality during aging. Download the paper from Nature Medicine.
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