July 2014 Harvard Stem Cell Matrix
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HSCI Internship Program Symposium
August 15

RB2014: Rejuvenation Biotechnology
Santa Clara, California
August 21-23
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8th Neurodegenerative Conditions Research & Development Conference
San Francisco, California
September 18-19
Amar Sahay, PhD, received $2.75 million NIMH grant to study neurogenesis and fear.

Len Zon, MD, spoke on "The Hope and Promise of Stem Cells" for TEDXLongwood.
New Members
HSCI welcomes Principal Faculty member Daniel Bauer, MD, PhD, a pediatric blood disorder specialist at Children's/Dana-Farber; and Affiliated Faculty members Michael Greenberg, PhD, of the HMS Department of Neurobiology, and Mario Suva, MD, PHD, of MGH.
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Postdoctoral Fellow
Bauer Lab - Children's/HMS

ISSCR Scientific Affairs Manager
Skokie, Illinois
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Viewing how neurons work (featuring Adam Cohen, PhD)

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Enhancing corneal regrowth
Natasha Frank, MD, Markus Frank, MD, and collaborators purify best stem cell type to regenerate damaged corneas.
Limbal cells

A team of MEEI, Children's, BWH, and VA Healthcare Systems investigators used purified human limbal stem cells to improve long-term vision in mice with corneal blindness. The team is now pursuing FDA-approval for the technique before moving on to clinical trials. The results were published in Nature. Read the rest of the story.
Mesenchymal 'buddy system'
Juan Melero-Martin, PhD, and team find improved mesenchymal survival when co-transplanted with ECFCs.
Mesenchymal stem cell transplant

Boston Children's Hospital scientists are exploring why the regenerative capabilities of mesenchymal stem cells have not translated in clinical trials. One problem is that the cells don't stick around long enough to help patients. Co-transplanting ECFCs that mesenchymal stem cells naturally hang out with in the body seems to help. Their work was published in PNAS. Read the full story.
Visual: Hematopoeitic Niche
David Scadden, MD, and postdocs generate visual of ongoing work in the hematopoietic stem cell niche
Hematopoeitic Niche Diagram

The Cell "SnapShot' focuses on three components of the bone marrow: the vasculature, the endosteal zone, and the progeny of HSCs. Go to Cell's website to access the PDF.
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