December 2013 HSCI Community Newsletter
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Boston Single-Cell Network Meeting
Jan. 14, 4:30PM-6:00PM

Blood Group Meeting
Jan. 27, 3:30PM-5:00PM
HSCI Internship Program for undergraduates application available through Feb. 5
Research Technician. Two year commitment strongly preferred.
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Texas Biomedical Research Institute
Media Mentions
HSCI Executive Director Brock Reeve, MPhil, MBA, comments on CIRM's strategy to quickly push forward on clinical trials.

John Rinn, PhD, finds evidence that so-called "junk" DNA are actually proper genes after all.
Recent HSCI Papers
A special population of regulatory T cells potentiates muscle repair

Trends in Cell Biology
Of fish and men: using zebrafish to fight human diseases
Video: HSCI Internship Program
Willy Lensch, PhD, explains what makes HIP unique.

2013 interns from four HSCI laboratories talk about what they learned doing hands-on stem cell research. Applications to be part of the 2014 internship program--as a student or mentor--are now being accepted. For more information, please visit our website or contact

New Means of Growing Intestinal Stem Cells
Jeff Karp, PhD, and Robert Langer, PhD, open new door to investigating and treating intestinal diseases.


Harvard Stem Cell researchers and collaborators have shown that they can grow unlimited quantities of intestinal stem cells, then stimulate them to develop into nearly pure populations of different types of mature intestinal cells. Using these cells, scientists could develop and test new drugs to treat diseases such as ulcerative colitis. Continue reading


 Read the paper in Nature Methods.
The Embryonic Origin of the Heart's Great Vessels
Caroline Burns, PhD, and Geoffrey Burns, PhD, find evidence that the pharyngeal arch arteries originate in the zebrafish heart field.


Harvard stem cell scientists have discovered that the clump of cells that gives rise to the embryonic heart also contains cells that form the heart's plumbing, such as the aorta and the other great vessels. Continue reading


Read the paper in Nature Cell Biology.
Member News
  • HSCI welcomes Jessica Whited, PhD, from Brigham and Women's Hospital Regenerative Medicine Center as a Principal Faculty member.