November 2013 HSCI Community Newsletter
The Harvard Stem Cell Matrix
Upcoming Events
Harvard Center for Biological Imaging Open House  (PDF)
Nov. 22, 10:00AM-6:00PM

LMA CyTOF Users Group Meeting
Dec. 3, 10:00AM-11:00AM

Boston Single-Cell Network Meeting
Dec. 3, 4:30PM-6:00PM

 Kidney Program Inter-lab Meeting
Dec. 5, 4:30PM-6:00PM
Boston Children's Hospital

Research Technician II
Langenau Lab - MGH/HSCI

 Research Fellowship in Pediatric Cancer
Langenau Lab - MGH/HSCI

Division Manager
Stem Cell Program - Children's
Media Mentions
Animation depicts Daley Lab finding that reactivating a dormant gene enhances mice's healing abilities.

Bioscience Technology
Profile of heterochronic parabiosis  work done by Amy Wagers, PhD.
Recent HSCI Papers
Nature Neuroscience
The mouse C9ORF72 ortholog is enriched in neurons known to degenerate in ALS and FTD

What are mini-brains?
Human Muscle Stem Cell Therapy Gets Help from Zebrafish
Len Zon, MD, Amy Wagers, PhD, and Ronald Kahn, MD, collaborate to find chemicals that spur muscle development across species.


Harvard Stem Cell Scientists have discovered that the same chemicals that stimulate muscle development in zebrafish can also be used to differentiate human stem cells into muscle cells in the laboratory, an historically challenging task that, now overcome, makes muscle cell therapy a more realistic clinical possibility. Continue reading


 Read the paper in Cell.
New Model for Kidney Repair, May Not Require Stem Cells
Ben Humphreys, MD, PhD, finds evidence of dedifferentiation.


HSCI researchers have a new model for how the kidney repairs itself, a model that adds to a growing body of evidence that mature cells are far more plastic than had previously been imagined. Continue reading


Read the paper in PNAS and a review of kidney injury and stem cells in Curr Opin Nephrol Hypertens.
Focus on Rhabdomyosarcoma
Three scientists discuss how they study cancer in muscle stem cells.

In this feature, one senior investigator (Len Zon, MD), one junior investigator (Dave Langenau, PhD), and one postdoctoral researcher (Simone Hettmer, MD)--all members of the HSCI--share recent findings that could lead to safer treatments for young cancer patients. Learn more.

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