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Diabetes Think Tank Seminar
Oct. 16, 12:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Jimmy Fund Auditorium
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Media Mentions
The HSCI community comments on the use pf human stem cells to create functional "liver buds" when transplanted into mice. Leonard Zon, MD, in the New York Times, Chad Cowan, PhD, on WBUR, and George Daley, MD, PhD, on WAMC.

The Associated Press quotes Harald Ott, MD, in a feature on growing organs in the laboratory.

The Boston Globe interviews Marc Kirschner, PhD, about his Science editorial questioning the NIH's strategy of assigning funding to research with the most overall impact and significance.

In the inaugural issue of Stem Cell Reports, M. William Lensch, PhD, co-writes a review of stem cell research history leading up to the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, citing important HSCI achievements to the field.

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You have just opened the inaugural issue of the HSCI Stem Cell Matrix, a new monthly email publication designed to keep you better informed about the variety of HSCI community news. We hope you find it informative and helpful. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any comments or suggestions.

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Undruggable? Identifying New Therapeutic Targets for Cancer
Daniel Tenen, MD, and Li Chai, MD find promise in SALL4 gene

HSCI researchers have identified in the most aggressive forms of cancer a gene known to regulate embryonic stem cell self-renewal, beginning a creative search for a drug that can block its activity.


"In work published in the New England Journal of Medicine, two HSCI-affiliated labs - one in Singapore and the other in Boston - show that knocking out the SALL4 gene in mouse liver tumors, or interfering with the activity of its protein product with a small inhibitor, treats the cancer. Continue Reading
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