Monday, April 6th 2015
#107: Happy Happy! 
Quote of the Week

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.

-Hal Borland

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Happy Easter everyone!!! I'm in love, in love, in love... And in that spirit of celebration, Part Four of Welcome to WCS! is in the wings for release next week.

Bear with me,

Happy Happy
"No winter lasts forever..."

This journey has been a long hard road. When I got the call that Facebook was finally taking action and making it a safe place for law-abiding WCS dancers to congregate and socialize again, I couldn't help thinking...


But why did it take so long??? It's been four long years!!!


Of course there was relief, and a number of you figured out what happened fast and have been leaping and dancing all over the social networks with freedom again - almost instantaneously. That made me the happiest by far.


But I just couldn't help but survey the wreckage. The wide long landscape of smoking ruins and ash where this war took place.


And if you were a soldier who was wounded in battle, let me just say, I am so so sorry. Dance is joy and celebration. It is no place for decay, corruption and death.


But as the week unfolded - as we finally won - I couldn't help but notice that Easter was upon us. Did you know that my very first workshop on "the two dances" occurred on an Easter weekend? Four years ago on Saturday.


I remember thinking about how fitting that was: that I was revealing Abstract Improvisation for the first time - saying "you're NOT crazy - there are TWO different dances being done out there!!!" - on a weekend that celebrates freedom and new life.


WCS was dead on Friday, surrounded on Saturday, and brought back to life on Sunday. Just like that. Easter weekend indeed! I will never EVER forget what it was like watching those dancers who attended that workshop dance afterwards. Never. It was incredible.


The entire ballroom really, whether they'd attended the workshop or not, was buzzing and crackling with electricity. Swing was back. And I knew it would never die again.


I hadn't even conceived of writing an article about it yet. I didn't think I could do it in words. But the "Pure WCS" movement and my "two dances" concepts flew around the globe so quickly from that one workshop room that I felt forced into writing it... and so The Time Has Come arrived a month later. Yikes.


The thing is, I thought the Council would read it. I thought the legends would fight for it. I didn't know that they'd started and/or supported the cult. And it took much too long for me to find out. It was the same for most of you, too. But we still held hands together and brought it back - but not without a price.


So West Coast Swing has experienced a Winter. A Winter like no other. But, as today's quote says, no winter lasts forever...


No spring skips its turn.


It's our turn now. Spring has arrived again.


Bask in the light. Glow in your dancing. Write again with freedom and find each other in that light. Let the cult stick to the dark; don't follow where they may flee.


Our social networks are clean again.

Spring has sprung again.

We have our Easter back again.


Happy Easter everyone!

I love you oh! so much.