#100: Real SwingMonday,  August 18th 2014
Quote of the Week
I need you by me
Beside me, to guide me
To hold me, to scold me
'Cause when I'm bad
I'm so, so bad.

-Last Dance, 
Donna Summer
The Books Are Best!



Dear Reader,  

I can't believe it's the end of summer, can you??? Well, our new neighbors sure do know how to celebrate - campfires and fireworks and lots of large family get-togethers. We all feel the love, so to speak, that's going around - a contented community after a long fit summer of dazzling sunlight.

I hope yours was filled with that love too. In the meantime, let's dance, shall we? I have something you've been asking for for a while.

At Last!
"Bad Things" Routine:The Most Requested (and controversial)WCS Routine Evah!

I'm holding off my new 4-Part series until I'm back from a nice long and well deserved two week cruise. I learn so much from so many people when we go, that the sites and monuments we see feel like mere icing on the best cake ever.


But cruises are not lounging and luxurious like they all say they are. Nope - they are jam-packed mega-tours of some of the best this earth has to offer... and somehow they fit in twenty of those things in five days. So, as you cruise lovers now, we are resting for our cruise. Yes, I said resting. For a cruise. Try one, my curious friends, and you shall understand.


That's not to say I'm not releasing any new videos. I AM!


Josh Clark WCS Routine
Josh & Katherine - Grand Nationals
Bad Things/Last Dance



Today I'm releasing the most requested video in the history of my writing: my fourth routine with my partner, Josh Clark!


We only performed it twice, once at Grand Nationals and once at the CA Swing Dance Hall of Fame Gala, where it was received with such honor and praise that we stayed up until well into the next morning celebrating and enjoying one another. It was such a wonderful way to wrap up a phenomenal partnership.


Today I only have the Grand Nationals performance, even though the Hall of Fame Gala was 700% better, for many reasons. But we are all our own worst critics. And in the end, Charlie & Jackie gave us a standing ovation... what in the world else could we have ever asked for???


So I hope you enjoy.... 


OH WAIT! That's right! 

There is HUGE controversy around this routine!!! 


That's right - it was in the famous Weekly Note #30: Independence Day, when I told you about my conversation with Gary Jobst regarding the swing content in my routine. That's right - this is the routine where Josh and I did straight up swing and Gary said we were doing Hustle.


Well, my friends. Now you can see for yourselves. Push Breaks and Over-rotating whips, as well as patterns straight out of WCS routines back in the 80's... were labeled as Hustle. All because, well, we were dancing to a Hustle song.




So have fun you guys. Enjoy the end of summer, and enjoy this last routine in which we tried to give you guys some good home-cooked West Coast Swing... right from our hearts, to yours.

Click Here to Watch Our New Routine!
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Dear Mr. Cosby, might seem a little out of left field to you, but it doesn't to me. I have spent the last year watching The Cosby Show from the start again...


And found it's even more relevant today than it was then. Nick and I learned so much, grew so much and laughed so, SO much harder than we have in a long, long time, that I found myself, for the first time ever, writing Bill Cosby letters after each episode.


Some episodes were really powerful. The cast and crew clearly new they were breaking new ground with the show, so they took full advantage of it and gave us some of the best music, the best dancing and the most amazing legends you could think of... so often I was struck with their talents, their knowledge and their ability to love.


I also discovered that WCS music and The Cosby Show music overlaps... that before I was exposed to WCS, I was exposed to the best of its music. Many of my childhood memories of The Cosby Show centered around the music they played and performed to - and I was even more startled to watch opening credit after opening credit choreographed to the music only the best Salsa dancers dance too.


Oh yes, The Cosby Show can and will feed you today. Before there was Modern Family, there was The Cosby Show, and one would not have happened before the other. And, dare I say, The Cosby Show still wins the race.


Like Shakespeare, good is freakin' good. And my book explores that, why and more... please enjoy my newest foray into the themes of today and the culture of yesterday and tomorrow in my newest and acclaimed book...


Dear Mr. Cosby,


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Written With Love,
Katherine Elizabeth Eastvold

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