#85: By RequestFebruary 26th 2014
Quote of the Week
"Here's what everybody has decided to do and you need to do it now too:

1.Ban her from ALL events
2. Leave negative feedback for all her books on Amazon.com
3.Ban her from Facebook"

-Sarah Vann Drake
(through a Semi-All-Star Dancer who is based in
Jacksonville, FL who also brags of torturing & murdering small animals)
Want to Ruin My Amazon.com Rating Too?

Go ahead. It's your community, right?  Join in on the party. 

I HAD a five star rating for all of my books, until Victor Loveira, Jessica Cox, Stephen White and 100+ other community members publicly asked for my complete ruin... Tyoni Martin, Yvonne Antonacci and Skippy Blair alike. 

Have at it.

Make them all happy. You'll be SO glad you did. They ARE your people after all... I've had them all blocked for three years, but none of you do!

Dear Reader,  

Why are you even on this list anymore? I have no clue. Because you don't deserve me and I don't deserve you.

Suck it.
Rear View Mirror
Think on Your Sins

I never intended to release any names ever, especially when I recorded The Monopoly in the first place. It's the reason I was so completely candid with you throughout it. 


When I finally figured out that YOU, my readers who are in dance for a living outside of conventions, ASKED me to name names in order to create a safe environment for both yourselves and your students, I started giving the idea of revealing names some thought.


I'll never forget sitting next to Nick in the car and asking ourselves what my reasons were for actually refusing to share names all these years. And here's what my brain replied back:


1. Reporters use names.

2. Politicians use names.

3. Ballrooms use names.

4. School districts use names.

5. Who DOESN'T use names???


Last week after I did what YOU, YOU AND YOU!!! asked me to do, I took the hit. I was slandered, trashed, debauched and incinerated by every event director, head judge, NASDE board person, "teacher" and club president.


For what?


"How DARE YOU say NAMES!!!!!!" followed with paragraph upon paragraph of filth, which NOT ONE OF YOU reported. I found it a week later, reported it, and bam! hey! removed! for being inappropriate and offensive language... by FACEBOOK.


Which means you guys love and are addicted to that which FB itself find reprehensible.


And before you do what you ALWAYS do and email me with requests to direct links to the filth, I say, politely, "F U."


Whenever somebody starts a statement with "How dare you!?!?..." and doesn't finish it with something criminal or morally reprehensible, you're probably in a cult.


When I released The Church of Jordan and Tatiana, a reader wrote back the following response:



...it's more like a cult. 


A bona fide church stands on it's own, and members can come and go without being ostracized.


A cult is much harder to leave, follows a person more than a set of beliefs, and the members will officially or unofficially disassociate from the leaving member and make irrational excuses for why they left so they can stay in the irrational/emotional confines of the cult.


And your Weekly Notes on who knows, who doesn't, and who lies to protect the cult (usually because they benefit somehow - power, money, notariety) all apply to the cult, too.
So it looks like Yvonne Antonacci, Joanie Fuller, Miki Holliver, Don Welch, Jessica Cox, Victor Loveira, Serina Garrett, Tyoni Martin, Mimi Johnson, Gregory Brian Britanigan, Erica Lyons, Daniel Olivares, Debbie Lynn Tuttle, Gerry Zonca, Paul Field, Ian Lee, Bruce McGlynn, Irina Palaszeski and hundreds of others that you know, love and cherish, (sorry, "follow" - you HAVE heard of The Followers, right?)... 
...well, be sure to put them first in the next contest they enter, or buy tickets to their events, or send money and students to their organizations... or should I say, THE organization.
Oh, and speaking of the $$MONEY$$ machines that cults tend to be based around, well... let's get down to it - a whole half million of it...
The Council
The VERY Creative & Aggressive Council

Ya know, I'll never forget a few months back when a "loyal" reader wrote in, "You know, this would all mean much more if Annie or Skippy said it."


And you know what I said, with no small amount of exasperation?

I've learned A LOT since I was first banned from Ronnie DeBenedetta's event City of Angels, and the World Swing Dance Council DID NOT revoke his membership as their bylaws and membership application clearly states. Heck, they didn't even sanction him!!!! 

And so others followed suit. The Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club banned their ex-president from their event a few months later. People were shocked. Upset. Abuzz. But once again, the WSDC did absolutely nothing.

And then I was banned from every event I have ever worked and a whole slew of others. SILENCE. CRICKETS. 

Then readers across the nation were banned from events, clubs, social organizations and dances... just for saying that they agree with me!!! And this Council? Who supposedly support all levels of this dance we all call swing? SILENCE. CRICKETS.


And THEN I was threatened in my own home. 

Benji Schwimmer, Jessica Cox and Parker Dearborn all thought it would be fun to hunt down every previous address of mine they could find until they got their hands on me and harmed me and my family.

And ya know what Annie AND Skippy said? 

You deserve it."


Oh no.

I have been in theie homes. They were close to me. They said they loved me. They said.... oh no...

They are NOT family. 
They are NOT inactive or passive. 

They are very, very VERY aggressive. Oh, wow the landscape that opened up soon after those attacks.

I ended up learning about how Annie single handedly threw out every good dancer that was a threat to Kyle Redd or Jordan Frisbee. She told judges their competitors were "harmful" to the sport and simply "copying" their "new styles."

Huh. So we lost James Adair. We lost the Auclair's. We lost EVERYONE that EVER entered the US Open before 1997!!!

No more Christopher Joe & Lisa. No more Atlas Griffith. No more Katie Berardino!!! No more Barry Durand. No more, no more, no more, no more... She kicked every single one of them out.

So... her favorites got in, JUST like she asked the judges to do. It finally answered my questions and confusions about why Annie was furious and complaining to every single member of the entire competitive community, event directors, judges and all, that Mario came out of retirement to compete again just a few years after Jordan moved into adults.

Why the hell did she care who was competing? She kept saying it was Jordan's time now. What? Why? She probably played an intimate roll knocking Mary Ann out for a a year. Sigh. How little I knew then. I know SO much better now.

(don't worry, I'm getting to the $$$$$$ in just a second)



Annie and Skippy are not kind old women with no power who just sit idly by and watch. NO. They are active, active and VERY active agressors who let the girls build a wall against any uprising new talent. They supported The Ten and made sure they and only they kept on winning.  

Annie made sure Arjay hit the top, just like his parents asked her too, never mind the masses of people who's arms he broke on the way up. She forced events to kick out Mario from his rightful seat as a judge because Sarah and Jordan asked her to... 

These women are powerful and pull all, all, ALL the strings. Don't you get it yet? Aren't you watching?

I'll never forget what I watched unfold at SwingDiego 2011. The World Swing Dance Council had an "open meeting" on the schedule, as they do at various events. It was scheduled for 7pm. 

Now, Nick and I both know that these meetings at all of these events are supposed to be run by Annie and we also know that they never, never EVER end up happening. 

That's because Annie switches the time. She moves it back, then back some more, then poof - it never even materializes. We weren't exactly clear as to why they never happened, but we learned why that year.

As I walked past the room where the meeting was to be held, I saw a range of open white seating... with Brennar Goree sitting right on the end. He was waiting, pensive, backpack over his shoulder. I could tell he had questions. Torri and he had just won the US Open and here he was, desiring to be involved.

As I walked past him and the other empty seats, watching him watch Jack at the front talking with frustration to a group of girls, I thought, "doesn't he know they'll never hold the meeting? And just how rude is it that they aren't even telling Brennar! the new Open champion!"

I walked into the lobby and started up the stairs to teach some private lessons up in the lesson rooms. And guess what I heard?

Earl Pingle. Drunk. High. Sloppy, teetering, slurring loud words at, yup, you guessed it, Annie Hirsch. I stopped and listened. Hells yes I did. I pay attention people. 

I watched a nice long session of Annie, frustratedly arguing with Earl, asking when, exactly WHEN, was he going to be able to make the meeting? She wanted him at it and needed him at it and kept throwing out times at him to see if they were any good.

And Earl just swayed back and forth, as he always does at SwingDiego, but this time in utter amusement at Annie. And you know what he was saying, loudly and with slurs? "No way - I'll be too drunk by then... No... No!... No, it's not gonna work... Annie, I'd love to help but it's time to party... yes, yes, I understand, but no, I'm not going. Not going. Ha ha ha, he he he..."

The whole lobby could hear him, but it was a busy Saturday night. And it was 7:30pm. And Annie was begging a drunk man to please, please, please! make time for the meeting and what does he need to make it? when? When? when?

All the while Brennar Goree was sitting in that empty room. The meeting never happened. And a US Open Champion was ditched for a coked up slurring Earl Pingle who was laughing and spitting down at Annie, loving every single minute of the power.

These ladies are not passive. They are ACTIVE. There is what Annie and Skippy say... and there is what they do.

You know what they do best??? Collect money. $$$$$$$$ Lots and lots and lots of money. I'll bet you 1.2 BILLION dollars that they don't reprimand, remove or scold any of their events or members just because they'll miss out on a single dime.
When the WSDC website went up, there were only 12 or so events worldwide. It really meant only one event per side of the US per quarter. The list of their members and sponsors took up only one single column in a newsletter. Period.


Each one of those events has to pay $200 every year (used to be more) in dues. Then they are REQUIRED, it is not an option, to be THREE FULL DAYS OF COMPETITION.

If the event is less than three days? Can't be on their calendar. Nope. 

If the event doesn't have competitions? Can't be on their calendar. Nope.

If the event only holds three Jack and Jills (Nov/Int/Adv) they DO NOT receive points.

ALL events, in order to be listed anywhere on their site, have to have three days of competitions and AT LEAST four levels of Jack and Jills... NO combining of anything.

Wow. And then ON TOP of all that, all four levels of J&J competitors have to pay them a dollar per J&J entry....

Huh. So if you don't give them the MAXIMUM amount of J&J competitors possible, then the world will NEVER see your event on their website.

The WSDC is a money making competition focused machine. They have four membership levels - four! And if you are associated with any type of event in any way - then you have to pay up $200 too!

Now, let me see.... I'm not a math person but $200 x 100+ events, plus three days worth of J&J competitions... hmmm... plus $150 from every teacher in the world... plus all the OTHER levels... plus all the sponsors too! Don't forget how much the sponsors give!

Every single weekend the WSDC rakes in (oh right! they have materials fees too!!! yay!) more than... holy crap.

And THEN add all their other fees and membership levels?

Guess what. It totals more than $400,000 a year.


For. What?

NO meetings held at events.
NO equal representation.
NO enforcement of a single rule.
Not only that, but they don't even keep their website current for their membership... only for events. 

Hell. I can't believe anyone thinks that they are weak or passive. Half a million? Passive my ass. They know EXACTLY what they are doing.

And their cheap ass's won't even suspend one single person or event for breaking any of their membership rules.

Damn. They are geniuses people. Annie, Skippy, Tigges and all... work hella hard at... nothing. Entering points. Big deal. Because they also work hella hard at making sure Brennar, you and all of us don't ever, ever! make it to the top, while tapping our pockets until they run out.

Genius. And you think they are nice little old women on the side. Wake up.


If it's Annie and Skippy you want? And Cher Peadon's "boys" Earl Pingle and Parker Dearborn you love? And all the hate speech they and their "beloved" kids produce for, what... three full years now.... if you still think they are "sweet?" Well.

You can all have them. (Or should I say, they can all have you.)

This is the world they not only love and want... it's the world they created. They hand crafted it, stitch, by stitch by stitch. Hell. They even knew about the drugs ten years ago. Told me verbally to my face for YEARS. Money talks and money walks... don't rock the boat. We're earning 1/2 a million bucks off of you.

Twenty ways from Sunday - you're in a damn cult.

The Cult of the Council. Brought to you by Skippy Blair. And Annie Hirsch. Violence, dough, secrecy, banishment and all. Wrap them all around your shoulders as you tuck in for the night.

Congratulations. You are in.

Saturday, February 26th 2011

The Future: Here and Now

Saturday, February 26th 2011.

The date may not mean anything to you, but it means everything to me. It's the date of my very first swing intensive on something "more" than just swing. I didn't teach movement. I didn't teach basics.

I taught history. I taught essentials. I broke away from the herd and I... taught real West Coast Swing. 

It was treason. I knew it. But the right people had said yes, and the wrong people had said no and before I knew it, I woke up on Christmas Day and saw the earth of our tiny world of swing break away and expand before and below me. I saw its future unfurling beneath me, stretching out its acts in stark resolution against its blackened flag.

I saw today. And I saw tomorrow. And before all of those, I saw Saturday, February 26th 2011. And the things I would first lay bare there.


I remember that day clearly.

I remember the room, the flyer, the white board, the smell of the brand new black dry erase markers that clicked open and closed like a pen, but wide and gaping instead...

I remember each face, each name and each moment each wonderful arrived. I remember every reaction to every statement in every brow, cheek and chin, and I remember every shift of movement in the room.

It was quiet at first, then grew quieter still as we waited. Waited to see if others would come, but no.

It was a small group. Smaller than small. The smallest workshop I have ever held in my life because I never placed the workshop or its title, contents or purpose in any email to any of my students, ever. Not even on Christmas.

I knew better. I knew how high up I was on the mountain. I knew how hard the fall would be from that place - and how high the hands would reach to catch and scratch at me if I called out, loud and quite clear.

Instead, on that day, I would take a tightly packed snowball, full of my secrets, sources and discoveries about swing and its community, and its harmony and its shame... and gently set it down before my feet.

And I knew that on that day, without any particular announcement or decree... I would nudge it. Off the mountain. Quietly and without force. But I did send it on its way, softly, purposefully and evenly.

And, as with all revolutions, the deed was done. It rolled softly, calmly and then suddenly with speed. It would grow and it did strengthen, up until the mountain swallowed it from my view. But I would look out far past the horizon, wondering what it would be when we arrived here.

Yet here we are. That day has finally come. It has been three years. Saturday, February 26th 2011. My tightly packed secrets gathered the world around it, with it they flew... until today - 

Today it, in its largess, and its rambling chaotic speed, cracked up against another mountain. My next mountain. And the sphere shattered at its feet - showering blood and snow and ice and snowflakes even, beautiful crystal snowflakes... everywhere. 

And as I look down and see what was, what's been and what's transpired, I turn a wounded and weary shoulder to it, and leave it... behind.

Katherine Eastvold

Katherine Krok Eastvold | PO Box 61555 | Santa Barbara | CA | 93160