Weekly Note #63
May 6th 2013
This Week's Note
Quote of the Week

Oh! go down Moses,

Away down to Egypt's land,

And tell King Pharoah,

To let my people go.

-Songs of the 
Underground Railroad

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Dear Reader,  


I can't believe it's finally here. I can't believe it's finally HERE!!!
And it's so much more than I could have ever hoped for. I'm serious. I am in total awe. Read on... I can barely stand it! 
xoxo, -Katherine


Weekly Notes on Kindle
Going Digital
I have written to you, from the very beginning, in digital format. Oh yes, I definitely had physical copies of my articles at events, but my primary mode was digital. I liked the format. I still do!  It provides me with so much more flexibility.

Don't know what video I'm referring to? Click the link.  Don't know what Note I'm referring to? Click the link. Don't know what a term means? Click the link.  

Need to start reading where you left off? Oops. Okay, so that doesn't work so well online.  Want to read your Notes or Articles back to back?  Doesn't work so well either. And newcomers? You're just thrown in half-way through - not knowing which way is up or which way is down. Which is why I LOVED it when Telling the Truth came out on E-book. 

But let's be honest, okay? We were all holding out for the Notes. I mean, it's the Weekly Notes that were written in email format, not the Articles. The Weekly Notes were the ones that truly relied upon links, whether they be links to a video, .pdf, previous Note or future one. 
And the length!!! Oh my goodness, the length of some of those Notes! It was quite a trick trying to read a single one all the way through without losing your way in it... just by getting up for a cup of tea!

And how about when you just KNEW I had said something, but couldn't remember where the heck I said it? (I gotta admit, I had the same problem!) There were just so many topics, nuances and aspects covered... how could anyone expect to find a single thought or paragraph by a Note's title alone? 
It did take a year to write them all. A full YEAR! That's a lot to organize, stack and sift through, no matter what kind of inbox you've got!

So yes. I think we can all agree... it's the Notes on E-book we've been waiting for. And it's here. It's HERE!
Weekly Notes on Kindle
A full year of Weekly Notes
in Digital Format (only $8.99!)
"But," you might ask, "is it any good? Will it really replace my emails? Will it really be the same?"

Oh honey. I thought the same thing too. Until I got my first copy on my Kindle. And I just can't stop exploring it. The new Table of Contents is so easy to read and navigate... not to mention its HUGE!

It's been expanded with titles, headings and subheadings even! to help you navigate quickly, easily- with a clear understanding of where you were in the Notes, where you're going, and how it all fits together.

The links? All there, working perfectly, with new links added to all the references to other Notes. If I mention Note #9 in Note #22, you can just click on the reference if you want to, and boom. You're there... #9 in all its glory. Just hit the back button when you want to return to where you were before! It's awesome.

And, perhaps best of all... Weekly Note #30: Independence Day has been REVAMPED. When I was first asked to revamp it, I wasn't sure if I should. I don't like touching Notes once they're written. But they were right. Very right! I'm so happy with it that I just want to release it all over again!

Oh wait. I'm wrong. That's not best of all. The BEST part is that the whole dang thing is only $8.99! I did some research this weekend. Did you know? This E-book is the SAME size as my husband's Electrical Engineering textbooks??? His $139 and $119 and $215 textbooks?

He has a bunch on Kindle, and bam! these Weekly Notes were, page or page, text for text, the same size!

What the heck!? I wrote a textbook for WCS? Well. I guess I did have a year. :)

Have fun everybody. It's time to get busy! And be "in the know," better and faster than ever before.

xoxo, Katherine

Grab the full Weekly Notes Collection today! 
Weekly Notes on Kindle

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