Weekly Note #54
My "Tell All" Moment
December 3rd 2012
This Week's Note
Quote of the Week
You and I are told increasingly that we have to choose between a left or right, but I would like to suggest that there is no such thing as a left or right. There is only an up or a down...
-Ronald Reagan

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Dear Reader,  


I have an exciting proposition for you today! I'm adding a new section to my final book for WCS and I need YOU to help me write it! How's that for interaction? I'm so excited!


But before you "fire away," as I put it, feel free to check out my updated website, wcskat.com. It has some much needed additions and updates, and there will be more coming as the WCS Revolution Series progresses. Fantastic times!


And thank you, to those of you who emailed or checked in over the last week. I really appreciate the feedback... going out on a limb isn't as scary as it once was, but it sure is good to know I'm not out there alone! 


xoxo, Katherine

Your Turn: Fire Away
Your Time to Shine
Over the weekend I started finalizing the outline for my third book in the WCS Revolution Series. And then this morning I woke up with an AWESOME idea, and I knew it would be the crown jewel of the entire book.

A Q&A section: your unanswered questions and my complete "tell all" answers. It will be your time to shine and my time to "tell all."

I can't wait. 

The one thing that always happened at every one of my SwingIN!s, no matter where or when it was held, was an amazing Q & A Session. As these incredibly smart and observant dancers asked their questions, I'd realize that I hadn't quite covered that yet, and immediately fill in the blanks.

I've written quite a bit since my last SwingIN!, and I've learned a ton more since then too, so you probably have even more unanswered questions, just like I have a ton more answers.

Help Me Make History
Book Q&A Perks and Guidelines

#1. Send in your questions in any form or shape. 

I do not care if you speak English or not- I do not care about perfectly phrased questions or grammatically correct sentences. Please. Have you read my stuff??? Yeah. I just want your questions. I'll put a shine on them for the book form :)

And you can send in more than one! Send as many as you like! Just try to send them this week, if you can. (Europe? Overseas? I'm expecting big things from you! You have a history of asking some of the best questions I've ever gotten, so this IS NOT the time to be shy!!! Ask me, ask me, ask me!)


I bet you've heard this before, and then got a look of incredulity when you asked it. That's not my style. And quite frankly, in my experience, I've received 100% legit questions every time by my readers, whether it be at lunch, at a convention or over the phone. 

Fact is, if you have a question, there is someone out there asking the same thing, and I can't read your minds. So don't worry about a thing... just send 'em in.

#3. What's in a name?

In this case, that's up to you. You want me to use your name in the book? I will. You don't? I won't. Easy as that. I might mention your state or country, but I will ask your permission first.

#4. Free Book Giveaway!

If you're question is chosen for the book, you get a free one when it comes out. No matter where you live! Can't beat that, can you?

#5. Topics

You can ask about anything, whether I've touched on it or not. It's your chance to pick my brain. And guess what? I bet I'll have a five page answer for you... in fact, I can probably guarantee it. 

So whatever you feel I've missed or skipped over, whatever burning question you've been dying to ask me when you see me next... ask it!

I'll be waiting!
Let's make history together!

How to submit your questions: 
Send in your questions to me at 

Rearview Mirror
Last Week's Note:
Let the Controversy Begin
First, before anything else, I'd like to clarify that, though it put a million puzzle pieces into place when I first heard it... it was not me, alas, that came up with the term "The Church of Jordan and Tatiana." I was on my way to the Open in 2011 when they used it, and it hasn't left my head since, and I've mentioned it to maybe three people since then, but again... never claimed the credit for it. I wish I could say I was that brilliant, and sometimes, perhaps I might get close, but no- this was not my own brilliance.

But once I wrote about it for you last week... boy, did the wheels start churning in my head. Even more facts and memories fell into place... made more sense. Like who founded this "Church of the JT," why and how it still exists and even how each of these people are all connected, making sure they are unquestioned everywhere, not just the Open. 

I'm constantly shocked at just how much people have forgotten, and how many people that know have either shoved it down inside or left altogether. 

But I do know one thing. The Founders and the Bishops of the Church have all knowingly and willfully chosen to turn their cheek on swing and swing dancers, and literally LIE to the public. I mean, flat out fabricate and lie to people... it makes me gag.

Because if I've learned anything in the last six months, I've learned how many people I thought "didn't know" certain things actually DID know things... and have for nearly a decade. And I've learned how many others in the more widely known circles, the ones I was totally sure knew certain things... I've learned they didn't, because they were told the exact opposite by people I just never believed could tell a lie.

So. Denial. 

It's a human thing. And that can be the tune of this last generation of Zouk Zombies and Abstract Nissies... but it doesn't have to be the tune WE dance to, does it?

We have so many choices, and so many options, if we are courageous and free enough to take and make them.  

And while you do that, I'll go ahead and start outlining that history of the Church's foundation in my third book. 'Natch.

Send those questions in... I can't wait to answer them in print!
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I'm getting great feedback from around the world. If you're overseas, the best way to get one now is on you're country's Amazon.com site. I have links to some of these here. 

To Swing... and beyond!

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