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It's HERE!
November 1st, 2012
Dear Reader, 

I'm soooooo excited! It's HERE!!!
Inside the New Book
Some of the new material inside the new book!

Okay, officially, it was published yesterday, but my darn Physical Therapy appt was followed by a record number of Trick or Treaters (ok, that was pretty cool, meeting all those kids!), so I barely stumbled into bed before realizing once again... what a HUGE day it was!!! I did have a gorgeous vase of celebration roses from my hubby by my bed though. That most certainly helped!

Anyhow, I have SPECIAL DISCOUNT just for you guys this weekend! When the book hits wide distribution, like Amazon.com, etc, it will be at normal retail price of $14.99... BUT. That's not till next week!

So I am sending the following link to my loyal and trusted readers ONLY at the special discount rate of $9.99!

Click here for the
for my new release, Telling the Truth!
ONLY $9.99!

Again, this special rate ends after the weekend. The link will still work, but it will be back at the $14.99 price, the normal retail price everyone else like Amazon and the bookstores will have.

I promised you first dibs, so I'm giving you first dibs. Get it before anyone else!!! I won't announce it on my blog, website or any social networks until next week. You'll have the first chance to order and the ONLY chance to get the super low price!

Telling the Truth Cover  
I still can't believe it...
it's HERE!!!
With love, excitement and total gratitude,
Katherine Eastvold
(Better get used to using 'Eastvold' only... 
though it does feel weird! xoxo)

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