Katherine Eastvold
Dear Reader, 

It's been awhile! But for good, good reason, I promise. And the work I have done in the meantime has been more than worth it.

So. Here it is. I have announced on some of the social networks that I have a book coming out. And I do. But YOU are my readers, so I'm telling YOU the WHOLE STORY...

I am putting all of my writing (plus more) into three...
yes, THREE, books!

The first of these books is called Telling the Truth: The Groundbreaking Articles that Saved West Coast Swing. I have already finished it. They are sending it to the printers today. Wow.

Until putting the book together, I never realized just how much I cut out or held back because of space. I was trying to fit them into one or two pages in the beginning so that studios would have an easier time printing and releasing them. Over time, I eventually gave up and let them run over a little here and there, but putting them into a book? Well, in a book I have all the space I want, so I had the freedom to expand in ways I did not have before.

So Routines 101? Brand new stories, examples, pro secrets and more. Swing Essentials? TOTALLY revamped!!! New and easier ways to identify WCS when you see it. Even The Time Has Come has some added background info about how all of this started, and how we got here. I couldn't be more thrilled! For you and for me. You're going to love this amazing new resource... with everything in just one place in an easy to carry size.  
And have you seen the cover? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I hope you do too. Be prepared for a lot of questions... "Ohhh... WHAT are you reading???"
Telling the Truth Cover  
When Telling the Truth finally becomes available, I promise... you will be THE FIRST to know!!! It shouldn't be more than a week or so now. How exciting is that?

The rest I have not told anyone about. 
This is for your eyes only! 

The second book, titled Clean and Confidential, will contain ALL of the Weekly Notes. And I mean... ALL OF THEM. 

(let's pause to let that sink in, shall we?)


Yes, I said ALL of the Weekly Notes. In one book. 

As I started working on Clean and Confidential, I realized that the Weekly Notes are... well, untouchable. In Telling the Truth, it seemed natural to add and expand, as the articles were always designed as a public resource for years to come.

But not the Weekly Notes. The Weekly Notes were designed to be personal, to be private, to be interactive and alive. As the world of WCS changed, so did the Notes. As I heard from you, learned from you and grew, so did the notes turn, change and grow. And not just in size. 

So the more I tried to read through and organize these Notes, the more I realized they were their own living and breathing entity. They were all intertwined, just as we, the readers and the writer, were intertwined. And so, they will remain untouched.

The only thing I am adding is quotes and discussion questions. I was shocked to discover I didn't introduce either until Weekly Note #21... 21!!! That's a long time. So I've added the Discussion Questions and a "Quote of the Week" to each of the notes for you own enjoyment and growth.

But the Notes themselves? As dearly as I want to edit, re-write and re-define what I said back then because I know SO much more now... I simply can't. They weren't written that way, and reading through them is like reliving the most dynamic year ever in WCS in dramatic high definition color. 

You will love it.

I can't wait.

As for the third book, I don't have a name for it yet. But I do know that it will include the things I've written since the Weekly Notes and even things I wrote but never released. I'll also talk about life "after" the Notes, and what I've learned after such releases like "Evidence," and more. 

The more I flesh out this long two year journey, the more I realize how perfect three books is. There is life before the Weekly Notes, during the Weekly Notes and after the Weekly Notes. History has been made. And history will light and illuminate your way forward from here on out.

I love you all. 

You make living and writing worth it. 

I dedicate it all... to you.

With love,

PS: For those of you who have written in over the last few weeks, I am on lockdown. Please, please keep writing in. You know I love hearing from you... but I can no longer respond as quickly as I once could... not without delaying these books. And I want them out before the Open, if I can. So lockdown mode I am in, but loving your words I am. xoxo forever -K
Katherine Eastvold

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