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September 3rd 2012
In Today's Note
Important Facebook Info
If you have an account with Facebook, even one you don't use, then listen up.
We all know FB is losing value in the stock market. As you may have heard, their biggest problem area is advertising... as in proving that companies can actually profit by advertising through FB.
So Facebook has come up with a plan... and it's a SCARY one. It shook me up a bit, so I'm sharing it with you.
In short, Facebook is offering a new service to advertisers. It goes like this:

"If you (Company X) give us (Facebook) the emails and or phone numbers of your customers, then we will see if anyone is registered under that email with us (Facebook). If there is a match, we will let you advertise directly to them through us."

That means every company that you have an online account with can now find you, research you and advertise to you through Facebook, just because both FB and that company has your email account. Same with every company that has your phone number. 

It's sneaky. Technically Facebook isn't handing our information over, but it IS if you've handed your information over to other companies. It is using your email without your permission, and allowing companies to know more about you than they ever could before. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.

The solution? Make sure your email account for Facebook isn't used for ANYTHING but Facebook. Same goes with your phone- list an old number.

FB makes it pretty easy for you to change your email to another one, so I recommend you do it. I am. And if you can, give them a number that's old (like mine) or that goes straight to voice mail. 

You see, I have a password spreadsheet for all my accounts, because I don't like using the same password on everything. I have more than 80 accounts from over the last 15 years... credit unions, student loans, phone bills, electric bills, even Thumbs Up Video. And though my password changes a lot over those 80 accounts, my email doesn't. Nor does my phone. Not really. 

And that's why I say- even if you never use FB, but you have an account, it's time to change your email address to one you've never given out to a single online source.Same with your phone.

As for me, I'm making a new email with gmail or hotmail that's short and easy to type- I'll probably even put FB in the name... it's an easy fix. I recommend you give it a go. And my old phone is still on there... has been for three years... never been a problem.

Anyhow, to read more about this new advertising program,
this quick article does a great job.

Be well, and be safe!

Dear Reader,  

Happy Labor Day! I hope you're having an awesome weekend. I'm taking a break to enjoy my husband, and get some much needed rest because...


We are SUPER excited about meeting Nick's favorite author, John Eldredge next weekend! Not like "sign a book" meet, but an actual "hang out and talk" meet. Uh oh. Poor Eldrege. Nick and I are more nervous for him than we are ourselves. I mean, I don't think we're the "typical" people anyone meets on a daily basis. We never leave strangers "unscathed" per se when they end up talking with us on the beach, on the road or at events. In a good way... I think. Even when we don't talk with strangers... I can't remember the last meal out that at least one or more tables wasn't watching us intently. We're used to it now, though it does feel like I must have a massive piece of lettuce on my face... but alas, no. It's just us. We'll try and take it easy on him. :)


Anyhow, the weekend after that is the CA Swing Dance Hall of Fame Gala... good times are ahead. Missing you all very much, and looking forward to dancing for you at the Gala...


Chasing sunsets,

Nick and Katherine

SOS Fall Migration
North Myrtle Beach
Shag Dancers on NMB's Water Tower
If you live anywhere on the East Coast, or are visiting the East Coast any time soon, then you NEED to drop by the SOS Fall Migration, anytime between September 14th-23rd in North Myrtle Beach, near the border of North and South Carolina.

I'm serious. Go. Even for a day... GO!


Number one, there's no such thing as bad music in shag country. It's ALL swingable, all the time. 

Number two, they love it when you dance WCS. Not rude WCS, where you throw your partner into other couples, but real slotted WCS... they'll even ask you to dance. And if you want to do a little shag? Anyone will help you learn. They are a very supportive, loving, nurturing and, well, rockin' community.

Number three, it's the experience of a lifetime.  Get this- North Myrtle Beach (not to be confused with Myrtle Beach... that has a trillion million crazy miniature golf courses and gift shops with "shark doors" where you walk in through a two story high shark bite), is mostly comprised of one big main street. And on that one big main street is, what, a ton of shag clubs?

I mean, you can't miss shag there even if you tried. I mean, look at the picture. If you look up, you'll see water tower has shag dancers on both sides of it. And when you look down, you'll see that every brick on the street has the etchings of a shag club from every corner you can think of. Along with big huge "walk of fame" made up of massive golden records with famous shag DJ's name's on them.

It's the Disneyland of swing. Don't like the band in this club? Cross the street and go to that club. Danced with everyone in that club? Go next door and start with that crowd.

Super Happy in North Myrtle Beach
Want to know a bit about their history? Go to hotel lobby down the street and find a massive Hall of Fame, with pictures, bio's and trophies dating back to before you were born.

Want to see history in action? Go to the OD Pavilion. We met so many Hall of Fame dancers that told us they'd been dancing on that same floor since the 40's... the 40's!!! I felt like taking some of that sand home...

Sand? Yes, sand. Because OD Pavilion is directly on the beach. It's got a roof, it's got a floor, but no windows and no door... just the main street ending in a sandy beach.  I have to say, our time there was nothing short of magical.  We learned so much from them, and they said they learned so much from us... and we weren't even there during SOS.

And when there isn't any dancing (um, does that even happen at SOS?), the music being played all night is still amazing. Nick and I couldn't go anywhere and stay still.

I promise, you'll wear holes into your shoes.

And finally, it's the SOS that most WCS dancers go to. Not a ton, but many more so than the Spring Migration. It's a perfect time to go. It's just a few thousand swing dancers to dance with... I hope you go and make me jealous!

Learn more about SOS here... and visit for at least a day!
What is SOS? Find out here!

Have fun ya'll... and say 'hi' for us while you're there!

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