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Get Ready! 
September is National Food Safety Education Month!
Here's what's coming from the Partnership for Food Safety Education in time for September's National Food Safety Education Month!  Plan your outreach activities with new content from Fight BAC!
  • Home Food Safety Mythbusters 2015!
  • 40 or Below Campaign Launch - sign up for the "reveal" webinar!
  • Share your Consumer Education Experience!  Here's How!
Home Food Safety Myths and Facts for 2015!  Preview here! 
The Partnership's Home Food Safety Myths and Facts for 2015 focus on home refrigeration and proper storage of perishable foods.  Use this information to develop blog posts or newsletter articles for September and beyond.  Flyers will be available for download by August 27.   Watch for a link to the full set of flyers in an upcoming e-card!  
40 or Below Campaign Launch - sign up for the Sept. 2 webinar reveal!

Keeping a constant refrigerator temperature of 40 degrees F or below is one of the most effective ways to reduce risk of food borne illness - including listeriosis. Participate in our webinar on Wednesday, September 2 at 1 p.m. EST and get access to new consumer education materials that highlight this critical home food safety practice.


Register for the webinar here

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Share your experience with colleagues nationwide  - here's how!  
We invite you to share stories about your work in consumer food safety education.  Who have you met?  Who have you worked with?  What do consumers tell you about their food safety knowledge and practices?  How did you make the 4 Core practices fun or memorable?  When we share what works everyone benefits!
Create a short blog post or a video telling other BAC Fighters about your effective food safety or hand hygiene program or activity. Blog stories should be just 2-3 paragraphs and videos no more than 3 minutes long.  Here's a guide to format your written or video story: 
1. Problem (e.g. What made you realize there was a need to do what you did?) 
2. Solution (What did you do? Who was involved/served?)
3. Closing (How did you know your activity was effective? Did you measure success? What are your recommendations to other educators?) 

 Your story will resonate even more with photos! Please send with your story a quality photo of your activity or of yourself at work!

Submit your blog or video story to:
Shelley Feist (sfeist@fightbac.org)
Please send it before August 28th and we'll share it with other educators for National Food Safety Education Month.