Food Safety Naughty List # 3:  An unclean refrigerator!

Some germs CAN grow in cold temperatures! A Household Germ Study from NSF International revealed that the refrigerator vegetable compartment was one of the "germiest" places in the kitchen, containing Salmonella and Listeria. 
There's more! A Tennessee State University study found that 42 percent of refrigerators observed had conditions in which cross-contamination of pathogens was possible - yuck!  

Make your refrigerator a "nice" place for those delicious holiday leftovers. 
Clean your refrigerator regularly with hot water and soap and wipe up food and beverage spills immediately. Don't forget to clean refrigerator walls and undersides of shelves!

And remember to keep your refrigerator at or below 40 degrees F as measured with an appliance thermometer! 

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.@Fight_BAC for a safe and healthy holiday! 

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