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Vibrio: What You Need to Know
*All information was sourced from CDC and FDA. 

The CDC estimates disease caused by Vibrio accounts for 80,000 illnesses, 500 hospitalizations and 100 deaths each year in the United States.


Quick Facts:

  • Vibrio infections have grown by 75% since 2008.

  • Incidence of Vibrio infection is highest among persons aged 65 and older.

  • For every Vibrio parahaemolyticus case reported, there are most likely 142 cases not diagnosed.

How does Vibrio make you sick?

Vibrio infection is usually from exposure to seawater or consumption of raw or undercooked seafood, mainly shellfish. Persons who have weakened immune systems or have chronic liver disease are at higher risk of becoming ill.  


How can you prevent Vibrio infection? 

  • Avoid eating raw or undercooked shellfish, especially oysters and clams.

  • Cook seafood until the inside reaches a temperature, for at least 15 seconds, of 145F, but 155F for things like fishcakes and 165F for stuffed fish.

  • Know how to cook oysters safely.

  • Keep raw foods from touching cooked foods and surfaces used for cooking and eating.

  • Keep food refrigerated at 40F or lower.

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