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New Resources Just for You

Have you checked out what's new at Team Food Safety? We've added new BAC Fighter community features to help make your work more visible, collaborative, and effective in 2014. Take a moment to explore these new benefits - developed just for you!


Team Food Safety on LinkedIn

Join today for a chance to collaborate and network with other food safety educators.

 Resource Library

Looking for more information on the science and research behind food safety messages? The Resource Library has you covered. We'll continue to add new resources throughout the year.

Events Page

Visit and mark your calendars for our bi-annual knowledge exchange conference calls and webinars.

B.F.F. (BAC Fighter Friend) Office hours

Manager of Programs and Outreach, Ashley Bell will be available from 2 PM - 3 PM every Friday to address your consumer outreach and programming concerns.


Want more? Visit your BAC Fighter page for a full list of benefits.

As your B.F.F., I'm always open to your questions and comments! What do you think of the new features? What else can you think of that might help you in your work? You can always reach me at or  202-220-0705.

Best wishes,




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School Starts with Food Safety

BAC Fighter Stephanie Castillo plans a packed Food Safety Month for Kansas Students 

Stephanie uses many creative tactics to teach kids about food safety including...eating germs? Keep reading to find out more! 
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