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3 Awesome Things about being a BAC Fighter in 2014


1) You make a difference

Educate even one person on food safety and it WILL make a difference. Just as germs can proliferate, so can knowledge.


Play a game of food safety Pass-it-On this week! 

1) Educate one person about Clean, Separate, Cook and Chill

2) Ask them to pass their knowledge on to someone else

3) Consider the impact your work has on people's lives


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2) You are part of a National Network of BAC Fighters 

Together we can achieve a food safe America. That's why, beginning now, we're offering you new BAC Fighter community features that strengthen the "together" aspect of our work. Get ready to discover, interact, and learn in 2014. Visit your BAC Fighter page to learn what's new and join Team Food Safety on LinkedIn today! 


3) We're bringing BAC Fighters together in December 2014!

At the 2014 National Consumer Food Safety Education Conference on December 4th and 5th in Crystal City, VA! This conference is for you - mark your calendars now! 


 amazing things on to a friend!  


Best wishes,



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