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Next up on the Master Class schedule is Dana Foglia and Neil Schwartz this Sunday, January 27th.

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Dana Foglia

Contemporary Fusion 

January 27th 3:00P 


Dana Foglia is one of the most sought after dancer/teacher/choreographers in the country, Dana has performed and taught dance both nationally and internationally.

She trained extensively in ballet and modern with the Seiskaya Ballet Academy and later on a full scholarship to the Ailey School. At the same time she also studied hip hop, pointe, jazz, tap and African. When only a select few were chosen, Dana was honored to perform with the Ailey Company in Memoria. Dana joined Rhapsody The Company in 2001.

She has toured and performed with top artists including Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Kelis, New Kids on the Block, Fantasia and the Latin sensation Thalia and others. Most recently Dana worked with Beyoncé for her "I Am....2009 Tour"

Neil Schwartz  


January 27th 5:00P 

Neil Schwartz  

Neil Schwartz has been dancing since the age of seven. After graduating from the University of Maryland and moving to NYC, he has had the privilege to work with Rhapsody James, Luam, Lisette, and Eric Jenkins. He has also choreographed for artists such as Push Play, Dnay B (alongside Jared Jenkins), and Taylor Bright. He has also had the opportunity to assist Luam on Monica Rush, Artist M.E., and was production assistant for Dawn Richards. Most recently he was an assistant choreographer with Lisette Bustamente on Girl Generation Hikkup.

Neil was selected to work with actor Channing Tatum as a Co-Choreographer alongside Catherine Hidalgo and Mike D' Alessio from PMG for the flashmob seen on The Today Show in promotion for Warner Brothers Magic Mike. He has also traveled to Hawaii and most recently Peru teaching workshops and was a recipient at the Young Choreographers festival in 2010 and as a returning guest artist in 2011.

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Tracy Flaherty
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