National Women’s Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation  (NWCAVE)

Dear Friends and Partners,


The National Women's Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation (NWCAVE) recently lost data during a computer crash.  We are updating our systems with the help from some of our partners like Microsoft, Constant Contact, Facebook and LinkedIn. 


If you had previously opted out of any of our distributions regarding NWCAVE, Southwest Conferences Against Trafficking, BRAVE Ride, our Missing Persons Division etc. please feel free to opt out of this email again.  We apologize for any communication that you didn't want from us.


For those wanting to learn more

about NWCAVE, please visit us at


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Computer Crash Updates/Disclosure: We recently updated a new computer which ultimately took our old contacts in addition to our NWCAVE contacts from the previous computer and my personal cell data in order to send out a request to be a contact on LinkedIn, Outlook and Constant Contact. My personal apologies to anyone being contacted that didn't ask to be, we were just trying to retain the contacts we had before losing our hard drive.


No hard feelings if you wish to delete NWCAVE as a contact. We are just trying to retrieve many years of data via our technology outlets including our major distribution outlet, Constant Contact.


Thank you again to our partners who helped to obtain our data and get NWCAVE into a new system and back online.  Thanks again to Constant Contact, Office Depot, TechSoup, Microsoft, Facebook and LinkedIn. 


Thank you for understanding and being a part of our Community Network!


To update your information with us, please click the

link on the footer 'update profile/email address.'


Warmest regards,


Michelle A. Bart                            

President, Co-Founder