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National Correspondent Questions NBA 
NWCAVE Media Advisor Seeking NBA Accountability in Sterling Racist Rant              
Photo by Nasim Saleh
National, U.S.A. -  May 4, 2014 - When the scandal involving Clippers owner Donald Sterling broke, Inside Edition correspondent and NWCAVE media council member Lisa Guerrero stood out front and center during national news coverage. Guerrero asked what many consider one of the toughest questions during a news conference with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, following his announcement of harsh sanctions against Sterling who made reprehensible racist remarks.

"The word you used specifically, was outrage, you said you were personally outraged, yet many people believe that they are outraged that, for years, people have known that this man is a racist slumlord and the NBA hasn't done anything until today. Can you please answer why?" asked Guerrero.

"I can't speak to past actions other than to say that when specific evidence was brought to the NBA, we acted," Silver responded.

A number of viewers expressed via social media they were not impressed with Silver's answer to that specific question, but they were impressed with Guerrero's inquiry which illustrated a clear understanding of the history of past discrimination and harassment allegations against Sterling.

National Women's Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation (NWCAVE) applauds Guerrero for continuing to dig into this evolving story, a story which has relaunched an important discussion regarding racism and discrimination in America. NWCAVE is committed to fighting all forms of discrimination, and we are incredibly proud to have Lisa Guerrero on our team.

Lisa Guerrero Sterling Presser
Lisa Guerrero Sterling Presser
About Lisa Guerrero

Lisa Guerrero, an award winning journalist, was named Inside Edition's Chief Investigative Correspondent in August 2010. Previously, she had been the West Coast Correspondent since June 2006. Guerrero's hard-hitting investigative reports for Inside Edition have been cited for numerous awards including winning the prestigious National Headliner Award in March 2011 for her hidden camera investigation into air duct cleaning scams. That same month, Guerrero was also honored with a nomination for a Genesis Award by The Humane Society of the United States for her investigation into illegal horse slaughter farms in South Florida. In May 2010, as Inside Edition's Special Correspondent, Guerrero investigated former sex offenders who were working in the postal service and at hotel front desks. Guerrero has also reported on sex offenders who inhabit an island off of Seattle, which led to an appearance as guest correspondent on Dr. Phil in April 2010. Guerrero has been honored twice by the National Press Club for her Animal Abuse Investigation and Consumer Reporting and in addition to March 2011, Guerrero has won the National Headliner Award three times for her investigations.


Lisa joined the National Media Council at NWCAVE in 2014 and had previously appeared on NWCAVE's "Voices for Justice" having a voice and justice for Baby Alissa.  Follow Lisa on Twitter @4lisaguerrero.


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