August 2015


It's Back to School...and on to the Future!
Okay, we all know at Kids at Hope we promote Mental Time Travel 
the ability of the brain to see its future, return to the present and prepare for the journey
Even with our understanding of Time Travel we must confess, "Where did the summer go?"  Is it really back to school time?!

Back to School is a great reminder to all caring adults and treasure hunters to focus on the purpose of education.  Sure there is curriculum, lesson plans, grades, tests, attendance, budgets, policies, procedures, board meetings, staff meetings, professional learning communities, and the list goes on and on. But beyond the bureaucracy of education, there still remains the child. Yes, the child. You know that person we call a student. A label which gives them a job. Makes it more professional I guess. Yet regardless of what you call them, they are kids caught up in the middle of an adult world that can sometimes be indifferent to their needs. But it doesn't need to be that way. The science is in and it's incontrovertibleWhether our children are in school, attending an after school program, caught up in our child welfare or juvenile justice system or at home with their families they simply want to know three things:
  1. That the people in their lives believe in them and show it. 
  2. That they can count on adults to have their back, to help them navigate life. 
  3. That the grownups around them are available to help them visualize that education is not just a system, but a happy and safe place where they feel they belong and where they learn how to write the autobiography of their lives.
We are excited to support the many schools, organizations and communities across the US and Canada that have adopted the Kids at Hope belief system, its principles and practices. To date we are now working in 19 states as well as Alberta, Canada.  We have trained over 50,000 caring adults and are reaching over 550,000 wonderful young people with a message and strategy that demonstrates how all children can succeed, No Exceptions!

From Coast to Coast and in Between Here are Some Exciting Updates

Annual Youth Development Master's Institute

Wow, unbelievable!  We continue to attract the top researchers and practitioners from across the country from the fields of education, youth development, juvenile justice, community centers, and child welfare organizations. 

              May 1-6, 2016                                      

Annual Kids at Hope National Board of Directors Education and Planning Retreat
Each year our board of directors chooses a place to visit to learn firsthand about the power of Kids at Hope. This year it will be the Big Apple. Visits with the New York Police Department and NY City Public Schools are already planned as are visits with community leaders.

Kids at Hope Featured at
American Probation and Parole Association National Institute

National Board Member Antwone Fisher, whose life inspired a major motion picture starring Denzel Washington and Kids at Hope founder Rick Miller keynoted APPA's July 2015 meeting. Over 1,200 people attended including representatives from 25 countries. 
Kids at Hope Explores Exploring a Partnership with the National Education Association
The NEA has identified a group of low performing schools from across the US and has asked Kids at Hope for support. 
Other Highlights

  • New Kids at Hope Projects launched in NYC, San Jose, CA; and Culver City, CA
  • Meetings were recently held in Portland, OR hosted by Multnomah County Department of Community Justice
  • Kenny Dobbs, World Champion Basketball Dunk Shot Artist real life story is captured in Kids at Hope's newest Time Traveler Comic Book
  • Kids at Hope Nat'l Board of Director's committed to raise $1,000,000 to reach 1 million children.
  • The Soul, Science and Culture of HOPE featuring Antwone Fisher and Rick Miller will be held in Manitowoc, WI on October 14, 2015 sponsored by the Manitowoc County Human Services Dept.
  • Kids at Hope receives a grant from the City of Avondale, AZ to support hosting a Time Traveler Summit in coordination with the Avondale Youth Council and Avondale Elementary School District -Very Exciting!!
  • Kids at Hope to offer technical assistance to all 15 Arizona County juvenile probation departments as part of a partnership with the Arizona Supreme Court.
  • Kids at Hope and Maricopa County, AZ Education Services Association applies for US Department of Education research grant to study non cognitive skills
  • Herndon, VA High School Principal and Treasure Hunter William Bates
    named Fairfax County, VA Public Schools Principal of the Year
    in recognition of his leadership that demonstrates how all students can succeed, No Exceptions!
  • Kids at Hope sponsors Super Trainers Boot Camp - fourteen of our nation's most seasoned, successful, and experienced Treasure Hunters attended a week long seminar/workshop this past June.  
  • Maricopa County Community Colleges, Maricopa County Regional School District and Kids at Hope are working together to create a charter high school reaching those young people who are disconnected from school and work. Stay tuned.
  • Tim Hardy, Director of the Juvenile Justice Center in Yuma County, AZ
    was named Administrator of the Year by the Arizona Supreme Court. In his acceptance speech before 560 judges, Mr. Hardy recognized Kids at Hope as offering him the vision and strategy which is defining his professional career
  • Kids at Hope joined Teen Addiction Anonymous and Education Outside the Box in sponsoring a conference entitled, Building a Future of HOPE for Native American Teens.

As you can see we are engaged in many exciting efforts. Unfortunately, space does not permit us to describe everything and everywhere where Kids at Hope is supporting the success of all children.

Thank you for your support and friendship.

Stay close,
Rick Signature 
Rick Miller, Chief Treasure Hunter and Founder

It is with heartfelt sympathy that the entire Kids at Hope family expresses its deepest condolences to our very special friend, leader, and supporter, Ron Rosbruch and his family for the loss of his beautiful wife Karen. 

We are also saddened to share the passing of Miriam "Mikki" Gordon, beloved aunt of national board member Joel Levinson. Mikki was a generous donor and supporter of Kids at Hope. Her presence was undeniable.