Febraury 3, 2016
Coming Soon:
  • February 5- Texas Hold'em Tournament for Dads!
  • February 8-9- Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • February 9- New Student Picture Day
  • February 9- JSSPVA Board Meeting
  • February 11-15- Presidents' Weekend Break
  • February 16- Late Start 9:20am

Looking Ahead:
  • Febraury 22-26- Ability Awareness Week
  • February 26- New Trier Winter Carnival 5:30-9:00pm, New Trier East Campus

12th Annual Sears School - Texas Hold'em Tournament
This is a great Guys night out.  Please sign up now for a fun night of Poker, Drinks and Food. 
When:                       Friday 2/5, 6:30pm
Where:                      Michigan Shores - east balcony
Your Hosts:               Jeff Bedwell and Michael Parks
Cost:                         $200  - Bring a Friend and receive 50% bonus chips
All proceeds go to JSSPVA - Joseph Sears School. 

Walk-ins are welcome. Please RSVP to mparks@messinagroupinc.com or call 847-692-0600.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found will be in the Link during Parent- Teacher Conferences. Please look there for any items that have been misplaced. 

Also, please label all items going to school. There are many mittens, gloves and hats turning up lost each day. It makes for a speedier return when the items have names on them! 

Sears Has Heart

The HEART OF SEARS IS BEATING STRONG!!  Grade level service projects are underway and we are inspired by our enthusiastic volunteers and the wonderful ways they are generating opportunities for our students to give back. 

Our own fundraising efforts continue to grow as we are now at 27% of our goal of 100% participation.  Please remember to donate to Sears through our Sears Has Heart campaign, and get two tickets to attend the May 1 Block Party. 

Percentage of Grade Participating40%23%27%29%33%23%29%16%32%28%27%
TOTAL in Grade10394551525766437157491
TOTAL Donated49121517131972316135

Has your child always wanted to be PRINCIPAL FOR THE DAY?  This popular Sears School experience will be available AGAIN!  Bids will be accepted next Monday and Tuesday (Feb. 8-9), after school during Parent/Teacher Conferences.  Keep your eyes out for a Blue Box at the Teacher Conference Welcome Table in the front hall of Sears and get ready to place your bids!  More information will be available on site. 

Alliance for Early Childhood 

22nd Annual ScreenBreak Week!
Sunday, March 6-12

Children and their families are encouraged to turn off their televisions and other screens for a week, and enjoy alternative activities at home or at events coordinated throughout the community.  This is truly a fun week for all!

ScreenBreak Kick Off Event features Popeye and Sailor!

Sunday, March 63:30-5:00pm, Washburne School's Gym, Winnetka.
Bring your family to celebrate the kick-off of the 2016 ScreenBreak Week featuring a trick dog act, "Popeye and Sailor", as seen on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show. Including stunts such as jumping rope, walking a tightrope, and balancing a ball while walking, and more!  
Tickets: $7 in advance / $10 at the door

For more information please see the website at http://www.theallianceforec.org/

Sears participates in the Trex Plastic Bag Challenge

Until April 2016 the Environmental Subcommittee is collecting plastic bags for recycling. Together with other area schools Sears is participating in the Trex Plastic Bag Recycling Challenge again where we've previously won two bird houses made from recycled materials that hang in the outdoor classroom. Please have your child bring in your plastic bags for collection. Recycling bins are in the following locations:

1. outside Mrs. Saxton's room -Jr high

2. outside the multipurpose room-K-1st

3. outside the 5th grade-Mrs. Lehsinski's room

For more information visit:

Sears Cafe

It's not too late to order Marla's Brown Bag lunches!!  Please click to place your order. Marla's Brown Bag Lunch Order