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Last week we hosted Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar, who shared a new economic impact study on the NASJRB Fort Worth. The base contributes $6.6 billion to the Texas economy and supports 47,000 Texans in some capacity, with $3B in disposable personal income. Read more about the study here.

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Are you ready for some football? TCU football coach Gary Patterson will point out some strengths and some challenges during the Chamber's Sports Series luncheon presented by Ciera Bank next Tuesday. He'll run down the roster and the team's 2016 prospects for a large crowd that includes two B2B Insider readers. Be sure to listen for updates on a new quarterback, offensive linemen, and how good the defense might be.

Dumb & dumber: Son NoBGood and Mr. B have had a long and un-storied history. Not always a friendly one, either. For Father's Day, he sent over something called a Yentl or Veti that keeps coffee hot all day. The card said "may you spill it on your lap." Daughter MisBehavin' was somewhat kinder. She bought him a ticket to The Book of Moron and sent a note that read, "A selfie?" Mr. B looked into The Book of Moron (what if it WERE a bio?) and found out that it's part of the Performing Arts Fort Worth's Broadway Specials Series. The show is by Robert Dubac and will be at McDavid Studio July 27-31. No moron is B2B Insider because it has two seats for the 7:30 p.m. July 27, opening-night performance.

The kids in us: Do adults enjoy sitting through the The Jungle Books, Finding Dorys, Toy Storys?  Do they long for cartoons for adults? The Japanese have that figured out ... anime. Cartoons with adult plots. The Modern Art Museum is celebrating the art of anime Aug. 6, 13 and 20 with two shows each Saturday. The first, at 11 a.m. Aug. 6, is The Boy and the Beast and has three special guests, including director Mike McFarland, and a reception after the film. Aug. 20 is Whisper of the Heart and its comedy sequel The Cat Returns, which is a first cousin to The Cat in the Hat is Back. Kendal (Jump in the) Lake has your back with two passes to all six animes.
Feelin' fluid: Summertime in Texas and don't you just love the smell of sweat in the air? Those body fluids you are secreting so sweetly can cause you to be tired, dehydrated, nauseated or just a low performer. It can cause muscle aches and headaches. An intravenous hydration session at LT Men's Clinic quickly restores fluid levels and delivers electrolytes. You'll feel great. You'll out-race Usain Bolt. You'll out-jump Odell Beckham; You'll out-kick Messi. Be your best with a Hydration Hero treatment by LT Men's Clinic.

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 I'll have a Billy Joel: Michael Wheaton, Lucien Wright Insurance, has done charcoal artwork to cherish since college, mostly old album covers, dogs and landscapes. "I don't do people," he said. "I can't seem to get the proportions right."

Lessons learned:
Craig Kautsch, residential real estate entrepreneur and founder of Indwell, grew up so close to the border that "I could stand on my roof and see Mexico." He moved to Fort Worth to open Orvis. Through his ups, falls, failures and returns to success with his businesses, he has been able to form a definition for character that he shared at a Vision FW breakfast -- "That set of capacities required to meet demands of reality."

The name game: Mr. B luvvvvssss the name Dakota, as in Dakota Hart at SafeHaven. "My dad, in his teen years, decided it was the coolest name ever for a girl," she said. "My parents met 25 years ago on a blind date, and on the very first date, my dad said that they would have a daughter one day and name her Dakota. That didn't scare my mom off; they married just a few months later. In exchange, my mom got to pick out the name for all three of my brothers." (Older brother is Alexander and younger twin brothers are Seth and Samuel.)

Homing in: Will Northern of his namesake Northern Realty Group has a chart that shows the median sales value of homes in the Near Southside has increased from $145k in 2006 to $297k in 2016. Andy Taft, President of Downtown Fort Worth Inc., says in his area, townhome developers are in "great demand. Prices are $256 a square foot."

Blue over breakfast: Mr. B sat down for a breakfast event and was introduced to Yolanda Harper, the worksite coordinator for B2B Insider sponsor Healthways Blue Zones Project. Mr. B lost his appetite. Try sitting next to someone who implements best practices because "healthy employees cost less and perform better!" Yolanda is a boot camp instructor, personal trainer and motivational speaker. Mr. B liked Yolanda a lot, and he sure was motivated to start eating healthy.

The corner office: Location has been big, big, big for Regions Bank, which moved into new Fort Worth headquarters at the southeast corner of 7th & University during the spring. "It has been an amazing catalyst," regional President Scott Jones said. "This bank is now in the top 5 of all our 1,600 banks in 16 states. We went from lower to top tier."

"My curiosity has been piqued by the change happening in the universities across the region to tweak and explore new paths for the commercialization of research."

                                                -- Hayden Blackburn, Director of IDEA Works FW,
on most intriguing innovation seen the past year
Rated PG: Pepper Sims, the professor of promotional items and owner of Pepper-L Specialties, says "what is hot now are adult coloring books." Seriously. And these are not like adult novelties on sale at The Velvet Box.

I swear I was home all night:
The "new" location, location, location is provided by your cell phone. By pinging, Buxton veep Peter Healy says, "we know where you live, where you work and where you've been."

Who left the door open? When Jan Tyler left teaching two years ago after 38 years, she wasn't looking to retire. She joined her husband, Patrick, at Cimarron Window and Door, because, by osmosis, "I knew something about the business and had a lot of opinions about windows."

Ciao: The Fort Worth Central Library has become a site to handle passports and, no coincidence, has announced a Travel Talks Lecture Series. First up July 12 is semi-working Jim Parr of William C. Jennings and wife, Kathy, discussing northern Italy. They have made nine trips in five years to Italy. Now you understand his semi-working description.

Do-nut hold your breath: Former TCU tennis player John Fletcher, owner of Fletcher Consulting, is dreaming of his selection to the U.S. Olympics tennis team. "With so many of the elite players choosing not to participate for a variety of reasons (re: Zika), I see my selection as growing more and more viable," says The Fletch. No matter that he hasn't played in two years, is out of shape and turns 65 this month. "Oh yes, and there are about 57,000 male tennis players in the U.S. that would be ranked ahead of me." Fletcher trains at local donut shops.

The cutting edge: Star Chamber Am-Bass-Adorables for the second quarter were Marnie Stites, Guardianship Services, Melissa Peters, CMP Commercial Construction, and Pepper Sims, Pepper-L Specialties. Each receives a pair of Kenchii scissors. Best guess is the three Adorables will be at Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza, 5925 Convair Drive in Waterside Friday. 10 a.m. is NOT too early for pizza, especially Blaze's. You pick the toppings for your made-from-scratch dough, and in 180 seconds, your pizza is fast-fired blazing perfect.

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