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Lillie Biggins, president of Texas Health Resources, was honored with the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce's inaugural Susan Halsey Executive Leadership Award at the Chamber's 134th Annual Meeting. Biggins said, "Like Susan, I value friendships and relationships and thank all of the community leaders who have allowed me to be a part their boards and committees in support of the people in this great region."

L to R: Albon Head and Lindsey Farless, Jackson Walker LLP; Lillie Biggins, Texas Health Fort Worth; Gordy Halsey, Jay Rutherford, William Jenkins, all with Jackson Walker LLP.

See additional pictures from the event here.
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It all comes out in the wash: As you have read previously, Mr. B has a deal with Mr. A(dam) at Grace restaurant to do dishes in exchange for food. With a packed dining room, comfortable patio noshing, celebrity bartender and wine & women nights, there are a LOT of glasses and dishes. So Mr. B and the Prospective Ms. B, who clears tables for her trade-out, took part in this month's Smith Story Wine Cellars Picnic. Chef Blaine was bonsai bodacious with his Ceviches, Nashville hot quail, marinated suckling pig with caramelized pineapple and cotija house-made tortillas tomatillo. Adam would like you to come by and enjoy dinner for two. You can't possibly mis-order because it's all fabulosa, but B2B Insider recommends the scallops, the lamb or a steak.

Very cool idea: It's officially here again ... summer. Get ready to sear; you know there will be many days above 100. Because the Texas Rangers are so great and because the CVB promotes Fort Worth so much and so well, THEY are coming. You know who. Family! And you DO NOT want them in your house. Mary Ryglewicz, sensational sales manager at the Homewood Suites by Hilton in the Medical District, has open arms. Send them her way. She has a pool with cool mists. She has free cool drinks and free breakfast in the morning and some cool drinks with alcohol and food most evenings. This is the coolest spot in town during summer and the great choice to avoid your home invaders. Mary has a night for two readers for a cool test drive.
Mr. Clean: Other things that come out in the wash, much like giveaway item No. 1, are the grease and grime from roadways and mudslides that all that wet stuff in May rained down on us. Whatever happened to April showers bring May flowers? Actually, June brings Jerry's Express Car Wash giveaways. Just in time, thank you, Doug Cookston!  Doug is using Mr. B's Rio in a before-and-after car wash commercial. Unkempt Kia goes in, shiny F350 comes out. Get your car upgraded with one free month of car washes for one car.

Ms. Clean: If you do a sweep of possible commercial janitorial services to employ, you might end up at Fort Knox. That would be QCS Unlimited owner Clara Knox, who needed that fort to raise six kids. Three of the kids work with her running QCS Unlimited and as marketing maven Lashelle Knox says, "We don't cut corners, we clean them." And floors and kitchens and bathrooms and cubicles. And if there is some unusual situation, Shawn Knox will figure out a way to wash that problem away. You'll want to knox everyone out of your way to win this gift pail of cleaning supplies and paper products, and a Pegaso Mexican Diner $40 gift card and t-shirt.

Congratulations to June 15 Prize Winners:
  • Ken Byrd, Synergy Bank
  • Debra Smith, Pulliam Pools
  • Bart Graves, Quarles Lumber
  • Laura Riehm, Skin Deep Laser MD
  • Sue Holdridge, Barnett, Howard & Williams



Teed off: Jackie Pierce, the Chief Croaker at Big Frog Custom T-Shirts and More, says political season brings out the ugliness in some t-shirt seekers. It's ugly enough that she is considering instituting a policy about editorial content.

A Press-ing idea: Richard Connor, whose media company owns Fort Worth Business, says "sometime soon (Press) is going back into the nameplate. I'm not sure how it ever left except some agency recommended it." Probably a great thing for all those folks who still refer to it as the Business Press.

Smart strategy: J.O.
, an advertising/marketing agency, opened a non-profit agency to work only with non-profits.

Maverick thinking: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban's blog rant earlier this month about the tech bubble being worse now than 2000 and denouncing out-of-control Angel and other investors didn't faze Les Kreis, Principal of Steelhead Capital Management and a Cowtown Angels member. "I completely agree with Cuban.  In 2012, per the Angel Resource Institute, the average pre-money valuation for angel deals was $2.5M.  Today it is $4.6M.  To me, this demonstrates an irrational exuberance." Les is focused on biotech. "There's a huge technical knowledge gap that keeps early biotech opportunities at low valuations; most investors just can't understand them."

Six (Flags) degrees of separation:
Christi Ketcham of @Work, Kelly LeBlanc of tyco security and Travis Chaffin of Mechanical Solutions worked at Six Flags at the same time without knowing so. Christi and Travis handled rides and Kelly was part of a marching band.  Christi spent 15 years there, eventually working in human resources.

Big, big alliances: Hillwood actually owns the new Marriott Courtyard at Alliance Town Center, which also includes 35 restaurants and soon will be headquarters for AllianceTexas. Guess is that it will be the finest Courtyard in the system. Reid Goetz says Hillwood also is looking for infill opportunities in Fort Worth.

Who was advising her? Wells Fargo financial adviser Donna Bromfield-Day grew up in the Cayman Islands. Leo Day is a Mississippian. Love and Leo were a powerful force that got her to leave the Caymans for Mississippi. Leo and Donna have been in Fort Worth three years. He is the Dean of the School of Church Music at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He specializes in opera, but did not sing his marriage proposal.

"Making (business) decisions by yourself is one of the most dangerous things you can do."

                                                -- Craig Kautsch, real estate entrepreneur
during a Vision FW breakfast
Don't throw stones...: Especially if you have bricks. Acme Brick, the Chamber's 2016 Spirit of Enterprise honoree, makes one of every four bricks sold in the U.S. Its bricks are guaranteed 100 years, which means the paperweight mini brick left at attendees' luncheon seat during the Chamber's Annual Meeting will have to be part of Mr. B's will. Acme CEO Dennis Knautz thanked his 2,300 associates -- "People make the ultimate difference."

Why networking is overrated:
At the Chamber Annual Meeting luncheon, Mr. B found one table in the back that was nearly empty. He didn't have to network, he got the centerpiece to take home as if he bought something for the Prospective Ms. B and he ate SEVEN additional Dannon strawberry yogurt/cheesecake desserts. Dannon was the presenting sponsor.

Something in the water? If you're keeping score, the new Chancellor of B2B Insider sponsor Tarrant County College (Eugene V. Giovannini), joins the head of the UNTHSC/TCU medical school and the superintendent of the FWISD as migrates from Arizona.

Let's make a deal: Mr. B scours the Chamber member coupons and the member-to-member discounts (check out Red Mango!) because he always is trying to raise his Chamber effectiveness. The Prospective Ms. B suggested he be more honest and add that he is cheaper than the next, every person. Anyways, member Stevie Dawn Inspires, who coaches and trains and knows quite a bit  about Emotional Intelligence, has a 25 percent off deal and if that could make Mr. B more effective in getting Boss Miserly Mistress to give him a raise after six years, he's Inspired to try. Check online and find a deal, or post one yourownself. 

Running with saws: A Chamber Am-Bass-Adorable herownself is hosting a ribbon-cutting and open house next Wednesday at 4 p.m. Melissa Peters, Pete Peters and fellow Adorables will officially launch the re-purposed office of CMP Construction at 1150 MLK Freeway (Rosedale and 287). Melissa also heads a Chamber Leads Group and it has scheduled a hootenanny of sorts to follow. 

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