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The Chamber's membership competition is underway at Lena Pope Home, Inc.! The member event is a two-day telethon to sign up new Chamber members, generate greater community awareness and keep our Chamber as the largest one in the DFW metroplex. 200 volunteer business owners and executives, many who are members of the chamber and leaders in the Fort Worth business community, will work against the clock and against each other in friendly competition. The theme for the campaign is "In Your Corner," and will utilize boxing or martial arts terminology, music and costumes.  #FWCInYourCorner #FortWorthWins
Click on the links below to enter for prizes

Sweet eats: Lacey Pediford -- whose name rekindles memories of lazy days of light, lingering pedicures -- traded Mr. B a fantastically fabulosa fish fiesta with champagne at Grace Restaurant in exchange for one month of dishes and disposal duty. "Trade" might be a stretch when Mr. B couldn't locate a debit card. Fishing guide and chef extraordinaire Mr. Blaine served Maine Lobster "Roll", Smoked Terrine of Spanish Mackerel, Maine Diver Scallop and Montauk Monkfish. Mr. B had scales hisownself from all those eats and then the dishes he washed, but it was worth every bite. Thanks to Mr. Grace-ful, Adam Jones, you'll get a dinner for two and no Palmolive duty. 

Pain B-Gone: Mr. B's two-year-old granddaughter BamBino had a motorized vehicle (the Beast) that does about four miles an hour and it/she have managed to ram holes in every wall in her home. She finally moved on to a motorcycle, which would prove convenient for her Papa Tex. His Rio was hit by a Lexus recently and, well, big money always wins in the end. The Lexus also left him sore in the neck and shoulders and after a few days of living through the pain, he went to see Dr. Lauren at Path to Wellness Chiropractic. She got him on the right path and he was well soon enough. Her initial consultation, which includes all x-rays, neurological exam and a complete report, can get you on the path to wellness, too.
Soap & shampoo: A year ago, Noah opened the Eagle Mountain water dam and flooded north Texas; lakes were so high they were unsafe for boaters, fish and shore dwellers; car washers sat idly by waiting for sunny days and muddy chassis. Today, lakes are lower, gas prices even lower and car washes are so busy you can't get in. Unless you know Mr. Doug Cookston at Jerry's Express Car Wash. Doug knows the hose business and he is the man to know on a crowded day, especially if you have this certificate for one month of free car washing for one car. Don't bring that entry for your fleet into this bay. That's a washout.

Is this winning? Or losing? Mr. B is the Susan Lucci of raises; he can't win one from Chamber Boss Miserly Mistress. So he went to ADvice to get advice. "It's a misnomer. We only strategize about business development, marketing, advertising, PR, networking and recruiting, but no real actual work. We find someone to do the work or if we can't, we make up some consultative answer to keep you satisfied." So B got no ADvice and no raise, but if you want to raise your ability to strategize by consulting with ADvice, grab this free one-on-one session.

Congratulations to Feb. 17 Prize Winners:
  • Jennifer Flynn, Meals on Wheels
  • John Hill, Iron Egg
  • Chris Fuller, Influence Leadership
  • Kayla Kidwell, Bank of Texas
  • Timothy McKay, Harris, Finley & Bogle


The winner's circle: Accepting one of the Chamber's Small Business of the Year awards last week, The Baker Firm - Fidelity National Title President Troy Moncrief mentioned that he races motorcycles and described the adrenaline rush at the starting line. "I just duplicated that feeling," he said of the Chamber honor. Moncrief had his picture taken with Mayor Price Is Right. Probably not the first time Moncrief has had his picture taken with the Mayor.

D&D is all A(s): At a gourmet lunch Monday, Mr. B became much more familiar with Dean & DeLuca, which is good because the Colonial Country Club's annual golf tournament is now the Dean & Deluca Invitational, to which Mr. B hopes to be an invitee. Dean & DeLuca will expand into Texas during its six-year sponsorship agreement and you're going to be salivating over the Piedmontese rib roast and tenderloin. More native Texan ingratiating might be the salmon bacon. Seriously! Mr. B is hoping these delicacies will be served at concession stands during the tournament, as well as in the private tents and towers.

Bordering on TMI: Meghan Dollar, marketing manager at Priority Power Management, will become Mrs. Parker March 19. "Not as much fun as Miss Dollar," she says, "but the perks are infinitely better."

Outtakes: From last week's Mayor Price Is Right State of the City luncheon:
  •  "My staff works hard ... chasing a crazy lady around town."
  • "I may not have that (walking) boot on today, but I've used it on a few people."
  • The City expects to announce in March that two (California) manufacturing companies are moving here...and 1,000 more employees and a 30 percent increase in F-35 production at Lockheed Martin is expected the next few years.
  • She told a story of being in a work suit and heels and renting from the FW Bike Sharing rack. Pedaling down the street, she heard Bill Meadows, retired chief insurer at Hub International, call out, "Mayor, the city can't afford to buy you a car?"
Plays from the sideline: Mr. B is excited for Texas Wesleyan University to have a football team beginning in 2017. If a stadium is going to be built on campus, let's shoot for an indoor one similar to Frisco's so Mike Jeffcoat's baseball team could practice and the No. 1-ranked table tennis team could pong all opponents no matter the weather.

"I have a wife and she tells me every day that I'm happily married."

                                                -- Michael Steffen
NAS Joint Reserve Base Commander
Will the real Mr. B stand up: A shocking, turned lovely story from Barbara Higbee, the Community Kitchen Manager at Tarrant Area Food Bank. She relates that "Everyone has called me Ms. B for years. As people are touring the Tarrant Area Food Bank and I am introduced as Ms. B, more than one person has asked 'Is your husband Mr. B?'  When I proudly reply 'Yes, he is' as that's what everyone around here calls my husband, their follow-up question is always, 'Really - Mr. B from B2B Insider is your husband?'  Then the explanation begins.  Not that you wouldn't be an amazing husband, Mr. B, I'm just pretty happy with my Mr. B. I've already got him trained!"

Wordsmiths: Wayne Canter says Bullseye Balloons and Searchlights is offering "architectural lights." Fancy way to say it can light up a building, flagpole, etc.

Lead or get out of the way: Donnie Boivin, Sandler Training - SalesMastery Consultants, is on a one-man sales crusade to increase the number of Chamber Leads Groups. He's at nine and shooting for 20. He also is a member of a (Semper fi) Marines-only group. If you know Donnie, the following claim is hard to believe. "I'm one of the quiet ones," he said. "Trust me, if you're not a Jarhead, you don't want to be in that room."

Three's company: Pete and Melissa Peters of CMP Construction closed this month on their new office building on Rosedale with assistance from Chad Snyder of Collier's International North Texas/Fort Worth and Erika Hersh of PeopleFund. The connection was made within the Cowtown Leads Group, in which all three are members.

Colour My World: Mr. B is tickled pink to go, but could be red-faced if called upon during the Chamber's March 1 "The Power of Color Workshop" with Linda Thomas. He doesn't want to color your thinking before attending, but what if you're a Baylor Bear and green really isn't your color? If you attend, you get a book and companion guide, which is not a dog.

Toe the line: Chamber coordinator of events-and-more extraordinaire Doris Becker was cringing in the rain. Rushing amidst raindrops, she injured her toe, will have surgery and be out during March. Chamber chaos will reign. Best wishes to Doris.

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Use for direct mail to Chamber businesses. (Avery 5160)
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  • Full membership set (approx. 2,000 addresses)- $300 for Chamber members
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