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Last week's Women Influencing Business workshop at the Fort Worth Club featured these powerhouse women who are at the "Top of their Game." On negotiating, here's their advice:

Dean Croson: Ask at least 3 critical questions to obtain information,  leverage options, propose things that meet the other side's root interests.

Mayor Price: Kill 'em with kindness. Listen to people to gain knowledge, understand perspective.

Leah King: Be aware of your physical reactions -- like flushed face, shortness of breath or clammy hands. Know what to do to overcome your own body language and what it takes to settle and calm yourself.

Susan Nix: Like wine.

L to R: Dr. Rachel Croson, UT-Arlington College of Business; Mayor Betsy Price; Susan Nix, Susan Nix Consulting Group; Leah King, Northstar Bank of Texas; and Anne Holland, Barney Holland Oil Company.

View additional pictures of the event here.

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Maggie goes Modern: We're in the midst of another fabulously entertaining Magnolia at the Modern film series and next weekend's Friday-Sunday film from England ... The Lady in the Van. "...wonderfully funny, terribly touching and a vehicle -- with comically dilapidated vehicles -- for the boundless gifts of Maggie Smith," writes Joe Morgenstern. Whoa! THEEE Maggie Smith, the mad-dame of Downton Abbey, which is in its final season. In this story, a man forms an unexpected bond with a transient woman living in her car, which is parked in his driveway. Sounds classic un-Maggie. Classic Modern Kendal (jump in the) Lake has a pair of tickets for four readers.  

Better sit down for this: Mr. B is not aware of too many sweeter growth stories of Chamber companies than American National Services, 812 E. Northside Drive, Suite C. Well, make that suites A-through-R. Every time you see Nick Eggleston or Bob Lutz at an event, they're explaining how ANS is adding this office furniture purchasing option or storage option or white noise options for cubicles ... The company expands so often that pretty soon Northside is going to be re-named Eggleston Lutz Road. Quality offerings, all services. Check out the $400 Alera Veon office chair because that could be at your desk by the end of this week.
Sales strategy 101: B2B Insider had a bit of a "hold" on this giveaway so the Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains had a chance to get on with their cookie sales, which have been booming for almost three weeks. Because the "sales" seasons are the same time, Mr. B is wondering if more people attend the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo or buy boxes of cookies? Whatever...Katherine Curtis, CFRE, which stands for Cookie FundRaising Executive, developed and communicated from the Girl Scouts (1) one case of Thin Mints and (1) one case of Lemonades for (1) one reader. There are (12) twelve packages of cookies per case.

Sales for a cause: A woman walks into a resale shop and sees a beautiful wine chiller, which can cost up to thousands of dollars. "How much?" she asks. "$200." Sold! The woman has two bottles of wine in her home, but "I'm going to start drinking more now." You, too, can do more after visiting a resale shop; one of Mr. B's favorites and THE favorite for a marketing name is Berry Good Buys. The buys are Berry Berry good and it's just a coincidence that nonprofit SafeHaven's resale shop is on Berry Street. Joanie Khoury, SafeHaven's HR person who happens to be very humane, rummaged up a $50 gift certificate for you to shop and be resourceful. The resale shop supports SafeHaven's work with women and children that have been victims of domestic violence.

Congratulations to Jan. 27 Prize Winners:
  • Michael Davis, Go Higher Internet Marketing
  • April Dalton, Fairfield Inn & Suites
  • Camille Curry, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
  • Tim McKay, Harris, Finley and Bogle
  • Miroslava Torres, Regions Bank

Super trivia: It's the 50th Super Bowl game this Sunday. Kent Nix, the son of a TCU quarterback and a former TCU quarterback hisownself under Abe Martin, was on the three-man taxi squad of the Green Bay Packers, who played in the FIRST SUPER BOWL. Kent was third-string QB to Bart Starr and Zeke Bratkowski.  Green Bay's SB I victory over Kansas City was actually the Packers' third straight championship and Coach Lombardi designed a ring with three diamonds on top. Taxi squadders did not get the ring; they got cufflinks and tie bars. Nix played one year in Green Bay, a few in Pittsburgh and a couple in Chicago. He returned to Fort Worth and started and sold several businesses.

Your opinion counts ... 1,2,3: Mayor Price Is Right and the City Council have presented their second annual Public Engagement Survey for your perusal during which you get to ANONYMOUSLY share your thoughts and ideas on how to make Fort Worth mo' better.  Questions include why you choose to live in Fort Worth -- Denver is too far to get to work on time  -- and what you think the City's top priorities should be -- a free app for free metered parking. 

Hall of Famer: Just in time for the Super Bowl, Goff Capital's John Goff has been elected to the Hall of Fame ... The North Texas Commercial Association of Realtors' Hall of Fame. Goff is a private investor, chairman and CEO of Crescent Real Estate Holdings and co-founded Crescent Real Estate Equities with the late Richard Rainwater.

Exit interview: Jay Coates on the re-established, re-designed, revolutionized Pegaso Diner -- "Our operator is no longer with us. She's alive, just not with us."

Family affairs: During 2014, ACH Child and Family Services, whose mission is to "protect children and preserve families," won a contract from the state to provide services for seven counties. It is spending $5 million to build a database of immediate available care. "It's a meaningful difference in how the state handles care," ACH CEO Wayne Carson said. "We're going to show the state how matches can be done." Carson also said TCU is doing research on childhood trauma for ACH.

Not a rosy outlook: Julie Hunter, not just a relationship banker but a VIP II Relationship Manager with Southside Bank, wanted to win the three dozen roses for Valentine's Day from Gordon Boswell Flowers last week to "save my husband some money, he can spend on jewelry!" What does this say, guys? There were 142 B2B Insider entries for the roses, 103 from women.

Marathon (wo)man: Mr. B didn't realize he would be sitting with a "maybe" Olympian at the Mayor's State of the City luncheon Feb. 16. Elizabeth Northern (Buxton) won a seat to lunch and she'll probably need it. The previous Saturday -- Feb. 13 -- Elizabeth will be competing at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials ... she has run marathons fast enough the last three years to qualify. "My odds aren't as bad as the Powerball of getting into the Olympics," she wrote. Only three of the 250 competitors will make the U.S. team participating in Rio this summer. "I know that it's going to take a super Hail Mary and a shot to the moon to get on the Olympic team, but I kind of consider that I've hit my goal just to go." Elizabeth is married to Will Northern of Northern Realty Group.

Heck, we knew her when: Liz (what the) Heck/now Confiliano, publicity proponent for Moncrief Cancer Institute, is the new President of the Greater Fort Worth Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. It's such a high-power job that she had to send out a press release herownself. She does get to boss around our buddy and her veep, Claire Bloxom Armstrong of Pavlov.

"Did you notice my eye twitching? It might be stress associated with signing two new, very large clients."

                                                -- Sherry Green, Technology Team
Camo is the color of money: Sellmark, one of the Chamber's Small Business of the Year finalists in the 51-150 employee category, was started by the Sellers in 2000 in their garage. CEO Dianna Sellers says Sellmark sells its mark on anything to do with hunting and in stores such as Cabela's. The Sellers sell well. They are up to 60 employees and sales reached $30 million last year. The garage doesn't work. They had to get a big ol' warehouse in Mansfield. The SBOY winners will be announced Feb. 16 at the Mayor's State of the City reception and luncheon.

No more than 3 ounces:
One better not Open Carry around Mark Holmstrup, the hubby of Jas Holmstrup with American (big) Heart Association. Mark is the Homeland Security TSA regional field counsel who prosecutes peeps in five states. At home, they have three dogs for security. Jas orchestrates the Feb. 26 Go Red for Women luncheon.

Food for thought: Liesl Gray Manone worked for the Girl Scouts when it was called the Circle T Council. This story is weighted in her favor -- "Damaged (cookie) boxes could not be sold. They'd take the sleeves of cookies out of the boxes and leave them in the break room. I'd fish out the Peanut Butter Patties and hoard them. During the span of one cookie season -- my first -- I gained 25 pounds. A co-worker figured up that a whole package of PBPs was worth three days of points on her Weight Watchers. Those cookies are made from crack. I still buy multiple boxes from any girl I see selling them." Today, Liesl is Operations Director at Don't Forget to Feed Me Pet Food Bank. Doubt she is eating from its damaged boxes.

Go figure...if you can: Dave O'Lenick of the Sheraton Fort Worth and Allen Spinner and Sherry Green of Technology Team spent the holidays together. Sherry's sister-in-law's aunt is Dave's wife's housemate. Dave's, too, because he and his wife are roommates. Aunt Anna just came along with the marriage.

15 seconds of YouTube fame: The Chamber has a YouTube Channel. OK, it's no Funny Or Die, for sure. Far and away, the most popular video, by almost 2-to-1, is the presentation of development plans for Walsh Ranch. The videos, mostly from Chamber talks/discussions, are shared online for those that couldn't attend an event or for those that attended and want a refresher. Coming soon on video -- Don't tell Big Boss Bill, but Mr. B is planning with Coach P to punk BBB during TCU's spring football game.

Running with scissors: David Parker of Longbow Partners has been lobbying the Chamber on Mr. B's behalf for a raise. The Chamber responded -- anonymously -- and "suggests that if Mr. B persists, Mr. B might B better served by attending the ribbon cutting with Chamber Am-Bass-Adorables tomorrow at staffing solutions provider Imprimis Group, 1751 River Run, Ste. 200, 4:00 p.m." Mr. B would rather visit Kim and the nearby The Woodhouse Day Spa, 1621 River Run, Ste. 161, 11:30 a.m., next Tuesday. With or without a job, he at least would be stress-free and skin beautiful.


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