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NAS JRB Commander Michael Steffen appeared quite comfortable speaking to a Chamber luncheon group last week at Cendera Center. The lunch was catered by City Kitchen. "Thank you for inviting me to speak. It got me out of a human resource class. The meal was fantastic. Steak! I think I saw some of those out at the Stock Show yesterday." Read below for his comments about why he loves Texans, when not to panic and a guys' night out.

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For whom the Bell toils: For a story about fame and recognition, The Washington Post had famous violinist Joshua Bell (disguised) play in the D.C. Metro without identifying him. The truth is it was Joshua from Saved by the Bell. When the real Joshua Bell stands up, it will be center stage February 6 at Bass Performance Hall for the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra's annual Gala Concert & Dinner. The performance is Bell's first with the FWSO in more than 20 years because it's difficult to get him away from playing the subways. The Grammy Award winner will perform Bruch's Violin Concerto No. 1, Op. 26, Strauss's Suite from der Rosenkavalier, Op. 59 and Verdi's Overture to La Forza del destino. FWSO maestros Amy and Kenyon strummed around for two tickets to the concert; you're on your own for dinner.  

A cut above: Marcelle LeBlanc has richly rewarded B2B Insider readers for years with her The Velvet Box gift certificates. It could be about to end. She bought a cutting horse, which makes her rich, crazy or crazy rich.  "I have been saving for years. It's been my goal to do since I moved here in 2007," she said. "He's named Austin CD Limits, but we call him Sasquatch. I will show him and so will the trainer in the open classes in hopes that he helps pay for himself." Sasquatch will not be attired with The Velvet Box specialties. Before he eats all the profits and just in time for Valentine's Day, Marcelle sent over a $50 gift card for two readers.
Roses are red, ...: As a public service to your relationships, Mr. B is running this outrageously generous (and beautiful) Valentine's Day offer from Gordon Boswell Flowers early. Some of you (Amy, Chuck, Rich) depend on Mr. B to annually come through for you on special occasions. You win an arrangement or a bouquet because of the generosity of Boswell's Courtney McCaleb, then pass it off as your schlepping to the florist, picking out an arrangement, blah, blah, blah. B2B Insider will select a winner tonight and if you don't win, you have 17 days on your own to take care of your sweetie. But if you are lucky (talking to you Amy, Chuck and Rich), Courtney has the most beautiful ensemble of THREE dozen roses, no thorns attached.

Ahoy, scalawags: Pirates will have a Jolly Roger of a time Feb. 6 at Nolan Catholic High School's annual Mardi Gras fundraiser event. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! The Vikings will be surrounded by pirates and B2B Insider has been promised that similar to pirate lore that "dead men tell no tales"...what happens this night stays at Nolan. What should happen is dinner and beverages, dancing and all kinds of buying opportunities. Kathryn (wife of sports announcer John) Rhadigan provided two tickets.

Congratulations to Jan. 20 Prize Winners:
  • Elizabeth Northern, Buxton
  • Tucker Mullins, Key Personnel
  • Matt Johns, Cooksey Communications
  • Dale Brock, Visiting Angels
  • Tracy Gilmour, Sundance Square
  • Sue Holdridge, Barnett, Howard & Williams
  • Doug Nix, ABM
  • Megan Terrell, Clifton, Larson Allen
  • Cathy Sheffield, Baylor-Scott White Health Foundation

Passing on gas: After 88 years (1928-2015), the Barney Holland Oil Company is not in the oil and fuel marketing business. First with Marland Oil Company, then Conoco, then Texaco, then GASCARD, then Fuelman, then it's over. Now, namesake Barney, who hasn't been around all 88 years, will concentrate on the company's commercial real estate holdings.

Care-ful planning: Steve Troy of Synergy Home Care shared a story about why he loves his work. Seems a 21-year-old Houston man named Luke with MS graduated high school as valedictorian. He was accepted to TCU. Luke's mother wasn't prepared for this and didn't know how Luke would live alone, get ready for school, etc. "We worked with TCU's disability office and the people there were great," Steve said. "We then helped Luke and his family move him into an apartment and Synergy is his daily caregiver."

Low expectation for higher ed: Mr. B asked Arrick Jackson, a veep with Tarrant County College, about the job posting for Chancellor. "Yes," he said cordially, "you interested?" Obviously he hasn't heard much about Mr. B.

You're joking, right? The newest Entrepreneur-in-Residence at TCU is Four Day Weekend. The guys will improv their way through lectures at the TCU Neeley School of Business. Their one-of-a-kind comedy and positive thinking complements classroom boredom, err learning. With character sketches, audience participation and personal stories, Four Day Weekend will demonstrate the power of replacing "no" in business vocabularies with "yes, and..." 

Are you lonesome tonight? B2B Insider told you this way, way back, but it's more official now that Texas Monthly has listed the Lonesome Dove exhibit at the Sid Richardson Museum as one of six "must attend" events in Texas.

Sounds & barriers: NAS JRB Commander Michael Steffen, a Chamber luncheon speaker last week at Cendera Center, says talks are in progress with the Federal Aviation Administration about unmanned aircraft, better known as drones, around the base, which is an operational accident waiting to happen. The NAS is restricted area obviously, but "we're looking for a way to get to 'yes,' because they're pretty darn cool,'' Steffen said. And...
  • Don't panic Feb. 1-12 if you hear sirens blaring on the west side of Fort Worth. Force protection exercises are occurring at the base. "Nothing really going on," Steffen said.
  • "I have a wife and three daughters. If you're having a guys' night out, PLEASE call me."
  • When a jet flew above and sonic boomed the building, Steffen said, "I came from California and God, I love Texas. You guys love that sound."

[On the effect of Open Carry] "I think it is too early to tell, but we have not heard any concerns raised so far.  I would expect the impact to be nominal, if any."

                                                -- Robert Sturns, Interim Director  
Economic Development, City of Fort Worth
Here come da judge: Shannon Gracey attorney Lisa Lumley is running for a Tarrant County judicial spot. She is handing out Lindt chocolate. This mention is not necessarily an endorsement for the judge, but for the chocolate.

To Tell The Truth:
Sam Shafeeq at PF Chang's says he is Sam I Am.

Hepburn or heartburn? Audrey (Organized Chaos) Stewart has been promoted to account director at Balcom. How is that news? Only that the Chamber is one of her accounts, which as a "director," she might suddenly believe she, too, should be editing Mr. B in B2B Insider. BTW, the OC also is certified to lead True Colors personality workshops for Balcom clients.

Not fit to a T: Because it receives federal dollars and "shouldn't" compete with charter companies and because it was outside its route structure, The T no longer has bus service to Dallas Cowboys games, to TMS Speedway or its Christmas Lights tour. Separately, the T board has seen options for future routes in growth areas and is studying the plan for about another three weeks.

Who was that masked man? Bob Lutz at American National Services says bosses are ordering cubicles with lower panels (to better watch you!). Lower panels = more noise, so ANS is doing more "sound masking."

Friendly norther: In B2B's never-ending quest to save you dollars, you can buy this trip by tax day April 15 and save $100 (three percent). The Chamber's annual fall trip is to Ontario and Quebec from Oct. 1-8 and the approximate $3,100 fare includes seven nights' accommodation, sightseeing, meals and airfare from D/FW International Airport. The tour visits the province of Ontario, the lively, modern city of Toronto and the inspiring spectacle of Niagara Falls. In Quebec, you will visit the beautiful French cities of Montreal and Quebec City. Ask Monta for more info.

Running with scissors: If one of you lovely, outstanding, hard-working Am-Bass-Adorables could pick up a doggie bag of BBQ shrimp & grits and a future newsletter giveaway of a dinner for two from David Bryan at Flight on Eagle Mountain Lake, B2B Insider readers would be very happy. The Flight has sharp knives for the noon Tuesday ribbon cutting. Wednesday at 11:30, the Adorables are over hill and over dale to Overton Trails at 2450 Oak Hill Circle. Son NoBGood lived there and met the most wonderful woman who now is his wife and that could happen to you, too, unless you already have a wonderful wife.


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