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The cowpokes pictured here are select members of the Fort Worth ISD Children's Honor Choir and it was the honor of attendees to the Chamber's State of Education luncheon last Thursday to hear them country choir at the Cendera Center.  They welcomed new Super Dr. Kent Scribner with Getting to Know You and a Fort Worth-ized version of Deep in the Heart of Texas. Go see for yourownself.

See more #StateOfEdFWISD photos by Mike Zukerman  here.

See the Distinguished Employers of Fort Worth Teens reception here.

See videos of FWISD student drumlines, jazz combo and choir on our Facebook page here.

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Getting the skin-ny: The prospective Ms. B is a skincare mogul and Mr. B isn't above pilchering a sample or two or three. B stands for beautiful, doesn't it? In the B Mansion, Fort Worth's Galderma product Cetaphil ranks in the Top 5. When Nestlé Skin Health was born last year and took Galderma in-house, the chocolate flavor of Cetaphil became a Top 2 fav because of its versatility. You could rub it on your skin or your tongue. Who doesn't love Nestlé? All the way from France to headline the Oct. 28 Mayor's International Luncheon at the Omni Hotel is Humberto Antunes,  President and Chief Executive Officer at Nestlé Skin Health and Galderma, the international manufacturer of dermatological products. A skin-timate lunch seat for two readers.

HOPE I win: Here's hoping you win this $50 gift card to celebrate the re-branded 
HOPE WALK on October 25 at Trinity Park Pavilion benefiting AIDS Outreach Center. When there's an entry, there's high HOPE in the fight against HIV/AIDS. From 1-5 p.m., there are activities, including a kids area, music, food and Sandra Ford, who will inspire with her personal story as a woman living with HIV/AIDS. If you're in the park, don't miss the new Heels for Hope Dash, a 5k stiletto run complete with a High Heel Trophy. 
Talk is all flowery: Mr. B told Jathan at GlennScape that he had a flat and blowout and was planted between the Bridge and Oakland exits off I-30. His response? "That's not very good Texas dirt." OK, so it is fall planting season and what would you expect from a landscaper. Mr. B just called Turtle Towing and was on the move again within three hours. GlennScape is very much on the move during a busy fall planting season to prepare for spring. Jathan has four flowery flats
and a complete landscaping consult for one reader.

It's All Shook Up! The sensational performers at the Texas Boys Choir, Inc. are shaking, rattling and rolling all the way back to 1955 for this "hip-swiveling, lip-curling musical fantasy that'll have you jumpin' out of your blue suede shoes with such classics as Heartbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, and Don't Be Cruel."  One run-on sentence and 60 years, wow! Some of these performers' grandparents weren't even born yet. That Elvis endures speaks to his greatness. And thanks to the greatness of choir-chanteuse Katoiya Bell, two readers can win a pair of tickets for any performance Oct. 16-18 or Oct. 22-24.

Congratulations to October 7 Prize Winners:
  • Pam Alphin, UNTHSC
  • Greg Stephenson, Newark E&P
  • Judy Burgess, Freese and Nichols
  • Steve Peglar, Whitney Smith Company

Name game: Megan Stiller says she is ok with stretching the truth about her relationship to "family members" Ben & Jerry as long as her Community Storehouse gets mentioned.

Cold shoulder ... and more:
There was an International Economic Development Council meeting last week attended by City of Fort Worth and Chamber EDers. Beautiful Anchorage, Alaska ... in October. Fort Worth's acting director-ED, Robert Sturns, messaged highs of about 40 degrees. "Beautiful country ... not a bear or moose in sight...so far."

Last day of school: Today is the final day for Interim Superintendent Pat Linares at the Fort Worth ISD. School personnel and businesses said goodbye at a Chamber lunch last week.
  • The Chamber presented her with a beautiful wine cooler and gift card (for wine). "I promise to put it to good use during my second retirement," she said.
  • She praised the late Tarrant County College Chancellor Erma Hadley Johnson for her "legacy" of three college high schools within the ISD.
  • She recognized and thanked her work partners and family as they worked 24/7 for 17 months ..."it was supposed to be three."  
First day of school: Today is the first day for Superintendent Dr. Kent Paredes Scribner at the Fort Worth ISD. School personnel and businesses said hello at a Chamber lunch last week.
  • "87,000 students...A-L-L students. That's what I'm all about," Scribner said.
  • He said his "focus is not on students' high school graduation, but on their college and career preparation."
  • His dad is a retired professor from The University of Texas; his mother is a retired professor from Texas State University. Linares was a student of his father's.
ISDs are big for business: Three local mayors say they have to work closely with their ISDs.  Mayor Price Is Right says her job is to get the Fort Worth business community involved. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings says we "have to make it easier for businesses to be involved." "Pragmative" Irving Mayor Beth Van Dyne calls the relationship an "economic development issue."

Pop(s) goes the weasel: The final of the Business Assistance Center's Business Plan Competition, with more than $50k in cash and prizes, is Oct. 22 at the Dee Kelly Alumni Center at TCU. Two of the three finalists are Chamber members with side businesses. Carolyn Phillips, United Way, produces frozen mini alchemy popsicles in a variety of flavors from Texas-only products. Marketing consultant Kenn Scott has a wild and crazy band that produces exercise songs and videos/products for pre-K and first graders. He says one in six of them yung'uns is obese.

Blended titles? On the Chamber's free job board, Sedona Productions is looking for bartenders and mixologists. Mr. B doesn't drink because he drives people crazy, but (duh!) asks, "What's the difference?"

Why you should consider a Leads Group: From Jason Duling of Tyco Integrated Security and a member along with Elizabeth Jacobsen of Spectrum Business in the Chamber's Cowtown Leads Exchange -- "Elizabeth referred me to a client of hers; the warm lead resulted in a business transaction and the client incorporating a security alarm system into his new business in downtown Fort Worth. I was able to meet someone based on Elizabeth's networking skills and professionalism. As soon as I mentioned Elizabeth's name, this prospective client immediately welcomed me ... the initial walls were removed."

He'd vote for this: Mr. B didn't realize that Chamber Big Boss Bill even knew his name, especially when it came to signing the paycheck. So Mr. B was verrrry surprised to get a note from BBB offering an extra hour for lunch, his tickets in the TCU football stadium suite and his personal parking space at the "club" so little B could go vote. B didn't even have to promise he would vote for Prop 7, which BBB and the Chamber Board recommended strongly back in August because it's mucho state moola but no new taxes for roads. More roads, less congestion sounds like a deal. Early voting begins Oct. 19th.

"The only division in our marriage is FOOTBALL!"

                                                -- Credit Card Guy's Kathy (Cowboys)
on husband Dane Young (Seahawks)

If you're scoring at home: Regina Smith, Organizational Development Manager with Freese and Nichols, is newest examiner for the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. She is competing with Jeff Banister for Manager of the Year.

Y not?
What good is a spokesperson that isn't talking? Trish Rodriguez is all hush hush, but there's a huge announcement coming Friday from the YWCA.

We love free: Courtesy of the University of Texas at Arlington Executive MBA Program, veterans, UTA alumni, students and prospective E-MBA students, which could be anybody, really, are invited to the simulcast of John Maxwell's Live2Lead Leadership Summit Saturday, Oct. 24 from 9-noon at the UTA College of Business. Registration is required. Veterans also can snag four free tickets to the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl game Dec. 29.

Cash for careers: The Chamber's Development Foundation received a $107,700 grant from TG, an educational nonprofit in Round Rock, to improve the pathways to post-secondary credentials, degrees and careers for students within Fort Worth ISD. "Strategic Pathways to Student Success will start in middle schools to prepare and connect students with high-demand career pathways ...," said David Berzina, Chamber EVP of Economic Development. The Chamber's Workforce Development department oversees Distinguished Employers of Fort Worth Teens and the Chamber provides technical assistance and oversight of GO Centers, an area where students explore college or career options.

Not their tagline: Sherry Green and Allen Spinner own Technology Team, which relocates your company's data centers and computers. Allen says "Sherry sells the dream and I manage the nightmare."

Running with scissors: So that's where Garden Ridge went...the revamped garden, crafts and home store is now At Home and Chamber Am-Bass-Adorables will feel right at home Friday morning at 9:15 at 2201 Porter Creek Drive. At Home has plenty of ribbon to cut. Photos from most Chamber events can be viewed here.


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