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Aloha: Last month, members helped kick off summer and enjoyed a party in their honor at Hawaiian Falls - White Settlement. The party was hosted by the Chamber's Action Am-Bass-Adorables. Guests enjoyed Hawaiian themed food, drinks and networked with other members while being introduced to the water park, adventure park and event center. L to R: Paige Oliver, Rich Aviation; Lashelle Knox, QCS Unlimited, Inc.; John Oliver, Keller Williams.

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Thai one on: Natchaya Thanpaisarnsamut, which is easy to spell but not so easy to pronounce, has a personality similar to her Thailicous Thai restaurant's sticky rice. It's wholesome and has stick-to-it-ism. Delicious Thailicious has an auspicious menu for a boutique restaurant nestled in a shopping center at I-30 and Hulen. With your $50 gift card, you could get the platter (two chicken satay, two coconut shrimp, two potstickers, two crab Rangoon and two crispy spring rolls) and either the "critic's choice" crispy tilapia, the "staff's favorite" crispy basil duck or the "highly recommended" ribeye steak. Are you hungry enough to enter?


Just the right medicine: The Prospective Ms. B is baling and composting and Mr. B may be (forced) bailing hisownself if he doesn't keep his composted dirt-y mouth shout about gardening in this heat. Merry Mary, quite contrary, has suggested B come stay at her Homewood Suites-Medical District. There is lush greenery, done by someone else. There is a mister system to beat the heat while grilling or putting on the golf green or swimming in the heat. There is a big beautiful, comfortable pillowy bed, TV, free Internet and free breakfast. If Mr. B is bounced, you could join him at Homewood with this night's stay


Painting a pretty picture: Back in the old days, there was an expression that someone was A Piece of Work. Perhaps the person was interesting, but also  annoying or sarcastic ... and definitely difficult to get along with. Deborah Ezmerlian IS A Piece of Work; she's none of those things and she's particularly easy to get along with because her work is BYOB, a huge B-enefit. Deborah paints a pretty picture of life and her art studio is the bestest place for a girls or couples night out, painting classes or just artistic indulgence. B2B Insider brushed Deborah's back and came away with a painting class for two.

This help definitely is P.C.: Mr. B pulled a chest muscle trying to get a spring-loaded shelving unit into the Prospective Ms. B's shower. He complained and he whined ... loudly. He would not be able to vacuum, clean toilets, make beds, fertilize plants, stir the compost bin. In fact, all he really was able to do was watch sports on TV. But chores are chores so Mr. B called Ashli at Professional Caretakers, which does just about anything and everything around a house that isn't medical. And it does it better than Mr. B. Problem solved; Prospective Ms. B was all smiles. You'll be smiling, too, with this four hours of time from Professional Caretakers.

Congratulations to July 8th Prize Winners:
  • Camille Curry, Sodexo Leisure Services
  • Landon Brim, Southside Bank
  • Steve Kessler, Fidelity Investments
  • Jeanne Jenkins, Komen Greater Fort Worth

Winners will be announced weekly 


Moving stories: Raegan Bell of Bell Brothers Moving has the kids learning the business this summer; son Chase, 16, and daughter Jayden, 15, are getting paid for their work. "I did warn her that she is fire-able if she didn't do a great job and work harder than everyone else," Raegan said. "She has seen that almost every house we pack has televisions in the bedrooms and is trying to negotiate to get one in her room." Chase has learned that out-of-town jobs are awesome "because he gets paid to sleep."

When push isn't shove: During the recent IDEA Works/Pinnacle Bank Great Ideas luncheon, big-time investor Sunny Vanderbeck said this about leadership -- "A good leader will push you harder and farther than you thought you could go."

Put on a happy face: Speaker Robert Hall, a "recovering CEO," told the Impact Your Business luncheon group at Joe T Garcia's that the economy's most "defining trend" is disengagement --  the drag of uncommitted workers and weak customer relationships that provides low performance and a loss of productivity. Heartening, right? Some other Hall of fame highlights:

  • The No. 1 reason (54 percent) that people stay at their job is "I like the people I work with."
  • A 2013 Gallup Poll says 70 percent of workers are disengaged with their job.
  • Hall mentioned a survey that says 35 percent of people would forego a significant raise if it meant their boss were to be fired. 


Griswold family vacation 1: Tarleton State's Fort Worth campus has inexpensive 30- and 36-hour Masters degree programs and Mr. B is thinking that would be worth doing during his one week of vacation.  


Griswold family vacation 2: July 24 is the last day to register for the Chamber's October extravaganza vacation tour near Tuscany. Click here for details.   


Red seeing green: Red Sanders may be the first speaker in the new Young Visionaries series, but he's an old hand at media production, having started an entertainment company at 14. Vision FW begins its luncheon series next Tuesday at Joe T. Garcia's and you can reel in a seat here. Red's very successful Red Productions has produced full-length features Searching for Sonny and Balls Out and viral web videos, corporate communication, training and informational videos, non-profit fundraising videos and music videos. He will talk about that entrepreneurial spirit and answer questions.


Hot over the hoods: Working and being in business with a spouse isn't all fun and games. Dane Young is the Credit Card Guy. His wife, Kathy, works with him, but Dane "takes" credit for this story. "I have had a classic car since I graduated high school in 1975. It is a '68 Camaro. Since I had a classic car, she wanted to have one, too. She got a 1975 Fiat convertible. She does a lot of work on her car; she even re-built the carburetor. Now if I can just get her to smoke cigars, she'd be perfect!" On her behalf/rebuttal, Kathy asked, "Did he tell you he dropped a gallon of paint on my car?"    

"I don't drink anymore ... I don't drink any less, either."

                                                -- Allen Spinner, Technology Team
on getting older
Why attorney association is called the 'Bar': Captain Gil Miller, Commanding Officer of the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (NAS JRB), has a few days left before his August retirement. One thing he laughs about -- "We have 'you-have-to-be-kidding-me' moments daily. It's like a reality show. It didn't take long for me to figure out why we had a full-time lawyer on base."

Are you ready for some football?
Throwbacks may be for Thursday, but B2B Insider is distributed Wednesday and you would want to hear this story from Roger Carroll, owner of Cowtown Graphics & Signs. Carroll was the veep of marketing for Logo Athletic 25 years ago. Signed Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman for $100,000 to wear a Logo Athletic Cowboys hat on sidelines and around town. (Paid the equipment manager $25k to have the hats ready for Aikman to wear at all times.) Aikman won Super Bowls in 1992 and 1993, and it was time for him to re-negotiate ... for a cool million dollars. (Even the equipment manager got a raise to $50k.) Carroll also had contracts with Dan Marino, John Elway and a host of basketball players. "Troy was the best client ... ever," Carroll said. "He'd wear that hat everywhere."
Besties: Mr. B is Susan Lucci-ing hisownself's nomination to win one of the Chamber 2016 Small Business of the Year Awards. At this point, winning anything would be great. Nineteen  times Mr. B has entered. Nineteen times he hasn't gotten a return email. Still, it's a better record than the Cubbies. With assistance from Northstar Bank Texas and others, the SBOYs recognize and honor businesses that have demonstrated exemplary "Best Practices." Go here for nomination forms, which are due Sept. 26.


Artfully done: TBC, Inc. is now Texas Center for Arts + Academics. TCA+A includes Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts, Texas School of the Arts, Texas Boys Choir and Texas Dance Conservatory, which opens this fall.

Scrubbed clean: Am-Bass-Adorables are required to dress a certain way; there's an image to project when they greet Chamber members.  Mr. B suggests they don medical scrubs for the ribbon cutting Friday at Level 1 Scrubs & Accessories, 7430 N. Beach Street. Scrubs has modern medical clothing in many colors, shoes and more.

No place like home: Mr. B is thinking Trinity Terrace is giving Homewood Suites-Medical Center a run for his retirement lodging. That third TT tower, due June 2017, is 23 stories overlooking downtown and has 78 apartments ranging from 1,500 to 3,300 square feet. Could we start a bidding war?

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