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Eggstravaganza: Last Thursday at Los Vaqueros, Vision FW members worked alongside Catholic Charities' Need YPO group to help stuff Easter eggs in preparation for a local community egg hunt. Working together, both groups enjoyed food, drink and some friendly competition with races to stuff a total of 2,000 brightly colored eggs for the children. In addition, the day after the egg stuffing soiree, Vision FW committee members, their children and Need YPO came back together at 4:30 a.m. at the Chamber office to stuff even more eggs for a special segment on WFAA-TV Channel 8's DAYBREAK show. To view the segment and learn more, click here.

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Whoa, Italian Stallion! Mr. B will not be getting a raise to 40 cents this year; something about a glass ceiling for people who write about themselves in the third person. Instead, he was "raised" and allowed to take one prize from behind Chamber Door No. 1; it turned out to be too nice so he donated it to a B2B Insider reader. One of you will be going with about 50 other Chamberites on a 9-day October trip to Montecatini, where you will enjoy all that is Tuscany. The Italian city is possibly the greatest repository of art in the world, home to remarkable paintings, sculptures, frescoes and ancient architectural masterpieces. Wine buffs descend on Tuscany to enjoy the simple yet wonderful cuisine and wine, walkers enjoy the mountain paths and cyclists enjoy the rolling hills. You, too, can enjoy Tuscany.


Main (wo)man: Claire Bloxom Armstrong is all that jazz and more spectacular than her father, Louie. For years, she has written, cut and pasted most all the coverage for MAIN ST. Arts Festival and writhed, cajoled and pestered for VIP packages for B2B Insider. Here is her latest masterpiece, a work of art secured from producers Downtown Fort Worth Inc. and Jay Downie for the festival nights of April 9-12. This "Super VIP" package includes admission for two to the VIP Skybox (hors d'oeuvres and cocktails included) all four nights AND two $25 art purchase gift certificates, valid for any art purchase made from a participating artist. It's a feast of food for all stomach sizes, concerts nightly and a juried art show. And you'll go as a Super VIP.  


Catered for you: Tucked away in a warehouse district off Beach Street and south of I-30 is a kitchen in the city that is an outstanding caterer mostly because of great Michelle McWethy ideas for your event and even better food. Out of that City Kitchen Catering also comes a sit-down lunch five days a week, mostly for the warehouse-area workers. You have to love a café that  starts its menu with the desserts. Mr. B isn't going to get much love from City Kitchen fans for touting this hidden gem, but this $50 gift card says you'll be yelping about it, too.   


Legacy meets legacy: Sometimes, timing in life is perfect. As it has been for SafeHaven of Tarrant County, whose Legacy of Men awards dinner is April 16 at River Ranch Stockyards. The featured speaker is former NFL wide receiver Tim Brown. Oops, Hall of Fame NFL wide receiver Tim Brown. He was voted in before this year's Super Bowl and called it "a mind-blowing moment, one that I would love to have over and over again." Brown is an appropriate speaker to men who assist women at SafeHaven. He initially didn't play high school football out of respect for his mother's feelings. And he went to Notre Dame for an education, not for football, mostly pushed by his mom. The 2015 Legacy of Men recipient is Safe City Commission board chair Joel Glenn.  If you want to celebrate women, Valerie Salter provided two tickets to the event.

Clued in: Us old folks sure know how to the afternoon. Sr. Citizen Services has its second Explore Fort Worth Scavenger Hunt Sunday April 12 and Mr. B will be creaking up and down Magnolia Avenue between 2 and 4 p.m. Then we'll celebrate ourownselves, our younger competitors and our donors with a few refreshments during the after party. Last year, 34 teams of four -- of all ages and all human and pet persuasions -- competed. The winning team finished in under 40 minutes. It's a time-stamped competition, so you can start any time after 2 p.m. and compete at your leisure unless you want to win, of course. SCS empowers us creepers to live with purpose, independence and dignity by providing social, health and nutritional supports, and promoting volunteer opportunities in the community. Alyson Pollak has a team of four if you have your hunting license.


Congratulations to March 25 Prize Winners:

  • Matt Johns, Cooksey Strategic Communications
  • Dana Cappelletti, Spectrum Business
  • Riza Nolasco, Fort Worth Housing Authority
  • Shannon Feemster, The Oxman Group
  • Rachel Navejar, Tarrant Regional Water District
  • Kasha Hunt, R.D. Howard Construction

Winners will be announced weekly 

Thanks to our sponsors:

This place is jumpin': Curt Skallerup, President & CEO of Chamber Small Business of the Year honoree Altitude Trampoline Park, says the genesis of the business was a proposed, full-pads football league on trampolines in California that failed. Lots of trampolines available. Altitude does 80-100 birthday parties weekly, which accounts for 37 percent of revenue. "We're selling air," he said, "and it doesn't smell like feet."

Something in the Fort Worth water: Captain Gil Miller rotates out as Commanding Officer of the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (NAS JRB) in August and similar to predecessors Paul Paine (Fort Worth South) and T.D. Smyers (Red Cross), he is retiring, going to live in the area and get a "job. I turned down an assignment in Jacksonville," Miller said. "My son said you 'can do whatever you want; I'm staying here with friends.'"

We'll toast that: After 19 tries, Scott Hackler and his brother Matt got their all-natural blend of kosher salt, fiery chile and tart citrus exactly the way they wanted it. Today, it's sold as Halo del Santo and is a halo rim for drinks such as margaritas, Bloody Mary and sangria.

Planning for dollars: If you can break away from Main Street Arts Festival, there is an outstanding free event April 10-11 at TCU's Neeley School of Business. More than 50 college teams (7 of them international) compete for many pennies and lots of prestige during the Values and Ventures Business Plan Competition. 

A gem: Granddaughter of the founder and an employee, Katie Dugan says Kubes Jewelers is 70 years in business this year.  


Staffing the Chamber: Bethany Tyler Tinderholt of Burnett's Staffing brought in new Chamber member Cimarron Window and Door. Wasn't a hard sell; Cimarron is owned by her mom, Jan, and dad, Pat Tyler.  


Armed & dangerous: Cathy Moates of Southwest Bank was 8-1 against Mr. B in their arm wrestling endeavors during 2014. Her strong-arming is over so far in 2015. Mr. B is 4-0 since Cathy underwent rotator cuff surgery in January.

Center stage: John Roach of Roach Enterprises has had a legendary career and talked about it during the IDEA Works FW Great Ideas conversation last week. "We debuted (TRS-80, the first computer) Aug. 3, 1977; we'd run an ad and it would say, 'come see a computer.' By 1980, there were hundreds of companies. Only one is left today -- Apple, and it almost didn't make it." And more:
  • The first Microsoft-Tandy contract was only one and a half pages. When Roach balked at the high price, "Bill (Gates) said my dad and I have been role playing this for three days. Dad didn't give me an answer if you asked that."
  •  Roach retired as Chairman of Tandy in 1999. "I don't know what happened (with RadioShack) since. If I had stayed, it probably would have taken me to my grave."
  • Post RadioShack, Roach is most proud of the deals he did for Justin Industries and TTI with Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway. "We were with bankers talking about selling Justin and I got a call. 'This is Warren.' And I thought who the hell is Warren? He is different than 99 percent of investors. He wants to own, not manage. He doesn't want to be blamed for screwing anything up."
"We're 16th or 17th most populous ... with Charlotte. Don't worry about Charlotte; it will be in our rear-view mirror soon enough."
                                                -- Fort Worth City Manager David Cooke
formerly of Charlotte, N.C. on Fort Worth's growth 
Quite the perks: Troy Hopson, an HR Generalist with Spectrum Business, says employees get free Charter internet, cable (including all movie channels) and phone.

Answer me this: Dale Brock, owner of Visiting Angels, introduced Mr. B to his bookkeeper, Angie. "She used to be my girlfriend, now she's my bookkeeper," Dale said. Mr. B asked, "Angie, which was better?" Angie hesitated, looked at Dale, looked at Mr. B and said, "Both."

June swoon: Imagine being the leader/strategist/motivator for one third of the 101-year history of your business. Camp Fire First Texas has been shaped by Zem Neill's vision and leadership since 1978. Her President/CEO position has been posted and if all goes to plan, Zem will be camping around the retirement fire some time during June.

ICU: Chamber Am-Bass-Adorables will bring their bags of pennies and other coins along with shovels tomorrow morning at 9:45 as EECU - Heritage Trace Branch breaks ground on its 5,717th facility...the Starbucks of credit unions. This one is at 3451 Texas Sage Trail. Photos from many Chamber events can be seen here.

Mind games: This Lakewood Village resident may be losing his memory, but not his sense of humor. He told Community Living Director Laura Schroeder, "My memory doesn't bother me at all, but it sure messes with my daughter!"


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