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Last Thursday at the City Club, Jim Oliver, general manager of the Tarrant Regional Water District, awed the audience with his water stats. "In 2014, we supplied enough water to fill AT&T Stadium 134 times. That's 104 billion gallons of water used." View Oliver's slide presentation from our Leaders in Government luncheon here.  L to R: Rus Holloway, Allison Woodruff, Chris Storm all of Bell Helicopter. View additional photos of the event here.

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At the Car Wash: You are a salesperson working out of your car; or maybe you shuttle young'uns here and there and everywhere; or maybe you're a slob. Wouldn't it be nice to remember what your car looked like the day you drove it the first time? Jerry's Express Car Wash can do that. And with this gift, Jerry and Doug will take care of your car with a Jerry's Best Car Wash at any location ONCE every day for 30 days. That's right, a pristine feeling once a day for 30 days. You'll be so beautiful, you'll stop traffic.


Clean living: Mr. B loves family businesses, never would knocks them. Especially when there are so many Knoxs running QCS Unlimited. And if they all are as enthusiastic and pleasant and passionate and caring as Lashelle, then you better knox expect anything but the best from this quality, full-service commercial janitorial cleaning service. Lashelle put together a gift basket of QCS Unlimited paper supplies -- toilet paper rolls, paper towel packs, trash bag rolls -- one small size, one large size. Oh, and there is a $40 gift certificate to Buffalo West restaurant. Put the bone from your prime rib in a QCS trash bag.  


Turning Paiges: Loli Kantor, a Fort Worth-based Israeli émigrée is a fine arts photographer and author who spent 10 years traveling Eastern Europe, compiling the stories of people in Jewish communities who stayed rather than participate in the Diaspora before and during World War II. Her parents were Holocaust survivors. Just published is her lovely coffee table book Beyond the Forest: Jewish Presence in Eastern Europe 2004-2012. The book is beautiful, moving and a treasure for anyone interested in world history, politics, Judaica and fine art photography. B2B Insider booked a signed copy from her PR pal, Paige Hendricks Public Relations Inc. 
Guns up...or down? TCU's basketball program is much improved, even if the record might not suggest so. By defensive dribs and rebounding drabs, the Horned Frogs won 13 games to start the season before reality and Big 12 play set in. But a new gym and a new dawn are on the way for Coach Trent Johnson's ballers and you can get on the bandwagon early with these two tickets to the Texas Tech at TCU game Feb. 25, courtesy of the T.


Congratulations to Feb. 11 Prize Winners:

  • Andrea Thomas, National Service Research
  • Betty Dillard, Fort Worth Business Press
  • Andrew Crim, UNTHSC
  • Rhonda Rich, Durham Ellis Pecan
  • Hemant Pandya, Best Western Fort Worth
  • Chuck Bouligny, Ascend Concepts
  • Reagan Ferguson, Pressman Printing
  • Barbara Lewis, Cash America
  • Dolores Garza, Chesapeake Energy
  • Joanna Crain, WCT Events
  • Joan Meeks, Commodity Recycling Solutions
  • Katy Tomlinson, Alliance for Children

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Chamber works in mysterious ways: About a year ago, Steve Troy was in career transition and attended a Chamber Business After Hours with his wife, Allstate agent Diana Troy. Steve met Dave Laurenzo, regional developer for Synergy Home Care. "What is Synergy, an energy company?" Steve asked. "Dave was kind enough to visit with me about his business model and I thought it made a lot of sense because of the demographics involved. Long story short, April 1st, I became a full partner in our Regional Synergy operation." The Chamber works, Steve said, but you have to get out there and participate.

Sun is shining:
That roar you heard early this month in Sundance Square was the announcement that H&M was coming in November. H&M is a retailer other retailers follow. When they call Sundance a "premier shopping destination" you know you've reached a turning point in your development. Where would other retailers go? Vacant spaces in Sundance Square are the ground floor of the Cassidy Building, the southwest corner of the Westbrook Building, a spot on Houston 300 block and the former RadioShack concept store.

Star search: If she had her druthers during her Empty Bowls Fort Worth fundraiser Friday for the Tarrant Area Food Bank, Community Events Director Francie Cooper said she would bid for the Yo Yo Ma (cellist) or Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) signature bowls. Other celebrity bowls are from the likes of TCU football coach Gary Patterson (it will be personalized!), Jamie Benn of the Dallas Stars, singer Kris Kristofferson, golf legend Arnold Palmer, singer Susan Boyle and actor Henry (The Fonz) Winkler.    

You're in the Army now: Fab Four Day Weekend turned 18 this month and its first rite of adulthood, like many teens, is to join the Armed Forces (Entertainment). Yes, the 4-Star Generals of comedic entertainment are headlining a 14-day tour to nine different military installations in Kosovo, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Armed Forces Entertainment got wind of Four Day Weekend after it had performed for President Obama. He is just one of more than 550,000 people that have seen the troupe perform.               


Not your father's opera: First opera shots. Now this, and it's not a joke, even if it is at Four Day Weekend. Next Tuesday, the Fort Worth Opera is again venturing beyond the stage to offer a behind-the-scenes look at its new works program Frontiers. Three of the youngest composers ever selected for the annual showcase -- Zachary Redler, Charles Halka, and Jorge Sosa -- will discuss how young composers get their start and create their works. The event also will feature music from each of the composers. 


1 + 1 = 3: Fort Worth City Manager David Cooke, on the job a little more than seven months, is splitting the Housing and Economic Development department into three with a concentration on development, property management and neighborhoods. It is drawing positive reaction, especially the neighborhoods. "I rode with every city council member," Cooke said. "Drove through some neighborhoods that had a real impact on me. I asked if we are doing all we can for neighborhoods. We need to."  


Improved social status: Ever since she fled Mr. B and designing of this Chamber newsletter in 2010, Lauren Turner's career has skyrocketed. She was just promoted to digital project manager and social media specialist at Balcom Agency


Holt onto this forever: The Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau has honored recently-passed Holt Hickman -- who principally re-developed the Fort Worth Stockyards -- with a bronze sculpture of a man giving away a Shady Oak hat. It originally was cast for the Star-Telegram. Lyda Hill, Hickman's long-time co-developer, said, "Hats off, Holt. Thanks for bringing me along on the big adventure." Said CVB President and CEO Bob Jameson --"When I think of the people that reflect what this city is, Holt is at the top of the list."  


No more crying the blues: Fort Worth officially goes healthy beginning Saturday from 1-4 p.m. at Will Rogers Memorial Center with the city-wide launch of Blue Zones Project. You're invited. It's a privately-funded, five-year well-being plan that will try to implement environmental changes in six key areas -- worksites, schools, grocery stores, restaurants, individuals and community policy. "Blue Week" in Fort Worth began Monday with blue lights adorning many city office buildings, the Lancaster Street Avenue of Lights and Sundance Square.    

"My company is not that big. But our ideas are verrrry big."
                                                 -- Benjamin Castaneda,
one of 13 international business people hosted this week by TECH Fort Worth
Great global mysteries: The sign across Exchange Avenue reads Fort Worth Stock Yards. So does the historic monument. Roundups these days, however, call it Stockyards. Mr. B asked Western Wikipedia Wunderkind Sarah McClellan-Brandt how stock and yards lost their independence. "So basically, no one knows why the sign is spelled that way!" Sarah wrote back. "Gary (my boss) told me they started spelling it all one word in the '70s, but he didn't know why. Teresa Burleson at the museum told me she didn't know, either." Stockyards (no space) Station folks know lots more about the March 14 Cowtown Goes Green, the largest St. Paddy's Day celebration/parade in Fort Worth.

It's late, but can you help? Gayle Davis, a realtor with Brants, was asked about the abundance of For Sale By Owner listings. She explained that in a seller's market, people assume they can get a good price doing it theirownselves...until an agreement is reached. Most usually realize about that time there's so much more to do and they really do need a realtor.

Suits yourself: Emily Wilkins of THUMBTECHS said someone from a prominent personal injury attorney's office had inquired about attending one of her outstanding Microsoft tutorials. It would be a bad time to have a technology "crash."

Dressed up, dressed down: Pence and Panache Bridal Boutique at 113 NE Johnson Ave. in Burleson boldly runs 65 mostly-positive client reviews on its website. Do you know how picky and prickly wedding parties can be? Chamber Am-Bass-Adorables (none recently engaged) will be there Tuesday at 11:45. Am-Bass-Adorables, you should register for an appointment because you will be entered for a BIG prize.

Goo Goo Doll: Know you are looking for spring break activities, so here's a goo one courtesy of Netty Matthews, veep of members for the Chamber. For homemade playdoh,"mix a cup of water with a cup of glue. Then mix two tablespoons of Borax with half a cup of water. Combine the glue mixture with the Borax mixture and add food coloring if you want to add color. If you save it in a container, probably stays good for about a week." Goo luck!

More than a talking head: Doug Dunbar, co-anchor for nightly news at CBS Ch. 11, was a national barefoot water skiing champion. He is a pilot, too, having flown an F-16 and FA-18. He also is a determined and dedicated supporter and reporter on veterans and their issues. And during his talk to the Chamber's East Area Council at the Sheraton Fort Worth Hotel and Spa, he offered his take on suspended newscaster Brian Williams --"Integrity is all we have. Trust is something I have to earn every time I open my mouth."

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