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16,897 SF Office Space for lease Wichita (ICT)


Enclosed Entry, Break Room, Storage Area, Large Reception Area, Two Side Entryways, Adjacent Parking Lot, and a Large Shop Area with 10' overhead door. Close proximity to Bombardier Learjet, Cessna, Hawker Beechcraft...



40,000 SF Hangar for Lease (IND) 


Newly refurbished hangar with new heating system, lighting, roof, all new electrical & roof.


Listed by:



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3,720 SF Hangar and 800 SF internal office/shop space for Sale (APA) 


Executive hangar with direct access to tarmac. 60' wide x 60' deep 3,720 SF. Good lighting, epoxy finished hangar floor, full bath down, storage, office down, kitchenette, mezzanine, office.


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25,781 SF Hangar for lease (BUR)



Exclusive use 25,781 sq. ft. hangar for rent with attached 3,356 sq. ft. of prime office space. 203'W x 127'D. Perfect for Corporate Flight Department or Charter operation. Deep fuel volume discounts. 


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19,787 SF Hangar for lease (BFI)


Extraordinary Opportunity to Own the Newest Corporate Aircraft Hangars on Boeing Field.


- 150' W x 131' D

- 28' Door Height

- 33 Year ground lease


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10,000 SF Hangar for sale (APA)



Premier 10,000 SF hangar with long-term attractive-rate ground lease and ability to add external office space. High quality hangar door (24.5' clear) and construction.


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Stijgend Real Estate, LLC 


6,000 SF Hangar for sale (FTG)



Executive/corporate hangar (2 units) 55 X 20' overhead bi-fold hangar doors. 990 SF (60 X 16.5') upper commercial carpeted/and tiled loft galley kitchen, dining, living, full bath, upscale amenities, heated & air conditioning



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Airport Improvements, New FBO at Chicago Executive Airport (PWK) 

Chicago Executive Airport (PWK) is doing what it takes to not only make their 5,001 foot runway safer, but to encourage more business jet travel into the Chicagoland area. In February, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced $5.3 million in capital improvements for the airport.


Construction will begin in May and include a large area of specially engineered crushable concrete at the end of Runway 16/34 to significantly improve safety margins for stopping of aircraft.

Hawthorne Global Aviation Services announced the opening of its brand new FBO at the airport including 30,000 square feet of Class A hangar space, 10,000 square feet of terminal and office space, and a range of services for passengers, crew and private jet owners. The state-of-the art hangar itself is large enough to accommodate the Gulfstream 650 aircraft.

"We are very excited to bring the world class service of Hawthorne Global Aviation Services to the Chicago market," said David Annin, General Manager of the Chicago FBO.

Signature Flight Support is a favorite choice for travelers and pilots into PWK, offering 480,000 square feet of hangar space and a full range of ground handling and passenger services as well. The popular FBO is known industry-wide for its exceptional customer service, local information and amenities. For more information on available Signature hangars at PWK, see  below:

The airport, the third busiest in the Chicago area, serves the general and business aviation sector. Approximately three hundred aircraft are based on the field and approximately 200,000 take-offs and landings occur annually.

HN Contributing Author: 

Casey Boatman, CaseyFlies Media 

Induction Lighting Pros as Hangar Lighting

The most common complaint we hear from those who work in aircraft hangars is that there isn't enough light to do mechanical repairs, closely followed by grievances about always having to change out bulbs and ballasts on 35' ceilings.


Replacing traditional Medal Halide High Bay fixtures with Induction High Bays may be the answer to these complaints. Here's why:


(1) Lumen depreciation (Light Loss Factor): The most common cause of lumen depreciation is heat, so the hotter the bulb burns, the faster it loses its light. Metal Halide bulbs burn at extremely hot temperatures and need  replacement after every 2-5 years. Induction lighting, on the other hand, has a much cooler burn temperature -The Neptun Light Induction bulbs are rated for 100,000 hours of operation, so that means that only after 70,000 to 80,000 hours of lighting will the bulbs depreciate. Moreover, that means you will have 15- 20 years of light (if we're talking 12 hour work days).


(2) Color Rendering Index (CRI): CRI is the ability of the light source to illuminate colors and details effectively. Metal Halide lights have a CRI of 65, while Induction Light sources typically have a CRI of 86. This difference allows for a significantly better visual effect.


(3) Photopic and Scotopic Lumens: Photopic Lumens refer to the total amount of light coming from a light source, including ultraviolet light, which the human eye cannot see, while Scotopic lumens refer to the visual lumens that the eye can see. Induction light emits very little ultraviolet light so most of the lumens are actually visual lumens (not the case for Metal Halide lamps).


The final advantage to Induction lighting is the fixture warranty. Neptun Light, Inc. offers a 10-year warranty on all of their Induction Fixtures and a 5-year warranty on Induction Bulb/ballast retrofits for existing fixtures. 


HN Contributing Author:

I. Ira Hertz, VP, Green Energy Solutions


HangarSphereFeatured Article
Hydroswing® Hangar Door Tour In Southern California

On Monday, February 24th, I found myself on a Southwest flight escaping the Polar Vortex that has dominated the midwest all winter long. My route of flight would take me directly from Milwaukee, with a brief stop in Phoenix, and then on to Socal....more specifically, San Diego. It was here where I would begin my tour of airports in the region, checking out those hangars with single-panel-hydraulic doors manufactured by Hydroswing®.


Hydroswing® is a sponsor of HangarSphere and it is always good to pay visits to those that help keep the lights on. The hangars and the doors I saw were very impressive. There were standard-sized doors and even doors that stretched well over a hundred feet. To see doors of this size in action was pretty amazing.


I've included some imagery below as a sampling of what I saw during my tour of airports in the greater San Diego area.


To see the images please click here.


To read more articles like this download the HangarSphere IPAD or Android app to your tablet.


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New Executive Hangars at Steamboat Springs Airport (SBS)

 steamboat airport

Four years after the development first was proposed, the plan to build new hangars at Steamboat Springs Airport finally is taking off. The city of Steamboat Springs announced this week the five new executive hangars proposed for the airport all have been reserved, and initial construction could start as early as this spring. The new facilities will accommodate aircraft ranging in size from smaller single-engine aircraft such as Piper Meridians to bigger aircraft such as the King Air 90.


Aircraft owners who have reserved the hangars have paid deposits, and the sales and pricing will be finalized in the coming weeks. The original proposal called for the construction of about seven smaller hangars, but more aircraft owners wanted bigger hangars to accommodate bigger planes. The executive hangars will range in size from 3,600 square feet to 5,280 square feet and offer better heating, lighting and insulation systems than previous hangars at the airport.


According to FAA records, there are 89 aircraft currently based at Steamboat Springs Airport, including 73 single-engine general aviation aircraft, eight multi-engine aircraft, two jets and six general aviation helicopters. The summer hangar project will bring the number of hangars up to 39, with 10 owned by the city.


 MRO space available now at KSLN


Currently, four facilities perfectly suited for maintenance repair and overhaul totaling 280,000 square feet of space are available for immediate lease and occupancy at the Salina Regional Airport.  Of that space available more than 190,000 square feet is hangar space able to lodge business jets, regional jets and narrow body aircraft.  The 12,300-foot primary runway can accommodate all large, heavy air freight and air carrier aircraft.


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Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks Raptor Closures



Every year, the city of Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks department closes select areas in the foothills and plains, in order to protect nesting raptors (Feb 1st through July 31st). Golden Eagles, Peregrine Falcons and Prairie Falcons nest in the cliffs to the west of Boulder. Bald Eagles and Osprey nest near water sources on the Eastern Plains. This is the time of the year when these species are returning to their territory, pair bonding, and preparing to lay eggs. Therefore, it is important for them to have plenty of space free from climbers, hikers, and yes, airplanes!


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Planning a flight to Denver International Airport? If you are connecting passengers to scheduled airline flights or have business in downtown Denver, Front Range Airport (FTG) is the best solution:

  • No landing fees!
  • No ramp fees!
  • Low fuel prices!
  • 18 Minutes to Denver International Airport (DEN)
  • 40 Minutes to Downtown Denver

Our shuttle will take you from Front Range Airport's ramp to Denver International's Terminal in just 18-minutes

Refuel at FTG

Quality fueling service is provided by the Front Range Airport as a Premier Avfuel Dealer. Friendly FBO personnel are on duty from 7am to 9pm daily.




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