2015 Combined Cycle Users Group & Steam Turbine Users Group: Issue 2

 The Steam Turbine Users Group's (STUG) 2015 meeting, co-located with the Combined Cycle Users Group (CCUG) conference, August 24-27, in Orlando, offered the most comprehensive program for steam-turbine owner/operators in recent memory-one focusing on the specific information needs of O&M personnel. The agenda featured these three key elements:
STUG 2015 User presentation roundup
  • Case history: O&M issues associated with one model of air-cooled generator.
  • Another generator case history: This one deals with locating, correcting a stator ground.
  • Switching from Fyrquel to EcoSafeŽ 46 reduces maintenance, benefits personnel safety.
  • How to reduce steam-turbine outage time.
  • Work at getting quality intel before planning your next outage.
  • Finding the source of valve issues can challenge most experienced turbine engineers. more
STUG 2015: Third-party suppliers, service providers fill gaps in OEM offerings
  • Extending generator service life.
  • Roadmap to Mark IV/V control system survival.
  • New generators, old problems.
  • Electromagnetic signature analysis testing.
  • Isolated phase bus inspection and maintenance best practices.
  • Improving reliability, operator consistency, and efficiency for cycling CCGT plants. more
OEMs inundate turbine users with details on products, services, procedures, upgrades, shop capabilities, experience
The STUG steering committee and the three turbine OEMs put a great deal of effort into compiling information for the 2015 meeting that collectively amounts to what you might get in a college course over a semester. If you were at the conference, perhaps you missed portions of presentations of value to you. If you were unable to attend the meeting you're probably unaware of what was presented. more  
STUG 2015 OEM presentations: Siemens
  • Steam-turbine maintenance and upgrade technology.
  • Steam-turbine upgrade technology and recent project experience.
  • Generator Footprint™ replacement.
  • Siemens Flex-Plants™.
  • Steam-turbine field service capabilities.
  • Steam-turbine factory service.
  • Combined-cycle generator fleet topics. more
STUG 2015 OEM presentations: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas
  • MD&A overview
  • Hardware, upgrades, and capabilities
  • Valve repairs and capabilities
  • Alignment methodologies and applications
  • Turbine/generator vibrations
  • D11R-HIP retrofit
  • Generators
  • MD&A St. Louis shop overview
  • MD&A repairs
  • Last-stage-blade overview. more
STUG 2015 OEM presentations: General Electric
  • Helping achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Steam turbine maintenance.
  • Vibration.
  • Steam turbine lifing.
  • D11 HP/IP advanced steam-path retrofit.
  • Heating blanket.
  • OpFlex AGILITY™ combined-cycle startup enhancement.
  • D11 major best practices.
  • Repair technology.
  • ST performance: Degradation mechanisms and quantifying losses.
  • Generator maintenance. more