2015 Generator Users Group, Issue 2

GUG presentation recaps: Rotors (fields)

  • Rotor winding problems
  • Electrical and mechanical tests
  • Forging cracking issues
  • Excitation systems     more 

GUG presentation recaps: Testing, general
  • Hydrogen system safety
  • Protective relaying: Stator and rotor
  • Generator condition monitor
  • Modern stator-core design/robotic core stacking
  • Improvements in modern generator design   more
High-voltage electrical emerges as area of increasing concern among GT users
Until relatively recently, the technical programs at user-group meetings focused almost exclusively on gas-turbine problems and solutions. But as issues were resolved and items crossed off punch lists, the reliability and availability of the basic engine improved to the point where other plant equipment was at least as likely to cause an outage-more so in some cases. At the 2015 meeting of the 7EA Users Group, Bruce Hack of Crown Electric Engineering & Manufacturing LLC, which designs, fabricates, installs, and provides field support for HV bus reviewed the various equipment options available to owner/operators for both new and retrofit applications. more 
Transformer inspection, monitoring, testing vital for mitigating failure risk
Paul Griffin, VP, Doble Engineering Co, has shared his extensive knowledge of transformers at several user-group meetings over the last few years. Most recently, he presented at the 2015 7F Users Group meeting in Denver on "Asset Health Review of Transformer Fleets-Monitoring, Assessment, and Visualization" which is accessible by registered owner/operators in the forum section of the Power Users Group website. more 
More reasons to attend the 501F meeting, now only five weeks away
Russ Snyder, president and chairman of the 501F Users Group Inc, called only minutes after last week's CCJ ONsite hit computer screens around the globe to provide some details omitted from the compressor portion of the 2016 conference program. Recall that the user-controlled organization's meeting will be held February 21-25 at the La Cantera Hill Country Resort in San Antonio, Tex. more