2015 Combined Cycle Users Group & Steam Turbine Users Group: Issue 1

What's known, needs to be learned about stator magnetic core failures
Consultant Clyde Maughan, one of the industry's leading authorities on the causes of generator failures, called the CCJ office a few weeks back to talk about stator magnetic core failures. Say what? The Clyde, as the near-nonagenarian has come to be known, seems to relish the idea of throwing curve balls to turbine guys who might believe they know something about generators. more
Issues with the General Electric D11 steam turbine, obviously a popular machine with CC operators, took up a good portion of the air time at STUG. The opening presentation, probably among the strongest at the meeting, gave ten ideas to shorten a D11 outage, based on this user's experience with one at a utility service territory site and another at merchant/IPP site. His ideas ranged from appointing an experienced outage leader to installing a dedicated freight elevator. more 
CCUG controls session includes deep dive into pattern recognition software
The CCUG conference session, Challenges of Modern Control Systems, kicked off with a presentation from a major DCS vendor on world class alarm management strategies. Two presentations from the same user focused on remote M&D and what they call "Smart Gen." The company has over a hundred gas turbines in its fleet, including many combined cycles. more  
HEPA GT inlet filters can make good sense in unlikely locations
GT air inlet filters are like most other powerplant components in that one size doesn't fit all. A debate among users over which filter medium is "best" could go on until the participants are exhausted. What does "best" mean, anyway? Many variables come into play if filter selection is based on a proper engineering analysis, as it should be-including cost, characteristics of the filtration medium, duty cycle, engine age, and ambient conditions, plus others. more
Combined Cycle Users Group honors distinguished users, consultants
Recipients of the CCUG's 2015 Individual Achievement Awards
  • Bob Anderson
  • Pierre Boehler
  • Bill O'Brien
  • Dan Sampson
  • Paul White
CCJ's Best of the Best recipients recognized at CCUG/STUG meeting more
CCUG tidbits: Shaft grounding, transformer bushings, valves
  • Shaft g rounding, remote monitoring of data collected
  • Protect against HV electrical failures
  • ASME code is a safety code, don't circumvent it



Generator Users Group (GUG)
November 4-5


7EA Users Group 

November 9-12