2015 7F Users Group: Issue 2

User presentations on compressors launch 7F UG meeting into high gear
The 24th annual 7F Users Group meeting in Denver, May 11-15, 2015, attended by nearly 300 owner/operators, featured a dozen and a half user presentations-more than any other user organization. There were individual sessions for compressors, combustion section, turbine section, safety practices, performance and controls, auxiliaries, generators, and 7F top 10 issues. Summarized here are three compressor presentations of top interest to attendees:
  • Compressor upgrades, case-by-case basis.
  • Compressor upgrades, fleet-wide solution.
  • S3 vane liberation. more
Until relatively recently, the technical programs at user-group meetings focused almost exclusively on gas-turbine problems and solutions. But as issues were resolved and items crossed off punch lists, the reliability and availability of the basic engine improved to the point where other plant equipment was at least as likely to cause an outage-more so in some cases. more 
Safe work practices drive decisions on the deck plates
The 7F Users Group gave its Safety Practices and Lessons Learned open forum the respect deserved by positioning it in a prime-time spot on the agenda and by assigning one of the industry's most respected discussion leaders and safety experts, Jeff Gillis, as the session chair. Gillis, the gas-turbine technology lead for ExxonMobil. Gillis' presentation consisted essentially of one slide, listing the following possible discussion topics, among others:
  • Fall protection and PPE (personal protective equipment).
  • Life-saving rules.
  • Compartment entry.
  • Ergonomics during outages.
  • Use of a dedicated safety professional during outages.
  • Inlet filter house fire prevention and escape.
  • Hazardous gas detection.
  • Rescue considerations.
  • Fire suppression systems. more  
Proper drain system for SH, RH panels reduces maintenance of HRSG pressure parts
You're likely to hear about drain issues at virtually every industry meeting addressing the information needs of HRSG users. Hard to believe, but despite years of industry discussion, equipment specifiers responsible to plant owners and EPC contractors, and the manufacturers of HRSGs, often fail to deliver drain systems that meet the expectations of operating personnel. So it was no surprise that "HRSG Drains" was one of the three presentations in the "F-Class HRSG Spotlight Session offered by engineers from HRST Inc at the 7F Users Group. more
Generator Users Group meeting rated Must Attend. REGISTER TODAY!
The first annual conference of the Generator Users Group (GUG), sponsored by NV Energy at its Beltway Complex, November 4-5, is only six weeks away. Here are some hot topics to be presented:
  • Issues associated with hot spots on the outside diameter at the ends of the core.
  • Issues associated with hot spots on the outside diameter at the ends of the core.
  • Problems and corrective actions associated with inadequate core mechanical vibration isolation.
  • Ongoing, ubiquitous stator-winding electrical and mechanical problems.
  • Recent severe PD degradation and failures of modern windings.
  • Various electrical tests for turn shorts and grounds on field windings.
  • Issues relating to various locations and root causes of cracking of rotor forging. more


Latest Industry News Briefs 
  • European Commission clears GE's purchase of Alstom generation, transmission assets
  • New outage management software promises shorter outages, reduced risks, lower costs
  • First Independent Rotor Services of Texas announces the addition of Ken Knecht to its team of gas- and steam-turbine solutions providers.
  • Xcel Energy's Cherokee Generating Station, believed to be the first 7F.05-powered combined cycle to enter service, began commercial operation on August 20. more 

Generator Users Group (GUG)
November 4-5


7EA Users Group 

November 9-12