2015 501F and 501G Users Groups: Issue 1

Proper care of your turbine's lube oil is critical to reliable operation. A significant contributor to unavailability, especially at plants powered by gas turbines relying on mineral-oil lubricants, is varnish, which can impede operation of servos in control systems, plate out on bearing journal surfaces and increase the severity of vibration, etc. Varnish formation is impacted by lubricant chemistry, the additive package, temperature, and other factors-some under your direct control, others not so much. more 
Review of safe work practices never gets old; there's always something to learn
Over the last decade, safety has taken hold as a "religion" on the deck plates. Virtually no maintenance activities are undertaken today without a safety review-at US plants at least. Evidence of safety's importance among owner/operators: Safety entries in CCJ's annual Best Practices Awards program outnumber those in any other category. Plus, several user groups, such as the 501F and 501G, begin their meetings with a safety focus. And OEM sessions at user group meetings often start with a presentation on the company's commitment to safety. more
Proper distillate storage, cleanliness, delivery to the burner tip critical to starting reliability
The industry's on-again/off-again affair with liquid fuels is on again. Not too long ago, very few owner/operators of merchant plants in the Lower 48 powered by gas turbines would have considered burning distillate in gas turbines, except in an emergency. One outcome: Some dual-fuel units were converted to gas-only to (1) simplify maintenance/overhaul, (2) avoid having to deal with distillate prices in the stratosphere, (3) eliminate the fouling of oxidation and SCR catalysts that occurred when oil was burned, (4) soothe headaches associated with maintaining fuel quality in large onsite storage tanks, (5) avoid coking of liquid fuel systems when on standby, etc. more
Microgrid office
 This microgrid is not located on an island, a sequestered military site, or in a state with incentives for distributed energy. And it's not serving a tech or clean/green stock darling of Wall Street with an amped-up market value seeking to remake the electricity industry in its own image. Rather, it's an advanced microgrid serving the world headquarters of Black & Veatch in Overland Park, Kan. B&V, one of the industry's venerable engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) companies is helping to pave the way for further microgrid deployment. more
IAPWS gives guidance for monitoring steam purity
If you're already plugged into the International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS) and have obtained the Technical Guidance Document (TGD), Steam Purity for Turbine Operations, read that instead of this article. If not, and your water/steam cycle (HRSG, steam turbine, condenser) is either suffering from deposition and corrosion caused by solids carryover in the steam or you want to avoid it in the future, hopefully this brief will convince you to get on board with global industry best practices. more  
Guard against over-fluxing: Ensure proper generator protection, maintenance
Although the duration of an over-fluxing condition may last only a few seconds, the consequences can be extremely damaging to your generator, warns Dr Isidor Kerszenbaum, PE, IzzyTech LLC-including expensive repairs, several months of forced outage, and loss of production. One of the most problematic aspects of an over-fluxing incident is the difficulty in assessing the condition of the generator after the event has occurred. Thus it is critical to avoid creating the conditions that could lead to such an incident. more  
GUG registration opens today
Generator Users Group, recently formed, opens registration TODAY for its first annual conference, November 4-5, 2015, at www.genusers.org. NV Energy is hosting the USER ONLY meeting at its Beltway Complex; seating is limited to about 50.



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